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The Ultimate Guide to Include Your Dog In Your Wedding

bring a dog to a wedding

Here comes the bride with a furry friend by her side on her wedding day!

A lot of dog lovers couple consider their dog a vital member of the family. We know your pet has been with you through thick and thin, so including your four-legged buddy on this special day is a must.

Some may find it odd to have a fur baby present on your big day, while others would love to have a furry friend. If you’re torn on what to do and how to convince your future husband or wife to have a dog wedding, here’s the ultimate guide to help you.

Why Include The Dog in Your Wedding?

dog at wedding

Cliche as it may sound, but a dog is a human’s best friend, and who in their right mind will not invite their best friend on this special day? Below are some reasons why you need to include him/her in your wedding.

  • It gives you peace of mind - On average, you’ll be out the whole day and come home the next morning after the wedding. Letting your pet tag along will give you the peace of mind of knowing he’s safe, sound, and well-fed.
  • An excuse to go on an adventure - You have been with your furry friend through the ups and downs of life, so it makes sense that he should come on this new adventure of you tying the knot.
  • A guest entertainer - Your pet is a great addition to make your big day memorable for you and all your guests. He can stick around for a cocktail hour or the reception after the ceremony. He can even greet guests at the entrance.
  • Snap picture paw-fect photos - You’ll have cute and memorable wedding photos when you include your dog during photo ops. Your guests can also take a picture with your dogs, which will make your big day unique.
  • He’s a great stress reliever - Your pup is actually a great form of a stress reliever! A few cuddles with him will take away the jitters and anxiety before the ceremony.

Now that it’s decided your four-legged friend will join your wedding, it’s time to prepare how to include your pet in your wedding ceremony.

Tips on How To Make Your Pup Comfortable in Your Wedding

dog at wedding

Your big day is nearing, and we know you’re excited that your fluffy best friend can come to witness you tie the knot. But wait, have you checked if he/she knows a few commands like “sit” and “stay”? Is he/she an outgoing or shy dog? Does the venue allow dogs? Who will take care of him/her during and after the ceremony?

A smooth and memorable wedding needs the ultimate planning, especially if you have a pet on the guest list. Read on and follow tips to help you prepare.

Check the venue

Are you having your wedding at a church or synagogue? If so, there’s a slight chance your pet can witness your ceremony. Outdoor wedding ceremonies may be more amenable to your furry guest. Inform your venue coordinator to find a pet-friendly wedding venue and tell them about bringing your dog to your wedding.

Assign someone to take your pet

Who is the best person to walk your dog down the aisle? The person he/she’s most comfortable with, of course! This assures you that he/she will follow a command and won’t fuss around during the procession and the whole ceremony. The person can also be the dog’s sitter for the day.

assign someone to take your pet

Inform all your vendors about your canine guest

Your vendors are the ones who will make your wedding the most memorable day of your life, so let them know you have your dog with you. The vendors can make the adjustments based on what’s safe for your pet, like changing the wedding flowers that can be poisonous, making arrangements with their staff that is afraid of dogs, and making sure everything is protected so that he/she can’t chew any equipment. Also, a dog wedding cake should be your pastry vendor’s priority.

Consider your pet’s personality

Is your dog anxious about strangers? If so, it might be overwhelming for him/her to be in the crowd. Create a safe spot for him/her at the side of your venue to make him/her feel secure. You can also put him/her on a leash so he will not wander around the area. Taking him to your practice sessions is recommended, and let him get familiar with the venue so that when the big day comes, he will not get anxious.

consider your pet’s personality

Help Your Pup Get Dressed

Here it is! The moment where you need to make your fluffy partner cute and presentable. These are the materials you can let her or him wear:

Personalised Dog Of Honour Wedding Bandana

The wedding dog bandana is a cute accessory for your dog. You can put “Dog of Honor” with your wedding date on the bandana and have her walk down the aisle. It’s perfect if your dog is fussy and doesn’t like putting on clothes.

Dog Wedding Dress For Her

It would be best if you had a dog wedding outfit that fits your wedding theme. Have your lovely canine wear a white dress like that of a bride and even let her have a mini veil to complete the look. If you don’t want your dog to wear white, you can give her a dog bridesmaid dress like your bridal party.

Dog Tuxedo

Make your pup look dashing on this special day with a dog wedding tuxedo. He’ll have the whole crowd gushing about how gentlemanly he is with this tux.

Flower Collar

Are you on a budget and can’t buy a dress or tuxedo for your dog? Don’t worry; you can have them wear a flower dog collar. It will still make your pup looks adorable, even with a simple flower wedding collar.

Dog Wedding Bow Tie

Some dogs are irritable with wearing dog clothes so a dog bow tie can do.

Dog wedding Harness

Do you want to be practical? You can have your dog wear a dog wedding harness so he/she can still wear it after the wedding ceremony.

Choose A Role For Your Doggy

It’s time to decide your pet's role on the big day. The role you choose can depend on his obedience level and don’t fret because you have many options.

Pup of Honour/Best Dog

The pup of honour is a role where she will be part of your wedding party and let her sit in the front during the ceremony. You can also consider her a bridesmaid dog and let her join the ladies there to support and assist you.

Same as the pup of honour, the best dog is a role where he will be the best man and support the groom.

Flower Dog

dog at wedding

She can be the one who’ll carry a basket of flowers in her mouth. Your pup can follow your flower girl, who will spread the petals on the aisle.

Dog Ring Bearer

You can have him as your dog ring bearer to change things up. Tie the rings to his collar using a customized ring holder or even a white ribbon and let him come in front of the groom, witnessing your “I do“ scene.

Whatever the role you choose for your four-legged baby, you need to train him/her in advance, so there will be no mishaps during the actual ceremony.

Don’t Forget To Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Photos!

Don’t Forget To Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Photos!

Your dog has been your partner in crime before you tie the knot. He/she has helped you get to where you are with unconditional love and support as a four-legged partner. With this, he/she deserves to be included in all of your wedding photos on this special occasion.

As you prepare to include your dog in your wedding, you still need to expect the unexpected. Dogs are dogs, so when something doesn’t go according to plan, just take a deep breath, laugh it off and continue celebrating this new chapter of your life with a smile.

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