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Multiway Bridesmaid Dress: One Dress, Multiple Styles

Multiway Bridesmaid Dress

Heaven sent. Lifesaver. These are two words that best describe a multiway dress. Others call it a convertible dress or infinity dress. Stressed brides have been benefitting from a convertible dress, too. Brides found it easier to create a beautiful and unified look for their bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids benefit the most from an infinity dress during a wedding.

  • It is available anytime and anywhere. A few clicks online can lead you to addresses of shops offering it.
  • It is affordable. A bridesmaid has a long list of to-buys during a wedding. So, anything that can help her save a little cash is a big check.
  • It is flexible, the best advantage of an infinity dress. No matter your size, colour, and preference, you can style it the way you want. You do not need to fear if you get pregnant along the way or are pregnant in the first place. The fabric stretches well and hugs the right parts of your body.

We rounded up the basics of a multiway dress for you.

How Do You Wear a Multiway Bridesmaid Dress?

Multiway Bridesmaid Dress

The list of how to style a multiway bridesmaid dress can be as long as a whole month's worth of grocery list. This can be overwhelming. But this simply means that there is a style for every girl out there.

Cap Sleeves

Multiway Bridesmaid Dress Cap Sleeves front Multiway Bridesmaid Dress Cap Sleeves back

Image source:babysbreath

  1. Step into the dress.
  2. Drape one strap over each shoulder.
  3. Crisscross them in the back
  4. Wrap them around your waist.
  5. Tie them together.
  6. Pull down on the fabric at the shoulder until you have the sleeve length you desire to create cap sleeves.


  1. Style your hair such that they come in front from one side. In this way, the bow will be visible.
  2. Wear the dress and take both straps behind you to wrap around your neck.
  3. Tie a knot at the back of your neck and tie a bow. Let the straps drape downwards.

Cross Front

Image source:tulleandchantilly

  1. Wear the dress and cross the straps over to the other shoulder.
  2. Bring the straps to the back.
  3. Twist them in an anti-clockwise direction until you reach the mid-back.
  4. Separate them and bring one around each side of the waist.
  5. Cross them in the front and knot them together in the back.

Twist Front

  1. Wear the dress and tie a knot at the neckline before taking both straps to the back.
  2. Bring both straps together at the back and place one strap over the other.
  3. Start twisting the straps together a few times.
  4. Separate them and bring one around each side of the waist.
  5. Cross the straps in the front and knot them together in the back.


  1. Wear the dress and crisscross the straps at the waist twice.
  2. Pull the fabric up to cover the bust.
  3. Pull the straps around the back.
  4. Pull them around your waist.
  5. Tie them to the back into a simple knot or a pretty bow.


  1. Start with the dress under the bust and sashes in front.
  2. Pull them up over the bust and knot in front, off to one side.
  3. The fabric should cover the bustline like a strapless dress with no keyhole.
  4. Wrap the sashes over your shoulder.
  5. Cross in the back, wrap around your waist and knot.

How To Pick an Infinity Gown Colour to Keep Everyone Happy?

The belief in wearing the same dress colour in the same style dates back to Roman times. But there is more appreciation for body positivity, uniqueness, and individuality today. Although the essential role is to complement the bride’s wedding dress, bridesmaid dress etiquette has changed.

Different Styles in The Same Colour

Different dress Styles in The Same Colour

In newer weddings, you see bridesmaids wearing the same colour but different dress styles. This trend is to accommodate different shapes and sizes.

  • Hourglass Shaped

Hourglass-shaped bodies will look even better with sleeveless and halter neck styles. They show off your well-toned arms and narrow shoulders.

  • Apple Shaped

An apple-shaped bridesmaid can enjoy a V-neck or a plunging neckline. They make the body appear less round.

  • Pear Shaped

Strapless boob-tube and knotted tank top styles give volume to your bust area. They also make you appear sexier and curvier.

  • Straight Shaped

One-shoulder or Grecian twist will do the extra flare for you.

There are two safe ways to tackle the topic of dress colour. One is to take out the handy colour wheel. The other is to consider the skin's undertone.

The Same Colour Scheme

Same Colour Scheme different style bridesmaid dresses

  • Choose peach, yellow, and golden hues if all the bridesmaids have a warm undertone.
  • Pink and blush hues will work well with cool undertones.
  • Play with any colour if the bridesmaids have a neutral undertone.

Contrasting Colours

Contrasting Colours bridesmaid dresses

You can still achieve a cohesive bridal party look even with different undertones. Use two different colours with varying amounts of tint and shade.

Convertible Bridesmaid Dress Styles

Here are some convertible bridesmaid dress ideas.

Dusty Rose Multiway Infinity Dress

Dusty Rose Multiway Infinity Dress

Image source:infinitydress

You will never go wrong with this dusty rose-coloured multiway dress. It has a light pink colour that lets you exude sweetness and femininity. And the best part, its stretchy polyester spandex fits any size.

Evelyn Infinity Dress

Evelyn Infinity Dress

Image source:babysbreath

Twirl on the dancefloor all night long with this infinity dress from Baby's Breath. On top of its flexible fabric comes its elastic waistband. The dress can fit any waist size you can imagine. It also comes with a free bandeau top in the same colour.

Ayla Split Convertible Tulle Bridesmaid Dress

Ayla Split Convertible Tulle Bridesmaid Dress

SHOP HERE:Ayla Split Convertible Tulle Bridesmaid Dresses

This dress has an A-line silhouette. It comes from a tulle fabric. And the best thing about it? It's a convertible dress. These three features are enough for you to say yes to this multiway dress from Cicinia. Its silhouette alone flatters any body shape and size.

August Convertible Dress Curve

August Convertible Dress Curve

Image source:birdygrey

True to the adage that less is more, this multiway dress is ultra-simple but chic. It has a straight neckline with removable straps. Wear it the way you want it. The boned bodice is there for added structure and support too. It also fits well with the plus-size bridesmaid.

Gigi Convertible Jumpsuit

Image source:birdygrey

Create a sleek spin to the typical bridesmaid gown by wearing a jumpsuit. It has extra-long straps that allow you to wear this infinity outfit based on your style. Its pleated sweetheart bodice and two extra-long streamers create an illusion of a near-endless number of necklines. And this jumpsuit gets even better with hidden pockets. This feature makes it a practical choice for the bridesmaid on the go.

Azazie Fifi

Azazie Fifi

Image source:azazie

Dance the night away in a floor-length convertible gown. This fun dress has a pleated waistband with two separate chiffon panels. You can adjust these panels to create unique looks.

Sheath Floor Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Sheath Floor Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Image source:cocomelody

Cocomelody's multiway dress will make you feel sexy and sweet. This trendy chiffon gown comes in sleeveless and halter neckline. These features allow you to expose a bit of your skin. Those hard-earned narrow shoulders and chiselled collarbones deserve the spotlight too.

Sheath-Column Sweep Train Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Sheath-Column Sweep Train Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Image source:cocomelody

You can cheat on the heat if you wear this convertible chiffon gown. An outside-of-the-barn wedding can be uncomfortable, but not with this dress. Its open back and halter neckline allow any bridesmaid to enjoy the all-day event.

Juliet Gorgeous Convertible Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Juliet Gorgeous Convertible Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

SHOP NOW:Juliet Gorgeous Convertible Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

This infinity dress from Cicinia is, no question, gorgeous. The velvet fabric and floor-length measure add a royalty feel to it.

Now that you have already known some of the best convertible bridesmaid dresses, you can find the one for your dear bridesmaids. If you want to know more styles of bridesmaid dresses, check out our blog NOW!