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Yuletide Invite: 16 Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas at Christmas That You’ll Definitely Want to Try

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Christmas weddings are always fun and exciting and it’s partly because you get to celebrate the most important day of your life with family and friends, especially your girl gang. But how do you invite a friend to be one of your bridesmaids? Simple, through a bridesmaid proposal!

What is a bridesmaid proposal?

A bridesmaid proposal is that special moment when you ask your best friend to be one of the bridesmaids on your big day. This is when you let them know how special their friendship is to you and how very much you’d like to celebrate this life-changing occasion with them by your side.

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When’s the best time to ask someone to be a bridesmaid for a wedding?

It will ultimately depend on how long your engagement is but the short answer is as early as possible. This is to ensure that you’ll give your friend ample time to check their availability and personal schedules, and whether to accept or decline your proposal. Once you have decided on a list of potential bridesmaids, it’s recommended that you ask them the soonest so you can prepare for a backup just in case someone isn’t available on your chosen date.

How much should one spend on a bridesmaid proposal gift?

There is no price tag for this. It will depend on how much you would want to spend. You should put no pressure on yourself on how simple or grand your bridesmaid proposal should be. It could just be a heartfelt letter thanking your friend for all the times she’s been dependable or a gorgeous bridesmaid proposal box of goodies she would enjoy. Either way, your girlfriend would be touched and flattered for sure.

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What should be inside a bridesmaid proposal gift box?

When planning for bridesmaid proposal box ideas, you should take into consideration the personalities of your chosen bridesmaids. The contents must be something that fits their character and something that they can utilize whether in their day-to-day lives or during the wedding. That being said, you can go two ways for your bridesmaid proposal box. One is gifting them something they can instantly use or consume upon opening, like a box of home spa goodies and candles or wine and sweet treats. The other option (and if you’re feeling confident that they will accept) is gifting them essential bridesmaid kits with embroidered bathrobes, matching jewellery, and bridesmaid slippers, among others.

Can a Christmas gift be a bridesmaid proposal box?

Absolutely! Hit two birds with one stone with your Christmas bridesmaid proposal gift. This is an efficient way to plan your wedding as you won’t have to think of two surprises for your best girlfriends. If you’re doing your bridesmaid proposal during Christmas, this is the best way to do it.

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Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas

If you’re planning to propose to your besties this Christmas but don’t have any idea what to give them or how then we’re here to rescue you. We have gathered down unique bridesmaid proposal ideas just for you. And since it’s the holiday, we’ve taken into consideration items that can also work great as Christmas bridesmaid gifts. Read on and choose the best bridesmaid proposal idea for your besties!

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 1: Rustic Sparkle

Image source:Etsy

If you’re looking for something rustic, spread the Christmas spirit by giving your close friend a winter woodland-inspired wooden box as your bridesmaid proposal gift. Add a little sparkle to the contents by including a piece of jewellery with her initials on it.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 2: Luxury Overload

bridesmaid proposal box

Image source:Etsy

There’s nothing more satisfying than spoiling your besties. If you’re into that, then a luxury and personalized '“will you be my bridesmaid” or “will you be my maid of honour“box is the one for you. Load up the box with all the best things your friend would want – makeup, silk scrunchies, fashionable eyewear, engraved water bottle, scented candle, the works!

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 3: Christmas Charm

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea: cookie-scented candle, wine glass

Image source:Etsy

You don’t need to be flashy with your bridesmaid proposal box. You can stay clean, sleek, and simple by giving away an all-white Christmas-themed gift box with a warm vanilla sugar cookie-scented candle, a plush scrunchie, a personalized bridesmaid ornament, and a stemless wine glass with their name on it.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 4: Clean and Simple

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal card

Image source:Etsy

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to spend much on your bridesmaid proposal. Even a simple card can do. Personalize it further by writing a touching message on why you would want the person to be your bridesmaid. Words have power and genuine gestures always work.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 5: Yuletide Cheer

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea: Personalize Wine Tumbler

Image source:Etsy

Personalized bridesmaid proposal gifts are always a hit because it means that you took the time to give them something that is uniquely theirs. Spread the yuletide cheer to your gal pal by asking them through a personalized wine tumbler which you can use to toast to your happy ever after.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 6: Lavish and Lovely

Cicinia Satin Ready Robe

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Nothing more endearing than gifting a friend with something lovely and lavish like a satin bathrobe. You can have it personalized and embroidered with their name or the word “bridesmaid”. It can be used for your bridal party, for preparation attire during the wedding, or as a day-to-day robe at home.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 7: Uniquely Elegant

Emerald and Gold Personalized bridesmaid bridal party ornament gift

Image source:Etsy

There’s nothing more charming than a Christmas-themed gift that’s why go for something unique for your bridesmaid proposal like some personalized Christmas ornaments. They can put it up their tree and will serve as an elegant reminder of your coming big day.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 8: Luxuriously Relaxing

lavender organic spa set

Image source:Etsy

Here’s another “will you be my bridesmaid” box idea: a luxurious organic spa set in a bridesmaid box! Pamper your girls with this box of goodies that includes bath bombs and bath salts, loofah, body butter, and a whole array of relaxing treats. Trust us, your girls will thank you and appreciate this fantastic Christmas surprise.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 9: Cute and Quirky

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea: Custom Monogrammed Casual Socks

Image source:Etsy

Show your quirky side to your girls by gifting them pairs of personalized socks. Something that will keep them warm and wonderful during the cold season. They can also wear them to pyjama parties and even to your bridal shower.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 10: Calming and Charming

Image source:Bloomingdales

Scented candles are well-loved because they lift a space instantly when lit. Treat your bestie to a luxury candle for Christmas which will also double as your bridesmaid proposal surprise. Choose their favourite scent to make it more personal. They will surely remember you and your wedding day whenever they light up the candle.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 11: Pretty Purse With a Purpose

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal: clutch bag

Image source:Lulus

Giving out matching clutch bags for all your girls as a bridesmaid proposal gift is a wonderful strategy. They are not just pretty but are also very usable. They can use it as a bridesmaid accessory to match their dress and can be used after the big day for everyday activities.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 12: Totes Adorable

Personalized Women Clear Tote Bags

Image source:Etsy

Personalized bridesmaid tote bags are probably one of the most adorable gifts you can give for your Christmas bridesmaid proposal. They can be used everywhere — from errands to the gym.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 13: Toast to Happy Endings

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea: red wine

Image source:Markandgrahamwine

Yes, you can also give out food items to your girls for your bridesmaid proposal! A unique gift like an engraved wine bottle with a personalized message will surely make them feel extra special. Something you can open to toast your friendship and coming wedding.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 14: Fluffy Favour

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal: slippers

Image source:Etsy

Something to match your other pampering favours, a pair of fluffy slippers will complete the set. You can have them personalized with the names of your girls’ designation in the wedding.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 15: Warm and Wonderful

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal: gloves

Image source:Pinterest

Let your girls know that you’re thinking of them during the cold season by giving out personalized crocheted gloves that will keep them warm and wonderful during Christmas. It’s a nice and touching gesture that they will surely treasure.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Idea 16: Snug and Special

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal gift: scarf

Image source:Etsy

Another Christmas bridesmaid proposal gift your besties would appreciate is a personalized scarf that keepsbesties would appreciate is a personalized scarf that will keep them nice and cosy during the cold season. Put the monogram of their initials on the garment to make it extra special.

Already find a perfect gift for your bridesmaid and want to know more about how to write a sentimental proposal letter? Check out our blog now!