Maid of Honor's Speech Will Make You Cry

Maid of Honor's Speech Will Make You Cry

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Conner & Melissa

Seaside Wedding

Maid of honor (Melissa’s sister): Whether she knows it or not, Mel has always been my biggest role model. I'm growing up, I always want to be exactly like Mel. I wanted to dress the same, to play the same sports, play the same instrument, and ultimately to share her same interest. I did this so I could talk with her and not have her see me as just her baby sister but also as her friend, and best friends we quickly became, the woman that you all know now, the big-hearted, caring, loving, adventurous, smart, beautiful woman.



The biggest benefit of being the youngest child was that Mel paved the way for me, before she graduated from high school, she insisted that we go to my first high school party together. she even took me on my first liquor, run all the way upstairs to my parents cabinet.

While browsing around, I picked out a cordis smirnoff vodka as my choice of drink for the night, Mel started laughing and said you might not want to take that one, it's half psych and half water.

Again that was Mel paving the way for me in the end, I don't think mom and dad ever tasted a bottle of liquor from that cabin.


Before I'd met Connor, I heard all about him. They had worked at Costco together in the summer between University. I'll never forget this one day, Mel came home from a long shift, she couldn't wipe the grin off her face before I could even get the question out of my mouth. She had already started flashing she told me about how she was working in the freezer lifting boxes for the day. A dreadful job at best, and when Connor found out where she was, he started delivering boxes to her freezer, just to see her.



I never thought anyone in this world was good enough to marry me, but she found that when that proved me wrong I spent the last eight years getting to know Conor and I want you to know that we love you very much and we're excited for you to be a part of our family today makes it official but I know I gained a brother eight years ago.




The letter Conner wrote to Melissa:

My Melly, I love you and I promise I will always love you. You are my everything, I cannot wait for everything we have in front of us. today is a very special day and when we will remember for the rest of our lives and I'm so excited to see you walking down the aisle. Thousand hearts would be too free to carry of my life for you.

love you always and forever.



The letter Melissa wrote to Conner:

Conner, I can't believe our day is finally here, feels like just yesterday we were moving in together. Now here we are, you got my whole heart and I promise to protect you and to love you fully and endlessly. You are the man I am so proud to marry and I cannot wait to see you standing at the end of the altar. You are my world, my stars and my man, you have my whole heart and I can't wait to spend forever with you. I love you always and forever love your.

Yours Melly,

the future Mrs.


Melissa’s parents:

I want to tell you a little story about five weeks ago, we were moving out of our home and into our new one, and the night before I had underestimated how much packing I still left to do, and I asked Kevin if he would help me out. So I said why don't you go to the bedroom and pack up the bedroom and I will pack up the kitchen, we were staying in Kevin's parents home. His mom is now residing elsewhere, and his father unfortunately passed away a number of years ago. In the back of the closet, I had a jewelry box that I never looked at anymore, I never went into it anymore, had it about 15 years ago, and I just never used it anymore, so it was stuck at about a closet. I'm packing the room that night, Kevin decided he wanted to go through that jewelry box I never would have, it's 3:22 in the morning and we're still packing. Kevin calls me into the room and he hands me this blue envelope, on this envelope this is mom and dad October 22nd 2003 from Melissa, do not open until my wedding day.



Inside was a letter that she wrote to us when she was in grade five. Melissa gave it to us, I thought oh my goodness how am I ever gonna hang on to this letter for that many years right I'll never know where to find it. because Kevin was packing up the room acting a little bit knows he wanted to go through my jewelry box he found this letter because it was in his father's and mother's previous bedroom we just had an overwhelming feeling that this was her granddad's way of saying Melly I'm there with you today in spirit.



 and so we opened that letter today with Melissa, it never read it before and we saved it until her wedding day.

Letter: “hey mom and dad, thanks for being so great to me and helping me along the way, you mean so much to me, and I'm so glad that I can count on you for support. I wanted to tell you how much I love this man, I hope her lover will turn out like yours, you are the two best people in the entire world, and I just wish that I could give you what you have given me throughout my life. I love this man so much, and I hope that we will start a family together and have a loving family just like ours. This is the best day of my life and I'm so glad that I can share this with you.”

And this is so powerful to me because I know she does love that man so much, and this is the best day of her life. Melissa we are so happy.





Connor and Melissa, you have come together in this church, their intention to enter even marry may be strengthened by the Lord for the sacred seal, join your right hands and declare your consent before God and His Church.


I Conner, take you Melissa to be my wife to love you and honor you all the days of my life.

I Melissa, take you Connor to be my husband, I promise to be faithful to you, to love you and honor you all the days of my life.


I'd like you to seal your marriage now with a kiss.

For my dear people my privilege now do the news for you, for the first time as husband and wife Connor and Melissa.