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A Peek to Forever: A Quick Guide to Nailing Your Emotional Wedding First Look

A Quick Guide to Nailing Your Emotional Wedding First Look

No one can resist looking at photos of a bride and groom in their most genuine and candid moments. And there is a surefire way to achieve those.

That is through having a first look at a wedding. It is a great way to capture unguarded, heart-tugging, and honest emotions before the wedding. It is also an intimate moment between a couple.

We created a handy primer of the frequently asked questions on the first look and some ideas to nail that pre-wedding moment.

What Is a First Look at a Wedding?

The first look at a wedding is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. It is a private and intimate moment shared by the couple, away from their family, friends, and guests.

When Do You Have Your First Look at a Wedding?

The emotion-heavy first look happens before the wedding ceremony. The bride, in her gown, and the groom, in his suit, take their first glimpse of each other in a secluded area of their wedding venue.

newlywed outside wedding

Image source:Erinwheat

What Are the Reasons to Do a First Look?

The many pros of having a first look at a wedding encourage more couples to include it on their momentous day.

One of the pros is that the bride and groom get to spend some quiet time together before the festivities. The wedding day can become a blur to the couple with the number of happenings and with how fast things happen.

Having private time together before the wedding ceremony also allows the bride and groom to calm each other’s nerves. Thoughts run fast, and hearts skip a beat at a wedding. And so, it helps to see someone who can dampen those worries and assure you that things will happen accordingly.

And not to forget, having a first look at a wedding allows you to capture raw, intimate, and heart-tugging emotions. Imagine seeing your wedding photos later and noticing how the faces transformed from nervous to tearful.

newlywed hug each other

Why You Should Not Push a First Look?

Even though there are pros to taking the first glimpse at a wedding, the other side says otherwise.

One con of having a first look is you will have to prepare way earlier than usual, especially if you are having a ceremony earlier in the day. A wedding without the first look already eats up time.

With the abovementioned disadvantage, your gown and suit may get soiled or damaged, especially if you hold the first look outdoors. And if you cry buckets, you might also have to retouch your makeup.

But the most controversial disadvantage of having a first look is that it breaks the so-called tradition. Some say that the first look spoils the celebration. And that it takes away the supposed drama during the ceremony.

groom hold bride’s hand

How Can You Have an Emotional Wedding First Look?

But suppose you are ready to shake the wedding tradition, promise that you wouldn’t get soiled or cry buckets, and rise earlier. We are all hands on deck to make your first look at a wedding remarkable.

To achieve an emotional wedding first look, the first thing to consider is the time. Spare enough time like an hour or two before the ceremony for the preparation.

The next thing on the checklist is the place. Identify an intimate location at your wedding venue during the ocular visit. It must be somewhere you can be yourselves without holding back, far from anyone.

Bring your wedding photographer and videographer to create a mini script during the planning. They can help ensure a smooth flow of the 15 to 30-minute first look.

Get inspiration from these unique first-look wedding ideas to ensure an emotional wedding first look.

By the Roadside

newlywed on the road

Image source:Lenamirisolaphoto

Stop the busy world of cars and pedestrians by staging your first look by the roadside. Though you might think it is challenging to be yourselves because of the people around you, you will not notice them because of your overwhelming emotions in that special moment.

In the Wild

newlywed in the wild

Image source:Erinwheat

No one can deny the astonishing view of a vast open space with well-tendered greenery and random sightings of herds of animals. Nature never fails to provide a picturesque backdrop and venue for any life event. Consider the wild for your wedding first look and let your love and emotions run free.

Tearful Couple

tearful couple

Image source:Zola

Boxes of tissue come in handy during a wedding. But do you know where else they will come in handy? During the first look. Emotions will drown the silence of the first-look venue when the couple sees each other for the first time.

Expectant Couple

expectant couple

Image source:Lenamirisolaphoto

Create an instant family picture during your first look: an expectant mother, a glimpse of the baby bump, and a happy groom. Give your baby a chance to witness your wedding even if they are still inside their mother's womb.

Back-To-Back Against the Door

newlywed Back-To-Back Against the Door

Image source:Zola

If seeing each other before the ceremony is your thing, but you want to make it discrete, then going back-to-back against the door might be for you. Hold your partner’s hand as you stand against each other. For a couple of minutes, let the reality of you getting married in a few minutes sink in. Holding each other’s hands in silence and between sobs is more than enough to create an emotional moment.

Outside the Wedding Ceremony Venue

Outside the Wedding Ceremony Venue

Image source:Lenamirisolaphoto

While the wedding guests anticipate the bridal entrance with their camera phones ready, give the groom the VIP seat to see you first outside the wedding ceremony venue. A distant look at you wearing your perfect wedding gown will make him tearful.

On the Hill

newlywed on the hill

Image source:Erinwheat

Let the beautiful rolling hills be the venue of your wedding first look. Find peace and serenity as your emotions run wild after seeing each other before the ceremony.

On the Stairs

on the stairs

Image source:Zola

Brave each step down towards your groom for your first look. Let go of your hesitations and worries with every step. And welcome your groom at the end of the staircase with all-encompassing love.

Blindfold Couple

blindfold couple

Image source:Zola

Take the secrecy of the wedding first look to the next level. Cover both eyes with blindfolds and listen to your racing heartbeats as you go near each other. And on your photographer’s signal, take off your blindfolds and be surprised by how each of you looks.

At the Sea Life

newlywed At the Sea Life

Image source:Zola

An under-the-sea wedding first look will surely be one for the books. But since it will take a lot of energy and planning, an ocean park is the best choice. Enjoy the serenity of the blue water and the astonishing beauty of water animals as you walk towards your groom for the first look.

Prank First Look

Prank First Look

Image source:Wearetheportos

Not all first-look wedding photos are tear-jerking. Some of them are hilarious to the point that all your hesitations and worries disappear instantly. Often, this crazy side of wedding photography happens during the groom's first look.

Imagine a nervous groom waiting for his bride. And when he turns his back, he sees his groomsman looking extra beautiful in a wedding dress. Expect a burst of resonating laughter to fill the area. This groomsman’s first look prank will be one of the groom’s favourite wedding memories.

Fake First Look

Image source:Cafemom

How would your groom react seeing you not in your wedding gown? He will laugh nervously, thinking you are calling off the wedding or simply forgetting what day it is.



Image source:Pinterest

History has sealed that dinosaurs have been long dead. But what if your groom sees one behind him? Be a literal bridezilla in a dinosaur costume and make the man of the hour laugh for good.

Do you decide to do a wedding first look at your special day? Check out our blogs for more wedding photo ideas now!