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13 Trendy Bridesmaid Hairstyles For Medium Length

13 Trendy Bridesmaid Hairstyles For Medium Length

From the bridal shower to wedding day themes, all the picking and planning stuff is taken care of by a bridesmaid. The bride is looking forward to experiencing the most beautiful moments of her life with her besties in her big day, so as a bridesmaid you have to support the bride and make sure that the dresses, jewelry, makeup, and hairstyles are perfect. Just like choosing a wedding dress is daunting, selecting hairstyles that complement your chic outfit is tricky too.

Plus, don't like long hairs, if you have medium-hair length it gets even trickier as there are not many options of hair cuts. So, if you're finding yourself stuck in the middle with the bridesmaid hair, we have compiled a detailed list of chic bridesmaid hairstyles for medium length. We hope you find an amazing hair idea that blends with your gorgeous bridesmaid dress. Glam up with these trendy hairstyles for your bestie's wedding:

1.Half-Up and half-down Crown Braid

Do you like wavy hairstyles? Or do you have straight hair but you're willing to bring a change this time? Well, then this medium-length hairstyle will definitely make others drool over your look. You can also use elements to pin your gorgeous waves flawlessly. Pair this hairstyle with one shoulder sash bridesmaid dress or One Shoulder Chiffon Dress to complete your look.

2.Dainty Waves

Being a bridesmaid is not easy; after all you have to look the best and compliment the bride too. This hairstyle is definitely worth a try! It's not difficult to get lost with this chic arrangement of tousled waves with a side braid. Glamorous messy waves are always a good choice for medium hair length. You can try this hairstyle with Simple Spaghetti Straps Pleating dress or Straps Sequins Prom dress to look like a princess from a fairytale.

3.Half Updo With Dimension

The best way to add dimension to your hair is by making them wavy. This boho half-updo with waves and twists will take your entire look to the next level in the bridal party. It is a very simple hairstyle but the half updo on medium length hair will add spice. So, this is your go-to option if you want something simple yet chic. Imagine yourself in this hairstyle wearing a rust bridesmaid dress like Gorgeous Off Shoulder outfit or Gorgeous Chiffon Outfit.

4.Waterfall Braid With Floral Elements

Waves make you look perfect, but this braided hair style with a floral element will make you look even more appealing. Here we have waterfall braids with a wavy effect. Doesn't this look stylish? The messy waves with braids along with the hair clip will make you the center of attention. You can pull out this look effortlessly with any tulle bridesmaid dress like the Tulle Off Shoulder Dress or  Tulle Illusion Straps dress.

5.Old Hollywood

If you are someone who prefers a simple and surreal look, this medium-length hairstyle is for you! However, since loose waves are now synonymous to bridesmaid hairstyles, we would prefer if you go with the trend. A simple side partition with curly hair on your locks will beautify your whole look. Pair this side-parted waves hairstyle with a decent black outfit for a jaw-dropping look. Try the Chiffon floor length dress or the Unique Trumpet dress with this hairstyle.

6.Twisted Bun Or Straighten Up

Are you still worried about your bridesmaid look at the wedding? Well, this twisted hairstyle of a low bun can rock your look. Roll on your sleeves and choose this one. A twisted bun with a messy look with hairspray will solve your problem. If not, you can just straighten up your hair, twist your hair and use some bobby pins to form a bun. Spaghetti Straps Split Chiffon dress and Chiffon Spaghetti Straps dress will look perfect with these hairstyles.

7.Messy Waves With Braid Crown

Mid-length hair? Don't worry because we've got you covered. This wavy braid crown hairstyle will go well with any outfit and makeup. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it is easy to make yet looks very attractive. Pair this hairstyle with Casual Chiffon dress or Dreamy Halter Dress.

8.Time For A Messy low Bun

Bun hairstyle is always a classic choice for bridesmaid. And when it comes to messy long buns, they are just chic. You can go simple with a messy bun or add some elements if you want a more formal look. This look will look absolutely admirable and adorable if you pair it with Spaghetti Straps Satin dress or Short Sleeves bridesmaid dress.

9.French Braid Updo

This adorable hairdo will give you a princess look at your bestie's wedding. Though the hairstyle looks easy to make, it's better you save some bucks and go to a salon for this. However, you can do it yourself too, start with a french braid and end it with a simple tight bun. You can learn from the tutorial!The hairstyle will look magnificent with a slate blue bridesmaid dress like Charming Chiffon Dress or Chiffon Halter dress.

10.The Cool Girl Style

If you're tired of waves and curls, just straighten up your hair and make a statement with a mulberry bridesmaid dress. You can also adorn with a headband. We have chosen Flowy Chiffon Dress and Charming dress for this look. A sleek finish looks oh so sweet with these sophisticated dresses. Try them out with a side or center part to look modern and fresh.

11.Side Swept Waves

Feel the comfort of this relaxed simple hairstyle and natural curls. Go for this relaxed wavy hairstyle with some floral elements and secure it with some bobby pins and hair accessories. The side swept locks behind your ears and swinging on your face will bring a unique charm to your personality. It can also be copied by short hair. Imagine you in this hairstyle wearing Unique Chiffon dress or Charming Chiffon dress.

12.Sophisticated Knot

A bridesmaid should look elegant as well as stylish. This hairstyle is easy to make but you can add a flavor of style to it by adding some elements to it. However, we suggest going to a beautician or hair stylist to get a more professional look. It looks elegant and will be a great compliment to bride hairstyle. Pair this look with Gorgeous Straps dress or Modest Halter Ruched Chiffon dress.

13.Rustic Roll

Updos are hot and they are always in trend for summer weddings when it comes to wedding hairstyles. This updo is not very messy, but it has neat waves sticking out that give a slight messy look. It's a updated version of french twist. You can fix it with hair pins. This is a versatile hairstyle to pull off if you're looking to pair it with a lemon bridesmaid dress. You must try Chiffon long dress or Chiffon Elegant Dress.

Wrap Up!

Hey beauties, this was the end of our list. We hope that you got a good hairstyle to try as a bridesmaid. Mid-length hair is super trendy and we came up with hairstyles that are super cute for this length. All these hairstyles are relatively easy to make, but in case you need a more professional touch, you can try them out at a salon. If you want to make the hair tousled and messier, try a wand to give the look. Messy hairstyles mostly look perfect without brushing your hair and using a structure spray to keep them in place.


How should a bridesmaid wear her medium length hair?

Medium length hair is not as easy to do hairstyle as long hair, but you can still choose braided updo, half up half down, loose waves and other sophisticated hairstyles.

Do bridesmaids have the same hairstyle as the bride?

No. We didn't recomend bridesmaids to have the same hairstyle with brides.

Who pays for bridesmaids hair and makeup?

As usual, the bride is responsible for bridesmaids' hair and makeup, but you can also turn to bride's hairstylist for help.