16 Unique Bridesmaid Bouquet You Girl Will Love The Most

16 Unique Bridesmaid Bouquet You Girl Will Love The Most

unique bridesmaid bouquet

A unique alternative to a bridesmaid bouquet may be all you need to impress your best girls, wow your guests, and get them talking about your big day long after you said I do. Traditional and simple bridesmaid bouquets are nice, but when was the last time a traditional wedding left a lasting impression on you? Probably never.

So whether you’re on a budget or you simply want to be different, a non-traditional bridesmaid bouquet can get you there. From a faux bridesmaid bouquet, artificial silk flower, and foliage bouquet to a macramé bouquet, we’ve put together a list to help you create a unique wedding that’s yours and yours alone.

Below are 16 bridesmaid bouquet ideas you can steal to stay on a budget, showcase your creativity, and celebrate your uniqueness.

1.Let Them Wear It

A wrist bridesmaid corsage is a perfect accessory for a pretty dress. It can be made to match your bouquet and with either faux or real flowers attached to a ribbon, stretchable fabric, and adjustable metal or beaded bracelet. With only a few blooms necessary to make one, wrist corsages are popular with brides looking to cut costs on wedding flowers.

2.Make It Lasting

Gone are the days when artificial flowers mean cheap, plastic-looking blooms that people in the 70s and 80s use to brighten rooms when fresh flowers are impractical.

Today, there are stunning options for artificial silk flowers that look so real you’d be wondering why the world is still using fresh flowers. Because, unlike fresh blooms, artificial flowers can last a lifetime. Your bridesmaids can still use them as decor after the wedding!

They’re also a perfect option if you’re set on getting flowers that are not in season. What this means is that you can still have your dream baby's breath bridesmaid bouquet even in the fall!

3.Choose Dreamy and Romantic

Dreamcatchers, a Native American handicraft, are believed to snare nightmares to allow good thoughts only into your sleep, making them a really attractive addition to featuring on a romantic day full of joy, hope, and positive energy.

4.Plan for a No-Flower Wedding

There is no rule that says you have to have flowers at your wedding. If you love plants and would rather have foliage than flowers, then go for it! Foliage is the new flower!

5.Tell a Story

Got a story to tell? Let your bridesmaids tell it by walking down the aisle with meaningful items from your courtship or dating relationship. Whimsically designed items will always have a place in a fairytale themed wedding. Plus, thought-provoking objects will leave your guests asking why, and you the chance to tell everyone your story.

6.Bring the Garden

If you’re not the floral type and holding your own bouquet is just about what you can handle, opt for a potted succulent instead.

7.Get Fashionable with Feathers

If flowers aren't your thing, think about getting a feather bouquet instead! This option is not only unique but also pollen-allergy free. You can go with a single colour or create a two-tone effect that your ladies will adore.

8.Light Some Lanterns

A beautiful arrangement of blooms in a lantern can transform any wedding from boring to magical. You can put flowers and succulents or a candle inside and watch the effect on your venue! They also look great in photos.

9.Think Butterflies

Love butterflies? Or perhaps you’re into symbolism? Get butterfly flowers for your bridesmaids. They look pretty and dainty and will definitely cost you less.

10. Be Different with Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are another great alternative to bridesmaid bouquets. They offer a unique way of bringing personality, playfulness, and vibrant flashes of colour to your bridesmaid bouquets. You can make all-paper bouquets or simply add paper flowers to the mix.

11. Pick a Hoop

Floral hoops are the answer to traditional bridesmaid bouquets! These floral creations are easy to DIY even if you don’t know how to make bridesmaid bouquets.

12.Paper umbrella

A gorgeous paper umbrella that your bridesmaids can carry will get your guests raving about your choice and the uniqueness of your wedding.

13.Go Boho

If you’re having a boho wedding, a macramé bridesmaid bouquet will complement your theme beautifully. Choose macramé bouquets if you’re gunning for a boho and trendy vibe for your wedding.

14. Say It with Pearls

Dare to be different with jewels as bouquets. Ditch the traditional bouquet of flowers and get your girls to carry faux pearls. Timeless and elegant, pearl bridesmaid bouquets can go with any dress and create a fashion statement that stands out effortlessly.

15. Look Like a Fan Club

Another creative option for brides who like to be different is using fans adorned with a few pieces of flowers as a bridesmaid bouquet. They’re great if you’re having an outdoor wedding!

16.Let Them Carry a Clutch

Let your girls dazzle everyone with a stylish purse that doubles as a bouquet. The purse can also be your bridesmaid gift if you really want to save on both bouquets and gifts.

So, if you've ever wondered how you can make your wedding memorable, especially for your bridesmaids, veer away from the traditional and get creative. Choose a trendy alternative to bridesmaid bouquets that your nearest and dearest girlfriends will love.