Your satisfaction is our utmost pursuit. We have a professionally trained team who possess professional expertise, rich experience and unlimited credibility. Our dresses are streamlined into a system that strictly checks and double checks quality, from tailoring to delivery. Besides the guaranteed quality and top-ranking service, we provide you the most reasonable price, since we tailor bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, mother of bride dresses and varies of special occasion dresses. We devote ourselves to making sure you get the perfect dress for any occasion. The following is how we guarantee the quality of our dresses.

The size and color of dresses are sensitive factors in the apparel industry. We have special employees to review the details of your order and check for anything that might influence dress processing. At the same time, an email confirmation of your order will arrive in your inbox.

Each piece of our apparel and accessories is tailored by professional and experienced dressmakers. And we have advanced manufacturing facilities. The dress- making process is flowing and strict. So you just throw away your doubt and worries about the style and quality of the dresses at

Before getting the chance to be shipped to your front door, all dresses and accessories have to go through our rigorous QA procedure. Every item is surely first inspected inside and outside by our highly-trained QA team based on strict requirements and the International ISO quality standards. Then we do a basic check to make sure the product is consistent with every detail specified on your order. The item will not be allowed to be shipped out unless it meets all of our standards!

Before packing, we do a thorough check to make sure the product matches your order and the right accessories are included.

Then, our packing team adopts effective ways to avoid possible damages during the packing process and make your package more water-roof, pressure resistant and air-tight.

Finally, it's passed in safe hands with our trusted and verified couriers.

As soon as your package is out of our door, you will receive an email informing you the tracking number. You can start tracking the package in 2 days; our customer service team will keep on tracking it until it reaches the destination safely.

MARVELOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE has great customer service available for help 24 hours every day. No matter what the issue is, we're always here to serve you.