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14 Wonderful Ways to Add “Something Blue” to Your Wedding

add something blue to your wedding

Modernity has been embraced and ingrained into a lot of things these days including weddings – sleek, fashion-forward, and well-executed. But sometimes, couples find themselves wanting to have the best of both worlds – invigorating newness with a touch of timeless wedding tradition. The great news is that there is always a compromise – mixing modern elements with well-loved customs, one of which is incorporating something blue into the wedding.

How did the “something blue” tradition start?

something old borrowed by the bride

The complete rhyme goes like “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe” popularized during the Victorian era. The saying is believed to bestow good luck and prosperity to the couple and their marriage.

Something old usually implies an heirloom piece from the family while something new could be a trinket that signifies a prosperous future for the union. Something borrowed is said to be a loaned piece from a happily married couple with children to manifest fertility while something blue is a garment (usually a garter) worn by the bride-to-be to convey purity and fidelity. Something blue items are also believed to block off the “evil eye” and curses that could have been directed at the marriage.

Traditional “something blue” accessory

Traditionally, brides wear blue garters under their wedding dress for “something blue” on their big day. Aside from the good luck that it was believed to bring, the blue garter was also worn for utility – holding up the bride’s stockings.

These days, wedding garters usually come in embellished white lace and are used mostly for their novelty. The bridal garter toss is one of the most awaited parts of the wedding program, where the groom takes it off the bride (usually in a sensual manner) and tosses it to the eligible bachelors in attendance.

Something blue with a modern twist

There is no limit nowadays as to what blue ideas you can integrate into your wedding – you have the liberty to get creative and inventive – whether it’s through garments, accessories, or jewellery. Here are some brilliant “something blue” ideas you can try:

Something blue and sparkly

One of the best ways you can include something blue in your wedding is through your wedding accessories. A blue comb or a blue ribbon on your hair would look stunning. Wearing blue heirloom jewellery like a headband, hair pins, necklace, ring, or pair of earrings would also work. That will also cover the “something old” part -- hitting two birds with one stone.

Something blue and beautiful

Another something blue wedding idea is incorporating the colour into your makeup. Try shades of blue for your eyeshadow. This will cast a dramatic effect on your bridal look and will make a bold statement.

Something blue and secure

Instead of the usual black or red, choose a blue velvet ring box for your wedding rings. Personalize it further by engraving your initials, something you can save as a keepsake from your most special day.

Something blue and blooming

Another creative way to add something blue to your wedding is through your wedding bouquet. You can do it in two ways: add a subtle touch to the bundle of blooms or use blue as the primary colour. Either way will look gorgeous. Some blue flowers you can use for your blue bouquet include hydrangeas, delphinium, and even artificially-coloured roses. You can also play with textures and use different kinds of floral accents like berries and thistle to complete the bridal bouquet.

Something blue and binding

Your wedding rings bind you and your partner forever so why not incorporate the colour that means love and purity to them? One creative way to do this is by adding gemstones to traditionally bare bands. Sapphire is the perfect gem for this with its brilliant blue colour. You can also go for other stones like aquamarine or blue topaz.

Something blue and sleek

Your wedding shoes could also be something blue. There are many sleek and stylish blue wedding shoes you can choose from – stilettos, flats, even sneakers! Imagine something blue and pretty peeping from your dress as you walk down the aisle – cute!

Something blue and elegant

blue dresses

Image source:Sky Blue Chiffon Halter Long Dress, Dusty Blue Flowy Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress, Royal Blue Halter Maxi Dress, Navy Blue Spaghetti Dress

Here’s another idea: have your bridesmaids and besties wear blue for you! There are lots of stylish bridesmaid dresses in various designs and shades of blue that you can pick from. Have the bridesmaids mix and match – they can wear different dress styles in the same shade of blue or the same dress form but in varying hues of blue from sky blue to pale blue.

Something blue and dapper

As an alternative, it could also be the groom who will wear something blue for the wedding. A blue tie with a matching pocket square would do the trick. He can also have the groomsmen wear blue bowties or suspenders.

Something blue and inviting

It’s not only the outfit where you can include the colour blue. You can also utilize it as the motif of your formal invitation for that regal and sophisticated feel.

Something blue and dreamy

Aside from outfits and accessories, you can also apply something blue to your wedding decors. Romantic table runners and draping in soft fabrics, dreamy lanterns, lively balloons, and even charming candles. You can also add a cast of blue lighting to your venue.

Something blue and worth taking home

The blue colour doesn’t only go well with decors and outfits, it can also be used for other elements like your wedding favours. Whip up some blue-coloured cookies, coasters, candies, and goodie bags -- something that they would look forward to taking home as wedding gifts.

Something blue and comfy

If you prefer not to have something blue on the wedding day itself, you can just incorporate it into other wedding-related celebrations like your hen party. Give out blue pyjamas or sleepwear to your girl gang which they can wear to a cosy night of laughter and memories.

Something blue and chic

Just like your makeup, you can use the colour blue for your overall bridal look. This time, you can wear the shade on your nails. You may opt for a classic monochromatic design or get creative with sparkly and embellished nails. It’s your wedding – have fun!

Something blue and heavenly

Your wedding cake is not there just to be magnificently beautiful; you can also utilize it for the “something blue” tradition. You can have the cake decorated in blue accents or flowers or have the whole cake come in actual blue colour.

Found a “something blue” wedding idea that you love? Do not be afraid to get creative at your wedding, especially when mixing traditional and modern styles. There are many other unique ideas you can fuse these two themes, just do your research, trust your gut and be confident with your choices. In the end, everything will come out perfect, so just enjoy the happy tears with your loved ones as you say "I do" in a bluesy setting!