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The Other Man of the Bride: Your Biggest Man of Honour Wedding Questions, Answered!

Your Biggest Man of Honour Wedding Questions

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Having a man of honour and the duties he needs to fulfil is not different from that of a maid of honour. Helping the bride and the bridesmaids during dress-up may be the only difference.

And if you are a bride considering breaking the tradition by having a man of honour but still hesitant, read on. We prepared a quick guide to some brides' most heated questions about having another man standing near her on the altar.

What Does a Man of Honour Mean in a Wedding?

A man of honour is either a male family member or a close friend chosen by the bride. He performs the duties and responsibilities of the maid of honour.

What Do You Call the Man of Honour in a Wedding?

An honour attendant is another term for a man of honour.

What Does Being a Man of Honour Mean?

Being the head of the bride tribe is the core meaning of being a man of honour. His duty will be to assist and support the bride in all her activities before and during the wedding. Another part of his big job is getting all the entourage members to participate in the wedding activities. He also helps the couple encourage the guests to get excited and fired up for the celebration.

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What Should a Man of Honour Wear?

Part of a man of honour's duties is preparing what he will wear on the wedding day. A pair of well-ironed khakis and a nice shirt in a similar colour as the bridesmaids' dresses will pass for a man of honour attending a casual wedding. But a tux like the groomsmen will suit a formal wedding. A pocket square, vest, tie, or boutonniere will do the trick to separate him from them. The colour of his tie can also match the colour of the bridesmaids' dresses. Let us say the bridal party is wearing royal blue bridesmaid dresses. The man of honour can wear the same or different shade of blue for his tie.

What Does a Man of Honour Do Before the Wedding?

The man of honour serves as the bride’s assistant and secretary before the wedding. Some of his specific duties are the following:

Shop Wedding Dress, Accessories, and Shoes with the Bride

He will accompany the bride during her wedding shopping and help her say “yes” to the dress, which will elevate her elegance and beauty. He will assist her in picking the accessories and jewellery that will add more flare to her wedding fashion. And he will aid her as she fits one pair of shoes into another.

It may feel unusual to see another man assist a bride in her wedding activities. But a bride will be thankful to hear thoughts from the opposite sex. It is like getting a view of the other side of the coin.

Send the Invitations and Monitor the Guest List

A man of honour can ease the bride and her family in sending wedding invitations. Tradition states that the father and mother of the bride issue the invitations. He can help double-check, ensuring that everyone on the guest list receives an official invitation, whether in hard copy or digital. Another arm to help fulfil this task will be beneficial, especially if the parents are already old and the wedding will be huge.

Serve as the Contact Point

He can unload and unburden the bride, or the couple, in responding to text messages and emails about the wedding. Family members and guests will have a crazy number of questions about the venue, time,wedding guest dress code, and much more.

The man of honour will get as much wedding information as he can. He may also relay this information to the rest of the entourage and persons with crucial roles in the wedding.

Organise the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party

An honour attendant may get the party started by leading the organising team for the bridal shower and bachelorette party. He can begin this by reaching out to family members and the bridal party, asking who among them is willing to take part in the planning and attend the events. The group will agree on the date, time, and venue to properly develop the master plan and perform the nitty-gritty details.

These pre-wedding parties can also be a great time to discuss and agree on the colour of the gowns of the bridal party. The ladies might want to mix and match purple and yellow bridesmaid dresses. At the same time, others might suggest burgundy bridesmaid dresses. The man of honour can mediate the differences.

Be Her Right Hand

He will be the bride’s supportive best friend to listen to her worries, help her calm her nerves, and to run errands. It is advisable to discuss with the bride the moment the man of honour agrees to be one about the level of commitment and responsibility expected from him.

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What Does a Man of Honour Do in a Wedding?

And when the day has finally arrived, a man of honour does the following:

Provide Emotional Support

A bride makes sure she has her man of honour to help her calm pre-wedding jitters. A wedding can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions. A man of honour helps the bride relish and savour all the excitement. And when things get tiring, he helps her keep the energy up.

Make Sure the Bride is Full and Hydrated

He will periodically check on the bride if she is hungry or thirsty. A bride who went through intense dieting and strenuous workout to fit into her wedding dress will benefit from a heart meal before walking down the aisle. And a hydrating drink to power her up the day will come in handy.

Bring Out the Wedding Survival Kit

The honour attendant will serve as a walking first aid kit for the bridesmaids and the bride. He will prepare a handy bag of medicines, safety pins, band-aids, hair ties, and other last-minute mini-emergency items on the big day.

Monitor the Gifts Received

He will keep track of the gifts and gift-givers during the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Some gift-givers might have special instructions, such as handling, the urgency to open because the item inside might be perishable, or the possibility for the bride. She might want to open the gifts during these pre-wedding parties.

The list he will make will also help the bride identify to whom she will send thank-you notes.

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Can a Man of Honour Give a Wedding Speech?

Part of the on-the-day task of a man of honour is to give a wedding speech when asked to. Technically, any wedding program does not have one-size-fits-all or set-in-stone rules. While it is common to give a wedding speech, it is not required.

What Gift to Give to a Man of Honour?

The best way to determine the ideal gift for a man of honour is by basing it on his likes and personality.

Clip-on Book Light

Clip-on Book Light

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A bookworm type of man of honour will enjoy a clip-on book light. Imagine the crazy number of books he can read even in the dark.

Customised Hoodie

Customised Hoodie

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A personalised hoodie with your man of honour’s favourite player will be a blockbuster hit if he is into sports.

Immersing Headphones

Immersing Headphones

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A music lover type of honour attendant will enjoy a light stroll in the park or an afternoon music jam if he receives a pair of headphones.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour Over Coffee Maker

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No coffee lover can resist a personal coffee maker that gives a taste similar to that of a café.

Do you decide to have a man of honour? Are you a groom who wants to have the best woman? Check out our post about groomswoman and bridesman to know more about this breaking tradition.