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Bridal Shower Dress Code Ideas For Both Brides And Guests

bridal shower dress code

Having a bridal shower is a must before tying the knot. It's an intimate event where the bride and her guests share a sentimental day full of laughter, fun, and affection. The ones invited are the people who are the most important persons in the life of a bride of all ages.

Everyone reminisces on beautiful memories, shares advice with the bride, and joins in the fun games of the bridal shower. If you're invited to this momentous occasion, don't decide what you'll wear at the last minute. Let's break down your options for an unforgettable dress regardless if you're the bride or the guest.

The Perfect Bridal Shower Dress For Bride

This day is about you, gorgeous bride! When it comes to your dress, it should look polished, chic, and white, of course. You should have a dreamy dress but, at the same time, not tight fitting.

Pick a dress you can move around, join the party games, mingle with everyone, and toast a sweet future. But wait, are you thinking of having a theme, or is it a traditional bridal shower? Either way, you'll have much fun playing dress-up with the lovely options below.

White Lace Dresses

Lace is synonymous with the words elegant and posh. And why not? The soft and delicate texture gives a sophisticated aura perfect for a beautiful bride. You can never go wrong with a white lace dress for a special day like your bridal shower.

Floral Print Dresses

A floral dress is an excellent option for this occasion. A floral print number should be one of the best choices if you don't want a plain white dress for a bridal shower. It's romantic, pretty, and sweet.

Ruffles, Bows, and Ties Detail Dresses

You don't want to look boring with your white bridal shower dress. A ruffle, bow, and tie detail can make you look feminine, fun, and super festive.

Puff Sleeve Dress

A puff sleeve is a fancy touch to a plain white dress. It is a romantic detail that gives a princess vibe to any attire.

Now that you know what a bride should wear to her bridal shower, it's time to focus on the guests who may or may not have gotten the memo of what they should or shouldn't wear.

Bridal Shower Dress Code Ideas: What NOT To Wear

bridal shower dress code ideas what not to wear

The horrors of a unique event like a bridal shower are how guests seem clueless about what not to wear. Understandably, there may be some mishaps during the wedding season activities, but these are avoidable if guests are aware of the following Don'ts in their attire during the bridal shower.

Don't wear ANYTHING white!

Always keep in mind that white dresses are reserved for the bride. It's not polite to wear this colour as you may outshine the bride. Not to mention, this is a cringe-worthy blunder for any guest.

Don't wear an all-black ensemble

Leave any black clothes in your drawer, even if that's your favourite colour. If goth is the theme of the bridal shower, then you can get away from wearing black, but in general, you should avoid it. Oh, and dear, just a reminder that you're not attending a funeral, so leave the memorial colour in your house.

Don't buy super short skirts

Skimpy clothes are a no-no for wedding activities like the bridal shower. Expect that moms and elders will be present, so ensure your dress is in the right, modest length.

Avoid putting on jeans

Again, if denim is the theme, then it's okay. However, it's a rule of thumb to avoid including jeans on your bridal shower outfit. It looks too casual for the occasion.

Don't upstage the bride

This means you can't wear ball gowns, ultra-long skirts, or anything too eye-catching. We're not saying you should look shabby, but your outfit shouldn't make the bride look like a guest at her own party.

Bridal Shower Dress Code According to The Season

bridal shower dress code according to the season

What you wear depends on the season. The winter season requires jumpsuits, long dresses, and comfy cotton pants to keep you warm and cosy during the bridal shower. For the warm season, you can opt for shorter outfits like midi skirts and dresses.

Palette colours also play a part depending on the season. There are warm and cool hues perfect for whatever season the bridal shower is at.

Bridal Shower Dress For Guest According to Location

bridal shower dress

You have to take note of the location for the bridal shower as that can affect your outfit. Besides the dress, You should also align your footwear with the area. For example, for apparent reasons, you can't wear stilettos on a grassy hill.

It's better to wear flat shoes regardless of the location. Trust us; you'll never have a footwear emergency with flats.

Shop Your Bridal Shower Dress Today!

After all the discussion on bridal shower dresses, it's time to shop for one. Whether you're the bride or the guest, you can try the recommendations below.

Bridal Shower Dress for a Beautiful Bride

Bring the Wow White Sequin Bustier Bodycon Mini Dress

mini dress

Image source:Lulus

Turn heads with this elegant white sequin mini dress that fits in all the right places. You'll love the stunning mesh fabric that has soft overlays.

Flirty Moves Ruffle Detail Mini Dress

mini dress

Image source:Windsorstore

Do you want a chic and fresh mini dress? This Flirty Dress has a sleeveless sweetheart neckline outlining the bust. It's a fitted number with an A-line silhouette.

Verona Off-shoulder Lace Overlay Mini Dress White

lace mini dress

Image source:Selfieleslie

You'll love the off-shoulder style on this white dress. The Verona dress exudes an innocent yet sexy aura for any occasion.

Bridal Shower Dress for a Pretty Guest

Dreamy Date Sage Blue Surplice Midi Dress

sage blue midi dress

Image source:Lulus

This is a must-have dress for any bridal shower. The textured stretch knit, fitted waist tops, and a draping midi skirt that ends at a tulip hem create a formal yet party-ready vibe.

Harley Spaghetti Straps Plus Size Dresses

plus size dress

Image source:Cicinia

Are you on the heavier side? If so, we got the perfect dress for you! This Harley dress has an A-line silhouette, soft satin fabric, spaghetti straps, padding, and boning. It's a tea-length dress that's available in full range.

Violet Mini Dress

violet mini dress

Image source:Freepeople

A pop of colour can get the conversation started. Look your best with a violet mini dress that screams, "Not the bride, but I'm a hot bridesmaid."

With the wedding season in full swing, bride-related activities are everywhere. One of these activities is a bridal shower where only the most essential people in the bride's life are invited. Whether you're the bride or guest, look your best with these bridal shower dress code ideas!