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Best Orange bridesmaid dresses 2022: From Tangerine Orange to Romantic, Sunset Orange To Wear For Every Type Of Wedding

orange shade bridesmaid dress

Summer is almost here and the excitement couldn't be any higher. The much anticipated wedding season is here. Brides and bridesmaids couldn't be any more thrilled or happier for the important day when the bride finally says "I do" to the love of her life. With Cicinia, you can have the best preparation for the rest of your life with our selection of bridesmaid dresses for any wedding type. We know how hectic preparation for a wedding can get, which is why we are proposing to take off some of your stress. With these best and trendy orange bridesmaid dresses, you will have enough to make a selection from.

1. Gorgeous Off The Shoulder Long Sunset Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

The Trinity off the shoulder bridesmaid dress isn't only gorgeous and stunning, but accentuates your upper body, making it worth a sneak peek or two from those in attendance. The pleated floor-length, flowing bridesmaid dress comes with a flattering A-line silhouette and sleeveless bodice giving you an elegance look to the already stunning appearance. Its padding and boning provides more emphasis to your shape, giving confidence to your gait while walking down the aisle with the bride. If elegance and sexy is the look you are trying to sport, this dress is for you and perfectly fits the occasion. You look gorgeous alongside the bride, while putting just the right amount of focus around you and not taking anything away from the bride.


gorgeous Off The Shoulder Long Sunset Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

2. Sheath-Column Floor Length Tulle Autumn Sunset Bridesmaid Dress

The Sheath-Column Bridesmaid dress gives a simple, yet elegant look with its floor length hemline. Its sleeveless bodice and stylish V Neck neckline in the front and back means you add exquisiteness to the already elegant look. Its light tulle fabric also makes it a perfect fit for a summer wedding.

image source: cocomelody


3. Rose Charming Scoop Tangerine Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

The Rose charming scoop bridesmaid dress is a definition of beauty and elegance. Its additional lace embellishment adds to the elegance, giving you a majestic and charming look. Its cap sleeves bodice beautifully shows off long, beautiful arms, while basking in the summer heat and radiating. It's A-line silhouette and scoop neckline will give you a charming and beautiful look whilst carrying out your bridesmaid duties. The chiffon bridesmaid dress also comes floor-length and flowing, which gives an elegant look when either gathered with your hands or left to flow. Its extra padding and boning also gives more emphasis to the necessary part of your body. With this dress, you are guaranteed not only a great bridesmaid duty, but look beautiful while at it.


Rose Charming Scoop Tangerine Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

4. Ruffle Wrap Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dress

With the Samantha Ruffle Wrap Bridesmaid Dress, you will be styled in a flirty and romantic look. The bridesmaid dress is made of luxe satin fabrics, features a high-low hemline and a slide slit which completes that flattering and flirty appearance. If a flirty and teasing look is what you have planned for your bridesmaid duties, then this beautiful bridesmaid dress is for you.

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5. Charming Lace Length Sleeves Long Sunset Papaya Bridesmaid Dress

Extra lace in a bridesmaid dress gives more exquisiteness and makes you stand out, which is one of the greatest perks of the dress. With the Maya Charming Lace Bridesmaid Dress, you have an extra touch of class and beauty all wrapped in a package. Its sleeve length gives a unique, yet stylish look, one you would definitely love. The chiffon dress also features a flattery A-line silhouette and V-neck Neckline which gives enough room for a beautiful necklace. With the dress' floor length, there is sufficient room for your lovely shoe to complement the look. The zipper on the back of the dress completes the charming look, and with its extra boning and padding, your confidence is greatly improved while walking alongside the beautiful bride.


Charming Lace Length Sleeves Long Sunset Papaya Bridesmaid Dress

6. Cowl Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dress

Dressing beautifully might be a skill to be developed over time, not with this dress though. The Verona satin dress makes you look beautiful with no effort, and gives that dreamy and enticing look. If you do not shy away from attention, this bridesmaid dress will make your day wonderful. With its slipdress draping, you sure have people drooling all over you. The dress comes with a slipdress draping, cowl neck and crisscross back, you sure have people drooling all over you.

imge source: showmeyourmumu


7. Affordable Strap Short Orange Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

The knee-length short chiffon bridesmaid dress gives a casual and comfortable, albeit classy bridesmaid look. The dress gives room for other parts of your accessories like necklace and wrist adornments to complement its style and beauty. The sleeveless bridesmaid dress made from chiffon fabrics comes with a bow-knot at its back. Being sleeveless, your beautiful arms is shown, making you enjoy the summer while carrying out your bridesmaid duties. This bridesmaid dress is the answer to your simple and classical styling. With its neckline straps, A-line silhouette, sleeveless bodice and knee-length, you will have a casual, modern look which elegantly shows your perfect arms and legs. Not forgetting its extra paddings and boning, your body will have an added support, giving you comfort and confidence throughout the occasion.


Affordable Strap Short Orange Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress
Chiffon Spaghetti Straps Floor-Length Peach Bridesmaid Dress

8. Chiffon Spaghetti Straps Floor-Length Peach Bridesmaid Dress

Do you desire a casual but sexy look, and one that makes you stand out? You needn't look far beyond this bridesmaid dress. Its sleeveless bodice means you get to show off the beauty of your arms, and its key hole back's design shows how comfortable you are in your skin to show off some. The split on the right of the floor length dress teasingly shows off your sexy leg and shoe. With its A-line silhouette and padding and boning, you can comfortably go about your bridesmaid duties knowing you look the best. With its extra padding and boning, your body will also be accentuated in just the right places. If you hope to turn a head or two during the occasion, the Lotte chiffon spaghetti straps bridesmaid dress is your dress.


9. Dreamy Halter High Low Orange Bridesmaid Dress

If you find it hard making a choice between a floor length or low bridesmaid dress, you can have both, surprisingly. The Lilly asymmetrical silhouette bridesmaid dress is knee-length at the front, while it is floor-length at the rear; a taste of both. It is also sleeveless, meaning you get to show off those lovely arms. Its halter neckline further accentuates your neck and shoulder's beauty. There are some bridesmaid dresses which should be worn at least once, and the Lilly Chiffon Asymmetrical Halter High-Low bridesmaid dress is one of them. Its paddings also mean your body structure is nonetheless maintained. Styling this bridesmaid dress will give you just that attention without taking the limelight away from the bride. It gives a taste of both worlds, which you get to enjoy a dreamy look while also standing out beautifully.


Dreamy Halter High Low Orange Bridesmaid Dress
Lovely V-Neck Short Chiffon Sunset Bridesmaid Dress

10. Lovely V-Neck Short Chiffon Sunset Bridesmaid Dress

The Jocelyn short bridesmaid dress will give you that perfect causal, modest and classical look. The bridesmaid dress comes with an A-line silhouette, and with its sleeveless bodice and V Neck neckline, you can still show off some sexy skin while maintaining a conservative look. You also get to show your perfectly sculpted legs with the knee-length dress. Who doesn't love beautiful legs? This dress is a perfect balance between conservative and sexy. Why can't you have both? The dress can also be worn to other formal or informal occasions after the "big day", so it isn't a one-time dress. You can wear it to informal occasions like a nice dinner, a date, church or another wedding occasion. Conversely, it can also be worn to formal occasions like to the office or any other formal occasion.


11. Elegant Tulle Off The Shoulder Long Peach Bridesmaid Dress

This dress gives a dreamy, elegant, sexy, teasing, flirty look. If you want just the right amount of everything just mentioned, then the Aria elegant bridesmaid dress is your go-to. There is nothing simple or conservative about this bridesmaid dress, irrespective of the fact that it is floor length. Its off the shoulder neckline gives a dreamy and teasing look, showing enough skin, but not too much. Its padding and boning also means your body features will be more pronounced, which gives a more defined shape. In addition, if you prefer a different fabric to chiffon, the A-line silhouette, tulle fabric, Aria Elegant Long Bridesmaid dress is just the right option. You are guaranteed to have a great time and have just the right attention wearing this dress.


Elegant Tulle Off The Shoulder Long Peach Bridesmaid Dress


The stress that comes with planning a wedding cannot be overemphasized. The brides or bridesmaids always appreciate any amount of help, which is what Cicinia provides, with its bridesmaid dresses solution. We have been able to provide you with just the best bridesmaid dresses for your big day, the Orange bridesmaid dresses. These are the best and trendy bridesmaid dresses this year, styling different look from casual, modest, conservative, to elegant, flirty, teasing, and sexy. Irrespective of your choice of orange shade, these different shades and styles of bridesmaid dresses are bound to turn a head or two and some few stolen glances in your favour.