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Katharine & Sean’s Garden Wedding at Berwick Lodge Bristol

wedding ceremony

Luscious greenies, sturdy brick walls and breathtaking gardenscape at the Berwick Lodge Bristol mesmerized the couple, Katharine and Sean. The stunning manor is the perfect witness to the new chapter of their lives as husband and wife. Together with the most influential people in the lives of the newlyweds, the wedding is a romantic affair that’ll stay in their memories forever.

Wedding Morning Preparation

wedding morning preparation

Berwick Lodge weddings are known for their majestic and fairytale-like celebrations. Its impressive lodge holds different rooms for the couple and their entourage to lounge on and prepare for the ceremony. Besides having the magical venue, Katharine and Sean chose one of the most talented hair and make-up artists in the area. Saskia Lauren and Lauren Jamie made sure they created a stunning yet soft look for the bride and a charming prince look for the groom.

first look for mother and bridesmaids

Everyone became emotional about how beautiful Katharine looked. She’ll be a wife in a few hours, and they can’t believe how fast time flies for the lovely bride. The emotions captured by Daniel Hope are genuinely authentic and will last for a lifetime. Even a black and white picture cannot hide how happy the friends and cousins are for Katharine.

Wedding Entrance

bride entrance

Blushing pink bridesmaid dresses compliments the all-white ensemble of the blushing bride. The bridesmaids help Katharine with the trail of her dress as they hold lovely bouquets with a touch of baby pink, white and green. The pink bridesmaid dress is a go-to for most weddings because it fits any traditional garden wedding motif.

wedding kiss

Clad in a dashing blue tuxedo, Sean fits the part of a charming and loving husband. After the ring exchange, the couple shared their first kiss as newlyweds. It’s lovely matrimony full of joyful tears and laughter from the crowd. The vows of the two are unbreakable.

wedding kiss and the bestman crying

When a groom cries, you know that the love is genuine. A real wedding that lasts ‘till death do they part is what Katharine and Sean’s wedding is like. Everything looks perfect and doesn’t need the extravaganza.

wedding ceremony

All the guests looked happy as they greeted Katharin and Sean outside the lodge. The petals are a great addition to make the greetings romantic and celebratory. It’s actually a tradition to throw in petals for the newlyweds when they head out from the ceremony.

first dance

After the ceremony, it’s time for cocktail hour! When you have a stunning venue, you don’t need to decorate so much. Eating the buffet heartily, touching speeches from the family and friends, and grooving to the music are always parts of the reception. You can hire a DJ to pump up the crowd and start the party.

You can do many things with the lush greeneries in your venue. One of these things is having your newlywed photo in it. The blooming flowers, abundant trees and lavish grasses are attractive in the pictures, and you don’t need many props.

wedding photo taken under the sunset

In wedding preparations, remember that the people around you also help make beautiful and unforgettable matrimony besides the venue. What Katharine and Sean did on their wedding planning paid off as they witnessed a magical and fantastic wedding before their eyes.

kiss under the dark sky

How to know if a person is the right one for you? Simple, spend the rest of your life with your partner. Katharine and Sean’s garden wedding is a special one. Their family and friends witnessed how they are truly meant for one another. The couple compliments each other and has a promising life together. Their smiles are genuine, and so is their never-ending love for each other.

As they vow to each other that ‘till death do they part, Katharine and Sean know each year of their life will be fruitful. It’s truly a happily ever after for the beautiful couple.

Supplier Info

Wedding Venue - Berwick Lodge Weddings

Make-Up - Saskia Lauren - Hair

Makeup Hair - Lauren Jamie - Professional Airbrush Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

Bridesmaids Dresses - Cicinia

Suits - Tux & Tails Gentleman's Outfitters

Florist - sherbertbloom_florist

Videographer - Daniel Hope

Ring Supplier - Goldsmiths

Entertainment - Kieran Clarke Entertainment