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12 Most Classic Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair and Their Matched Bridesmaid Dresses

12 Most Classic Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair and Their Matched

At weddings, the position of the bridesmaid is an honor. The bride meticulously chooses them to be by her side. At this moment, it is necessary to look your best. But finding the perfect dress is not enough. It should also come with a matching hairstyle that will showcase your beauty. If possible, you can also turn to a stylist for help. If you are on the fence about what outfit and hairdo combination will hit the spot, check out the following bridesmaid hairstyles and dresses.

1. Braid Crown with Big Curls Matched with V-Neck and Ruffled Sleeves Bridesmaid Dress

Braid Crown with Big Curls
Charlie A-line V Neck Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

A braid crown with big curls is one of the bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair and you will look stunning in the photos at the wedding. It will make you feel like royalty wearing a tiara. It goes well with a v-neck dress with ruffle short sleeves. The wavy hair and feminine sleeves pattern look well together. Both flow freely during movement and are pleasant to look at. This style is ideal for outdoor venues like a garden weddings.

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2. Neat Braided Updo and Elegant Tulle Off-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Neat Braided Updo
Lara Tulle Off The Shoulder Flowy Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Do you prefer a bridesmaid hairstyle updo? Then neatly pull up your hair in a french twist, in knots, braids, or bun. It will be a good match to bride's hairstyle. This hairdo looks perfect with an off-shoulder tulle long dress which can look perfect beside the wedding dress. With the hair out of the way, people can admire your long neck and slender shoulders. It also gives you less to think about since your main is securely in place.

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3. Nature-Inspired Flower Crown Hair Paired with Empire Cut Long Gown

Nature-Inspired Flower Crown Hair
Alice Chiffon Sheath Straps Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dresses

Are you an advocate of going green? Then show your support by getting a nature-inspired flower crown hairstyle. To make it more meaningful, use real flowers to adorn your mane. Pairing it with an empire-cut long gown will make you regal. You will look like a spring goddess who finally went out to play. This dress pattern gives a delicate look that matches the florals decorating your head.

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4. Youthful Half Up and Half Down Tresses and Trumpet-Mermaid Ensemble Dress

Youthful Half Up and Half Down Tresses
Abigail Vintage Chiffon Trumpet-Mermaid Long Bridesmaid Dresses

The chance of getting the best of both worlds does not all the time. But you can by having a half up and half down hairstyle. This youthful look gives a stylish sense of freedom. It will go well with a trumpet-mermaid ensemble that comes with a removable chiffon top. It means you can go from sleeves to covered shoulders and arms in seconds. This combination truly gives you the flexibility to change looks without spending too much. So if you want to go for an adaptable outfit, this is option is for you.

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5. Lovely High Ponytail and One-Shoulder Attire

Lovely High Ponytail
Molly Chiffon One-Shoulder Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dresses

Whenever you want to show off your shoulders, it is necessary to wear your hair up. If you want to showcase a more agile hairdo, a lovely high ponytail is a good choice. It goes well with a one-shoulder attire made of flowy chiffon fabric. Wearing a long gown matches the length of the hair. It gives a sense of harmony to the overall look.

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6. Sophisticated High Updo and Sexy Halter Formal Outfit

Sophisticated High Updo
Evie Unique Trumpet-Mermaid Halter Split Long Bridesmaid Dresses

A sophisticated high updo is like a basket of fun on your head. This unique look will go well with a halter neck with a v-knot and a mermaid hemline with a slit. This style is very mature and makes the wearer look subtly sexy. The updo can allow people to look at your form and admire the sultry cut of the dress.

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7. Carefree Loose Curls Coupled with Modest Spaghetti Straps Bridesmaid Dress

Carefree Loose Curls
Holly Chiffon A-line Long Best Bridesmaid Dresses

How about combining carefree and simple? A loose curls hairstyle paired with a modest spaghetti strap dress will accomplish that. The curly hair will flatter your neckline and chest. Choosing a spaghetti strap dress with a ruffled asymmetrical top will complement slim figures. It will make their chest area fuller. The volume of the loose curls also gives the same effect.

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8. No Frills Loose Low Bun Harmonizing with a Sheath Floor Floor Frock

No Frills Loose Low Bun
Ayla Modern Chiffon Sheath-Column Halter Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Do you want to flaunt your curves? To achieve this look, fixing your hair in a loose low bun will clear your face. Then harmonize it with a halter top with a sheath floor gown with a slit. The embellishment runs up to mid-thigh, which is very eye-catching and teasing. This look is perfect for toned bodies. So if you what to show off the results of your hard work and discipline, this frock will give justice.

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9. Demure Low Knot and Plunging V-Neck Garb

Demure Low Knot
Luna Charming Chiffon V Neck Split Long Bridesmaid Dresses

How can a person be innocently sexy? By wearing a demure low knot and matching it with a plunging v-neck this feat is accomplished. The neckline pattern will make the bust area fuller, making the wearer look curvier and sultry. To make your appearance more delicate, thinly release some bangs to frame your face. Combining two opposing concepts with this fashion idea is a cinch.

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10. Dazzling and Sparkly Headband with Cute Short Skirt Apparel

Dazzling and Sparkly Headband
Delilah Simple Chiffon One Shoulder Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Do you want to feel like royalty at weddings? Then adorn your head with a dazzling and sparkly headband. Then input a youthful and carefree character to your look by wearing cute short skirt apparel. This combination has sophistication and agility. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor weddings. It gives a vibe of prom night, and if you still have those shapely legs of your youth, then go ahead and flaunt it.

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11. Lustrous and Long Hair with Open Back Halter

Lustrous and Long Hair
Mila Dazzling Chiffon Halter Floor Length Bridesmaid Dresses

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining lustrous long hair is difficult. It is not surprising if other people want to show it off. This natural style goes well with an open back halter, as you neatly place your long tresses on your shoulder. Or if you want to keep it down, the backside design is a teasing sweet surprise.

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12. Creative Weave Braids Matched with Sweetheart Tube Top

Creative Weave Braids
Esmae Chiffon Sweetheart Sleeveless Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Fixing your hair is an expression. Embrace it by opting for creative weave braids. You can choose the trinkets you want to combine with it. Then to maximize the effect wear a sweetheart tube top that frees the upper body space from the shoulder and up. It will make people concentrate on your head and hairstyle. And if you worked hard in decorating your mane, it is right for it to gather attention.

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The combination of bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair with a matching dress is fundamental. It goes the same if you opt for a bridesmaid updo. Either way, it will showcase your beauty and character at the same time. So allow it to shine through with the bridesmaid hairstyles and clothes you choose. Make the best picks. A wedding is a memorable event, and you have to look fabulous.


What is the best hairstyle for bridesmaids with long hair?

The most classic and elegant one is a neat braided updo. But if you want to be a unique bridesmaid, high ponytail or straight hair can also be the good choice.

Should my hairstyle match my bridesmaid dress?

The answer is yes. An updo with an off-the-shoulder style can show your beautiful neck; the lustrous long hair will look more feminine with the spaghetti straps dress; curly hair or other kinds of braided hairstyle with a-line bridesmaid dress can release the sweet and cute air.

Who will do my hair at my friend's wedding, myself or the stylist?

You can do your hair by yourself, but if the stylist have time to spare, you can also turn to him or her.