Top 10 Bridesmaid Dress Colour Combo for Your Beach Wedding

Top 10 Bridesmaid Dress Colour Combo for Your Beach Wedding

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Bridal party time has never been easier. You have the freedom to get creative and make your wedding stand-out from the rest. If you want your bridal party to be colourful. Find your perfect colour and stick to it! With cool hues in hand, you'll give off an elegant look with a touch of whimsy.

When planning beach weddings there is no reason to put your dress in a "safe" colour when you can wear the colour that matches your personality! Here I have compiled a list of the top ten colours that work on any beach. These are not the only colours you can choose from though- go ahead and try out: turquoise, royal blue, coral pink, green or yellow.

1.Ocean Blue Bridesmaid Dress

Ocean blue is the perfect colour for your beach wedding. It is a combination of blue and green, which gives it a sailor look. Wear this dress in the evening and you will stand out from the rest. It's a fun colour that will bring the party!The word blue is a popular option for bridesmaid dresses because it can easily be a color associated with the sea and the sky. The color is not only vibrant but also easy to match with other dresses or accessories.

Ocean Blue Bridesmaid Dress Ocean Blue Bridesmaid Dress

2. Turquoise Bridesmaid Dress

turquoise bridesmaid dresses

Turquoise is a fun, summery color that brings a festive flair to your wedding party. If you choose this color be sure to select one with a pale tone because the darker shade tends to look too deep for beach weddings.

This is a fun, yet traditional colour for the party. Whether you have an informal beach wedding or something more formal, turquiose is appropriate for every occasion. It is an elegant colour that can be worn by any age group.

3. Dusty Rose Bridesmaid Dress

Dusty Rose Bridesmaid Dress Dusty Rose Bridesmaid Dress

The name says it all. It is a soft, romantic colour that will give you a fairy-tale bridal look. This colour is a perfect match for your wedding theme if you are planning an outdoor ceremony with the scenery of the ocean and many flowers in bloom.

The colour is also amazing if you want your bridesmaids to really stand out but still make sure they stay in their place, because they are essentially supporting players in your wedding party.

4. Mint Green Bridesmaid Dress

Mint Green Bridesmaid Dress Mint Green Bridesmaid Dress

This pastel colour is really all about the details. You can use it to complement your wedding dress, bridesmaid dress and accessories, with a beautiful matte finish. The colour will make your outfit look fresh and vibrant.

The mint colour is also easy to match with other colours such as white or cream-coloured items. You can use blue accessories or other shades of blue in order to give mint a splash of interesting contrast.

5. Daffodil Yellow Bridesmaid Dress

Daffodil Yellow Bridesmaid Dress Daffodil Yellow Bridesmaid Dress

This bright, vivid yellow fits perfectly for outdoor weddings. It's a great choice for bridesmaid dresses because it fits the theme of your wedding perfectly.

The vibrant skin tone and the sun-like colours give it a youthful yet playful look, which is perfect for a beach wedding. You can also use yellow accessories to add an interesting contrast to the outfit.

6. Coral Pink Bridesmaid Dress

Coral Pink Bridesmaid Dress Coral Pink Bridesmaid Dress

The name says it all; this colour perfectly suits any beach theme. It's a great colour to use if you are planning a romantic outdoor wedding with flowers in bloom or a beach bonfire after.

You can also wear it with your hair up or down, and it will look great either way! Coral pink is also a fun alternative to coral coloured dresses. This bright, vibrant colour is the perfect choice for a bridesmaid dress colour because it's fresh and fun for your beach wedding.

7. Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dress

This colour is just as synonymous with a wedding as it is for brides and bridal parties. It's a beautiful colour to use for your bridesmaid dresses because it's the perfect contrast to white, pink, yellow and other pastel colours.

If you are planning a more formal beach wedding and wish for your bridesmaids dresses to stand out, try this colour. You can also use blue accessories such as flowers or ribbons in order to create contrast.

8. Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dress

This is the darker version of light blue. It looks like a darker, more refined version of sky blue, but still works really well as bridesmaid dresses or accessories and even as your wedding colour palette.

It's a great choice for summer brides and their beach weddings because it gives off an airy, happy and playful vibe which is perfect for the occasion. The darker shades of blue will give an elegant look to your bridesmaids while still being playful.

The dusty blue is not too bright or dark; it's the perfect medium tone. Along with your wedding dress, you can use this colour to compliment the sky, flowers and water around you.

9. Sage Green Bridesmaid Dress

Sage green looks like a more subtle and refined form of yellow and compliments your skin tone perfectly. It's a great way to accessorize a summer wedding as well.

Sage green is also an excellent choice for beach weddings because it has an airy, vibrant feel to it that is unique but still very elegant. It's a great colour that will work on your bridesmaid dress and accessories, but will work as an interesting alternative to turquoise. It's neutral enough to match with other colours, especially white.

10. Rose Pink Bridesmaid Dress

This is a very romantic colour that works best with beach weddings. This vibrant, romantic colour will never go out of style and it's easy to match if you are a fan of pale colours. You can use rose pink with other pale colours and it will work really well! The best thing about rose pink is that you can wear it as a bridesmaid or an accessory, or even as your wedding colour palette without looking too girly or child-like.

It's a unique colour that stands out from the crowd; it is beautifully feminine. You can wear this colour with your hair down or up! Rose pink is the perfect dress for any beach wedding. It's fun, light and summery. You can also wear this to match your cake or cupcakes in order to coordinate with your decorations for the day.


In conclusion, there are many other colours you can consider when planning your beach wedding. At Cicinia we offer these and many other colours to choose from; experiment with other pastel hues and see which ones click with you or your friends. You can also use it as a wedding colour palette that you can combine with other shades of green, blue, light blue or white.

Also don't forget to have fun! If you want to play with colour, then go for it!