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16 Best Wedding Veils For Your Wedding Hairstyles

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A woman is beautiful as she is.

But something about being a bride makes her extra beautiful. Her pair of glistening eyes that look at her groom screams love. Her fine movements make her immaculately white wedding gown stand out from the sea of the crowd. Her sweet voice speaking of promises of love and devotion is music to any wedding guest's ears.

Adding to all these is her crowning glory styled meticulously and adorned with a delicate wedding veil.

A wedding hairstyle and a veil complete the overall bridal look.

They allow the bride to exude elegance, class, and allure.

Often, the sight of the wedding veil securely attached to the hair and flowing with the wind is enough to make any wedding attendee gush over the bride. Imagine how a piece of fabric can already make you feel warm and teary-eyed.

Read on and get ideas to pair your wedding hairstyle and veil to achieve that divine bridal look.

Low Bun Wedding Hairstyle and Two-Tiered Wedding Veil

The elegant low bun is a versatile hairstyle used by a long-haired bride. Created by tying all hair with a tie and twirling the hair ends around, making what seems to be a small bread at the back of the hair, the elegant low bun allows the bride to free her face and neck from hair.

The two-tier wedding veil is an ideal wedding accessory to partner with the elegant low bun.

This wedding veil's first tier is a tulle referred to as a blusher, which covers the face when pulled down. Ideally, a blusher is 72 centimetres long. But can be adjusted depending on the bride's preference.

The second tier comes in different lengths. It can be from fingertip length to cathedral length.

These two-tier wedding veils from JJ House and Cicinia can add more elegance to an already elegant low bun bridal hairstyle.

bridal veil Tulle bridal veil

Image source:Jjshouse lace veils, Cicinia tulle veils

This piece from JJ House features a two-tier ivory-coloured wedding veil with a lace applique edge. The lace embellished tulle fabric comes in a classic veil shape.

On the other hand, Cicinia offers another tulle two-tier wedding veil. The sequins sewn into the lace edges make this wedding fabric even more beautiful, especially when light strikes.

Knot Wedding Hairstyle and One-Tier Wedding Veil

Taking the elegant low bun to the next level is the knot hairstyle. This hairstyle is done by tying the upper half of the hair with an elastic band and then tucking the hair ends of the same section into the middle of the half-up portion. Gather all hair ends on the right side and use an elastic band. Do the same on the other side.

Stick your fingers under the right twist and pull through the hair from the left section. Repeat the same thing on the other side. Continue the process until you have tucked all the hair ends.

Since we are on the note of taking things to the next level, use any of these one-tier wedding veils to up your bridal look.

A one-tier wedding veil offers a barely-there look. Any bride who wants to showcase the details of her wedding gown and still wants a subtle veil look can consider this type of wedding veil.

Jjshouse bridal veil Esty pearl wedding veil

Image source:Jjshouse bridal veil, Esty pearl wedding veil

JJ House's and Bliss Gown's one-tier wedding veils feature ivory-coloured wedding pieces in tissue fabric. These veils with cut-edge style have faux pearl embellishments for that vintage bridal look.

Hair Down Wedding Hairstyle and Chapel-Length Wedding Veil

Nothing beats simplicity.

Feel free and let your hair down on your wedding day. Allow the wind to blow your hair with your every walk and turn.

Partner your raw beauty with a chapel-length wedding veil. This classic 90-inch veil sweeps across the floor and extends slightly beyond the bridal gown train. This length helps create an illusion of a train for a body-hugging non-floor length gown.

Esty veil Cicinia one tier wedding veil

Image source:Esty veil, Cicinia one tier wedding veil

Ieie offers an ivory-coloured chapel-length veil in soft tulle fabric. The one-tier wedding veil with a raw edge fits perfectly with your let-down hair. Cicinia also has a simple and minimalist tulle chapel-length veil. This airy and soft veil allows you to copy a sweet and dramatic look.

Soft Big Waves Wedding Hairstyle and Lace-Edge Wedding Veil

If you want to let your hair down on your wedding day but want to add a little oomph to it, try wearing soft and big waves.

The voluminous and delicate-looking waves add allure to your overall bridal look. With the help of curling iron, tight braids or fitted twists, you can achieve soft and big waves sweeping the sides of your face and at the back of your head.

Partner this hairstyle with a lace-edge wedding veil.

Instead of a raw edge, find intricately designed lace on the edges of these wedding veils from Cicinia and Veiled Beauty.

Cicinia tulle veils Esty veils

Image source:Esty veils, Cicinia

Embellished with appliques, this cathedral-length wedding veil from Cicinia is an absolute stunner.

This dainty-looking ivory-coloured lace-edge wedding veil from Veiled Beauty features Mantilla or cape style, soft ivory-coloured Alencon lace and scalloped eyelash lace fringe at the borders. This is fit for a boho-themed wedding.

Middle-Parted Low Updo Wedding Hairstyle and Fingertip Wedding Veil

Parting your hair can already change the way you look. Look at how this middle-parted low updo hair gives a sleek, clean, and timeless look. Pair this with a fingertip veil to complete the look.

A mid-length wedding veil such as a fingertip veil is a versatile veil that can offer a modern, alternative, and traditional vibe. Ideally, it is 122cm in length from the comb to the end of the tulle or lace edge, right where the bride's fingertips are.

Cicinia pencil edge bridal veil Bhldn veil

Image source:Cicinia pencil edge bridal veil, Bhldn veil

Cicinia's fingertip wedding veil can offer both a formal and casual look.

The attached blusher of the fingertip veil from BHLDN creates a romantic look with a touch of timeless elegance. It also has a white ribbon covering the underside of the comb for a seamless design.

Short Hair Wedding Hairstyle and Tulle Wedding Veil

A short hair speaks of freedom and movement. With a little length that varies from above the ears or below the chin, a short wedding hairstyle is a perfect partner to a wedding veil made from a fabric that equates to freedom, movement, airy, and flow--- the tulle.

Lulus veils Cicinia one tier wedding

Image source:Lulus veils, Cicinia one tier wedding veil

The sheer mesh tulle of Lulus' tulle wedding veil has a dreamy angel cut design that falls from a clear hair comb that ends at a waist-length silhouette. Adding to the overall angelic vibe, Cicinia's tulle wedding veil, on the other hand, has pearl sequins at the edge.

Stacked Bob Wedding Hairstyle and Birdcage Wedding Veil

A stacked bob hairstyle has stacked layers in the back. Your hair is accurately angled to make it longer in front. The shorter portion at the back is rounded and has gradual layers to give texture and volume.

The vintage wedding theme is a classic and crowd favourite choice among brides and grooms. And the best way to take this theme to your hair is by pairing your stacked bob with a birdcage veil.

The fishnet-style short wedding veil covers the face while securely attached to a comb sitting on top of the head.

These birdcage veils from BHLDN and Jennifer Behr can singlehandedly set an old-school tone for the wedding.

Bhldn veils Jenniferbehr veils

Image source:Bhldn veils, Jenniferbehr veils

The Swarovski glass pearl beads strategically scattered on the small tulle veil from BHLDN add a subtle shimmer.

Aside from a comb, a birdcage veil can flow from a headband like this piece from Jennifer Behr. Silk rosettes line the headband, while the short veil covering the face adds drama and mystery.

Half-up Wedding Hairstyle and Pencil-Edge Wedding Veil

Add volume to short curly hair with a half-up hairstyle.

Gather the top portion of the hair and tie it with an elastic band. You can also use a flower-designed hair clip. Let the rest of the curls and locks flow freely. Partner this hairstyle with a pencil-edge wedding veil.

Cicinia two tier wedding veil Jjshouse veils

Image source:Cicinia two tier wedding veil, Jjshouse veils

Cicinia and JJ's House offer this type of wedding veil. Their pencil-edge wedding veils have subtle and thin stitches at the edge, which allow the wedding guests to turn their attention to the rest of the bridal gown.


Whether you are a bride with pixie, short or long hair, you are already beautiful.

But it would not hurt to make yourself even more beautiful with the help of wedding accessories, such as a wedding veil.

Play around with wedding veils to find the best piece that matches your style and comfort.