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Flower Girl 101: Your Questions Answered! (Plus Flower Girl Dress Recommendations)

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She may be the youngest and the littlest wedding attendee. Still, no one can deny her massive presence during the ceremony.

A flower girl is a delight to see. She breaks the formality with her adorable smile, infectious laughter, and unexplainable energy. With her decorated basket, a flower girl showers the bride's path with petals. And that sight alone can make you break the unplugged rule of the wedding and bring out your phone to capture the cute moment.

Having a flower girl is a timeless tradition hard to break even with the coming of modern wedding practices. A small package walking down before you makes you happy and calms your nerves. And if you are one bride this 2023 who wants to continue this tradition, we researched and made a handy guide for you.

Ahead are the basics of having a flower girl. And since we know that you have so many things in mind, we have already made a quick list of the dresses you can let your flower girl wear on your wedding day.

What Is a Flower Girl in a Wedding?

flower girl bring a ring and bridesmaid stand behind her

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A flower girl is usually the youngest person in the entourage. She also enters the processional before the bride walks down the aisle.

Back in the Grecian and Roman times, a flower girl carried herbs, grains, wheat, and oats for upper-class couples. She walks before the bride and showers her path with those. The herbs and grains represented the hope that the bride would soon become a mother. The tossing of the wheat and oats also meant to wish the couple a fruitful life.

The Elizabethan era gave a little bizarre interpretation to include a flower girl or children in the wedding party. It reflected how their culture idealized childhood, seeing kids as "symbols of hope and innocence." A flower girl also represented a younger, more innocent version of the bride. Her walking before the bride also appeared to be the symbolic transformation from child to adult.

What Are Flower Girl Duties?

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Today, a flower girl is mainly there to charm the guests and bring cuteness and light moments to a formal and solemn event. Also, she showers the bride's path with petals from her favourite blooms. She can also carry balloons, pinwheels, or a bottle of bubbles to blow.

Do I Need to Give a Flower Girl Gift?

It is not required to give a gift to a flower girl. But if you plan to, a doll, book, or customized gift box are some recommendations. Your gift can also be an achievement award for her since she perfected her walk and duty on your wedding day.

What Does a Flower Girl Wear?

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A flower girl wears a dress similar to the wedding dress of the bride. She can also come in a miniature version of the bridesmaid dress, whether similar in print, colour, or dress style.

Who Buys the Flower Girl Dress?

Parents pay for the outfit. Parents see having their little girl chosen as a flower girl as an honour, similar to how ladies are happy to be a bridesmaid. You can also volunteer to cover the cost, especially if you have something particular flower girl look in mind. There are also event coordinators who offer wedding packages that include the entourage’s clothes.

Top Dress Trends for 2023 UK Flower Girls (Junior Bridesmaids Included)

And the exciting part has come! Now that you know the basics of having a flower girl at a wedding, it’s time to choose a dress. We prepared a quick list of the trending flower girl and junior bridesmaid dresses you will see everywhere in 2023.

Rose Gold Flower Girl Dress

flower girl wear in a rose gold dress

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Raise your baby girl's cuteness with a soft, golden-tinged shade of pink mini gown. This rich and eye-catching colour fits well an autumn and winter wedding.

Dusty Rose Flower Girl Dress

Flower Girl wear in Dusty Rose Dress

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Let your little princess live her fairy tale dreams with a dusty rose dress. Partner this colour with a mini bouquet in earthy and muted tones.

Sequined Flower Girl Dress

pretty sequins flower girl dress

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With a glamorously-embellished sequin dress, your little darling’s charm will sparkle even more. She will become a head-turner even from afar.

White Flower Girl Dress

White Flower Girl Dress

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What better way to affect every guest of a child's innocence and purity than to dress her in a calming white mini gown? Imagine seeing her in a white cowl neckline cascading dress. She sure will receive compliments from left to right.

Chocolate Flower Girl Dress

Chocolate Flower Girl Dress

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Match your little sweetheart’s sweetness with a chocolate-coloured dress. Its deep brown shade will match a rustic-themed wedding.

Yellow Flower Girl Dress

Yellow Flower Girl Dress

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A kid is always a ball of sunshine, no matter how naughty she can get. And the best colour to represent the vibrant energy of a young kid is yellow. See your guests approach your flower girl in a summer-coloured mini gown and get infected by her happy aura.

Dusty Blue Flower Girl Dress

Dusty Blue Flower Girl Dress

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A royalty in her own right, that is how your little princess will be when she wears a grey-tinted blue dress. This pastel colour goes well with a swoon-worthy vintage wedding. And the best thing about this colour? It is a timeless shade that looks great on all skin tones and seasons.

Blush Pink Flower Girl Dress

Blush Pink Flower Girl Dress

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You cannot weed out any shade of pink from the colour choices for a little girl's dress. Let your flower girl embody an innocent romance with a blush pink mini gown.

Light Blue Flower Girl Dress

Light Blue Flower Girl Dress

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Light-coloured dresses are a must among your outfit choices for kids. Remember how their energy can go overboard at times. Easy-on-the-eyes colours like light blue will make them look fresh and clean even after long hours of ceremony and merry-making.

Burgundy Flower Girl Dress

Burgundy Flower Girl Dress

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Make your guests gush over your little darling's elegance, even in her mini size. The rich and deep red-brown shade, known for its connection with power and wealth, can make your flower girl like royalty on the wedding aisle.

Floral Flower Girl Dress

Floral Flower Girl Dress

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You need not think twice if letting your little sweetheart wear an organza floral print dress is over the top. It isn't. With the correct floral pattern matching your theme and your little girl's style, a floral flower girl dress will look lovely on her.

Lace Flower Girl Dress

Lace Flower Girl Dress

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Fashionable yet timeless is how your flower girl will look in a lace dress. Lace is a classic, romantic, and beautiful fabric that matches your little wedding attendee's youthful energy.

Princess Flower Girl Dress

Princess Flower Girl Dress

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A princess deserves only a royalty-looking dress: soft-coloured fabric, raised waistline, and a ball tulle dress. See her dance, twirl, and play all day while looking like young royalty in a sea of guests.

Country Flower Girl Dress

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The past years in the wedding industry proved how rustic and bohemian weddings have become classic themes. And to ensure your littlest attendant matches the class of these timeless themes, a country ball gown is your best choice.

Final Thoughts

Though a flower girl is a literally tiny detail in a wedding, there are many things to consider when getting one.

One of which is on the checklist is what she will do. In connection with this is her age. While we all enjoy tiny feet treading the aisle, a bride must choose a flower girl who can successfully do her role. Remember that she will be showering the petals, blowing the bubbles, or shaking her tambourine while walking straight down the aisle.

Another thing is that the bride must coordinate with her parents for her dress, whether she will cover the cost or not. A flower girl's dress can come in many colours. But among the trendy colours for 2023 are those with shades of pink, blue, white, yellow, and brown.

Lastly, a bride must remember comfort over aesthetics when choosing a colour and style for a flower girl's dress. This little package can come with an enormous amount of energy and be moody. So, your little lady must be comfortable and confident throughout the ceremony and reception.

Need more trends for your bridal party? Check out our blog now!


How old should a flower girl be?

A flower girl must be three to eight years old. At that age range, the child knows how to walk independently. But contemporary wedding practices break this rule by getting a girl younger or even older.

Who is usually the flower girl?

A niece, cousin, or a friend's daughter can be a flower girl.

What does a flower girl do at a wedding?

A flower girl is part of the wedding party that walks before the bride. She adds the fun with her cuteness and whatever item she carries on the aisle. Some of these may be petals, confetti, or toys.