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Purple Perfection: 13 Fun and Pretty Ideas for A Purple Wedding Theme

purple wedding with purple dress purple bouquets purple shoes and purple table settings

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Purple is one of the most popular wedding shades there is. This deep and rich colour exudes elegance, opulence, and luxury that’s why it’s an easy pick for couples wanting a classy and fancy vibe for their big day. The awesome thing about purple is its versatility. It has a big umbrella of pretty hues and shades that fit just about any motif and season, from simple to glamorous and spring to winter. Let’s dive deep and learn more about this magnificent colour…

A Closer Look at the Colour Purple…

colour purple

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The colour purple is the result when you mix the blue and red shades. It is the perfect marriage of red’s dynamism and blue’s serenity. It is naturally occurring in nature and is often seen in flowers, fruits, gemstones, sunsets, and the rainbow. Purple is mostly connected to riches and opulence due to its history with royalty and their wardrobe but it also represents creativity, wisdom, and spirituality. In Japan, Buddhist monks with the highest ranking wear purple robes.

Purple has a calming and uplifting effect on the mind and body that’s why it has become a favourite in commercial brands and fashion.

The Different Shades of Purple…

Different Shades of Purple

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As mentioned earlier, purple is a big family of well-loved shades which include lavender, amethyst, plum, orchid, lilac, violet, magenta, periwinkle, mauve, and a whole host of other hues. The lighter shades in the spectrum are mostly associated with gentleness, light-heartedness, and romance, while the darker end conveys mystery, luxury, and glamour.

Colours that Mix Well with Purple…

Although purple is a great colour as it is, it would be such as shame not to maximize its versatility by not pairing it with another shade, especially when it comes to a celebration as special as a wedding. If you’re set on having a purple wedding theme, let us convince you why you should tie it up with another hue to make your motif a visual extravaganza. Wondering which colours go well with purple? Here are just some of our recommended combinations:

Purple Wedding Theme Colour Combo 1: Purple & Blue

purple combine with blue in a wedding like purple and blue dress or table setting or purple and blue bouquets

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Although contrasting colours may be the first combination that comes to mind, shades within the same side of the spectrum like blue also meld perfectly with purple. This charming palette exudes softness and romance that is always welcome when it comes to weddings. As to which shade of purple to use, you can never go wrong with the delicate and dreamy appeal of lavender. For this purple and blue wedding, take the whimsical route by using flowy sky blue or dusty blue bridesmaid dresses for your wedding party, offbeat purple wedding decorations like fresh grapes and plums for your table setting, and exquisite feminine touches like a baby’s breath bouquet with actual lavender purple flowers.

Purple Wedding Theme Colour Combo 2: Purple & Gold

purple and gold combine together in a wedding

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Nothing screams opulence like the combination of purple and gold. This glamorous and bold scheme fuses glitter and drama that fits only the most lavish nuptials. Although the pairing can come off as a bit excessive, there are plenty of ways you can refine a purple and gold wedding. One is to insert just the right amount of both shades in the wedding elements like gold cutleries with soft purple florals like hydrangeas for your tablescape. You can also do this subtly through accessories like gold and amethyst wedding earrings for that right amount of sparkle to your bridal look. Lastly, you can pour all the gold and purple into your wedding cake by doing it in a stained glass style.

Purple Wedding Theme Colour Combo 3: Purple & Black

darker purple setting in a wedding: purple or black bridesmaid dress, purple table setting, purple tie and so on

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Contrary to popular belief, pulling off a dark and mysterious wedding colour palette like black and purple is not that hard – you just have to know the right elements to which you should apply these dramatic shades. A purple and black wedding is chic and glamorous so everything must be aligned from the venue down to the aesthetics. Dress your female entourage in a mix of purple bridesmaid dresses in richer shades and black bridesmaid dresses. Go for more plush fabrics like velvet to complete the posh and polished look. Another idea is to have the groomsmen wear deep purple ties to match pitch-black suits.

Purple Wedding Theme Colour Combo 4: Purple & White

wedding colour: whith and purple

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If you want something light and beautiful, a purple and white wedding is the one for you. It’s pretty, uncomplicated, and easy on the eyes. It’s great with just about any wedding type, whether it’s an intimate garden celebration or a luxurious affair. You can easily decorate your wedding venue with white fabrics, purple wedding flowers and greenery. Add a touch of colour to your white bridal look by wearing sexy purple shoes. Lastly, you can steer clear of tradition by dressing your girls in white bridesmaid dresses.

Purple Wedding Theme Colour Combo 5: Purple & Green

different shades of purple and green combine together in a wedding

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A purple and green wedding is like a love letter to nature and really fits a rustic fall wedding. It mixes two colours that can be found in everyday surroundings, ending with a palette that is enchanting, poetic, and extremely romantic. The green adds an organic touch while the burst of purple colour brings life to the whole aesthetic. The contrast of colours is chic in its moodiness and very eye-catching. Complement the theme with luxe elements like purple velvet bridesmaid dresses or green table runners, fresh boutonnieres, and organic wedding arches.

Purple Wedding Theme Colour Combo 6: Purple & Silver

wedding colour: purple and silver

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Another simple and uncomplicated combination yet with a sprinkle of pizzaz is the fusion of purple and silver. It’s polished, elegant, and timeless. Just like white and purple, this palette fist just about any type of celebration, whether it’s a wonderful winter wedding or a laidback spring nuptial. Silver cutlery on your tablescape will blend well with a purple table cover. Or white gold or silver wedding band with gleaming purple gems will surely turn heads and leave a statement.

Purple Wedding Theme Colour Combo 7: Purple & Yellow

Image source:Pinterest 17, Weddingwire, Pinterest 17

, Pinterest 18

Fun, quirky, and creative, a purple and yellow wedding will surely bring smiles to people’s faces. The palette has a warm and laidback appeal that will instantly boost the mood of the guests. It’s eccentric yet chic with just the right amount of whimsy. Pull off this summer wedding-inspired inspired motif by partnering purple bridesmaid dresses with a yellow sunflower bouquet, combining yellow and purple to create an ombre wedding cake, and bundling perennial blooms in these two contrasting shades for your centrepieces.

Fun and Pretty Purple Wedding Ideas…

Once you have decided which purple colour combo is the one for you, it’s time to gather other important elements that will complete your whole wedding theme. If you don’t know where to start, we have gathered down some of the prettiest purple wedding ideas you can add to your big day…

Purple Wedding Idea 1: Vibrant Bouquet

Purple Wedding Idea: purple bouquet with white wedding dress

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If you want to keep your bridal look traditional with a white wedding gown, bring in the colour through your purple wedding bouquet. Use vibrant purple wedding flowers like hydrangeas, lavenders, lilac roses, and tulips.

Purple Wedding Idea 2: Dazzling Dress

wedding colour: purple dress

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Dazzle the crowd with a purple wedding dress. It’s a fashion statement for sure that will make their jaws hang. You can go for a dark and dramatic shade like violet or magenta or something more dreamy and delicate like lilac or periwinkle. It will ultimately depend on which bridal aesthetic you’re after.

Purple Wedding Idea 3: Captivating Cake

Purple Wedding Idea: different shades of purple cake

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Keep your cake aligned with the colour palette. There are several designs you can choose from when it comes to a purple wedding cake. You can base it on your theme. Gilded gold and purple wedding cake is perfect for a glamorous affair while a cute ombre creation matches well with a laidback spring wedding celebration.

Purple Wedding Idea 4: Bold Wedding Bands

Purple Wedding Idea: purple wedding band

Image source:Pinterest 22

Instead of the usual pearls and diamonds, why not go for unique-coloured jewellery for your bridal accessories like purple wedding rings? There are several jewels to choose from like amethyst, sapphire, and even topaz.

Purple Wedding Idea 5: Chic Shoes

Purple Wedding Idea: purple bridal shoes

Image source:Nearlynewlywed

Just because your shoes won’t be seen doesn’t mean you can’t make a fashion statement with them. Skip the white pairs and go for something bold like purple wedding shoes. It’s a fun and surprising personal touch to your whole bridal look.

Want to know more about the wedding colour palettes for your wedding ceremony? Need more wedding planning tips? Check out our blog now!