At we believe that, as long as you receive the dress, you will have a perfect experience whether you open the package or wear it. We are worthy of your favor no matter from the packaging, transportation, customer service, and the dress itself. Sometimes you have some special circumstances, such as wedding or prom was canceled, you no longer need the dress, you can return to us. We can resale the dress in standard size. But the return policy about the custom size is the followings:

The dress in custom size is designed for you, that means once it is completed, no one else can wear it. So, we are sorry that we can't accept returns for custom dresses. So sorry, love! please make sure your size is right before placing orders. Before you submit your order, you can read our guidelines named How to choose a dress in custom size?

Although you can't return the custom size dresses, please don’t worry. If it is difficult for you to wear the dress, we will provide reimbursement to you according to the cost of change at the local tailors, proportion is as follows:

Please see reimbursement limits for our dresses* below:
Up to $30USD of reimbursement for dress price less than $99USD
Up to $50USD of reimbursement for dress price between $100USD-$199USD
Up to $75USD of reimbursement for dress price over $200USD