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Game of Thrones Wedding: 10 Ideas for a Big Day Inspired by The Epic TV Show

Game of Thrones Wedding

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One of the most epic shows to have been shown on television is Game of Thrones. This tale about warring noble houses, majestic dragons, creepy ice zombies, and swoon-worthy forbidden love has kept people fawning over it even years after the program has ended. Game of Thrones has that special fantasy hook that watchers can’t get enough of, to the point that it even inspires wedding themes and concepts after “bending the knee.”

A Game of Thrones wedding is something that will surely leave your guests’ jaws hanging. Aside from the eye-catching visuals, there are plenty of show elements that you can apply to the wedding including but not limited to medieval wardrobe, magnificent venues, “mythical” beasts, and even excerpts from the actual script.

If you and your partner are Game of Thrones fans, then it’s high time you consider this theme for your big day. We have rounded up some of the ideas you can incorporate into your nuptial to make it more thrilling and unforgettable. Scroll down below for epic inspirations!

Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 1: Romantic Red Keep

Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 1: Romantic Red Keep

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One of the major details of Game of Thrones is the castles. Each major house in the story has its signature fortress where they throw parties and celebrate victories. With that, it is only fitting that your Game of Thrones-themed wedding is held at an actual castle. This type of wedding venue will be the perfect backdrop to say your “I dos”. You can choose the venue based on your Game of Thrones setting inspiration – a bright and beautiful chateau ala Highgarden or something dark and eerie like Harrenhal. For something fit for royalty, you can go for an opulent manor like the Red Keep in King’s Landing.

Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 2: Winter Is Coming

Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 2: Winter Is Coming

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One of the most important storylines in Game of Thrones is the arrival of winter. You can incorporate this by holding your wedding during winter, ala Starks of the North. Take inspiration from the northern house’s aesthetic – grey and white. Dress in a heavy winter-friendly Game of Thrones wedding dress with finely embroidered details and complete with coat and faux fur. You can hold the wedding outdoors in the snow or inside a cold castle lit by hundreds of white and grey candles.

Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 3: Favor for the Free Folk

Image source: Theperfectpalette

Just like any other element of your wedding, your favour to the free folk (aka your guests) must be on-theme as well. There are plenty of creative options to choose from – coasters featuring the show’s great Houses (or your very own sigil), tiny bottles of wine inspired by the show’s popular alcohol like Dornish wine, and even chocolate shaped and coloured like dragon’s eggs.

Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 4: Mythical Creatures

Game of Thrones Wedding

Image source: Theperfectpalette

You can’t have real dragons but you can take your wedding to another level by including your pet dog to pose as your very own “direwolf”, another beloved mythical creature in the show. Your furry friend can pose as your ring bearer or flower pup – just make sure that they will be comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole affair. Since you’ll be dealing with animals, it is best to go for this wedding element if you’re quite certain that your doggy is fine with big groups of people and loud noises.

Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 5: Bow Down to The Queen

Feel like an actual queen during your Game of Thrones wedding by inserting show references to your bridal look.

Hair Royal Highness

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The Women of Game of Thrones are known for their lush tresses in waves and braids. If you want something dreamy and messy, try Daenerys Targaryen’s Khaleesi braids. If you want something more sophisticated and cleaner, you can go for Sansa Stark’s polished half-up twists with sparkly hair accessories. For something more enchanting and effortless, go for Margaery Tyrell’s long romantic waves.

Crowning Glory

Image source:Hermioneharbutt

A queen is nothing without her crown. Instead of simple hair accessories, wear a dazzling crown for that royal and queenly vibe.

Choose something traditional in gold, embellished with pearls and Swarovski details or something moody like a silver tiara with gems.

Khaleesi Couture

game of thrones inspired wedding dress daenerys game of thrones inspired wedding dress sansa game of thrones inspired wedding dress margaery

Image source: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest

Your bridal look won’t be complete without a Game of Thrones wedding gown. The show’s wardrobe is a treasure trove of inspiration, depending on your style and preferences. If you’re looking for something light and flowy for a summer wedding, a Daenerys's Grecian-inspired wedding frock is for you. For something more opulent and richer, Sansa’s baroque wedding dress would be a nice option. If you want something between light and opulence, Margaery’s sultry Game of Thrones wedding dress would be a perfect fit for you.

Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 5: The Prince That Was Promised

If the bride is on-theme, then so should the groom. Inspirations from the male leads of the show are endless but the best character to channel on your wedding day would be the main protagonist and fan favourite, Jon Snow.

Wild(ling) Hair

Wildling Hair

Image source:Weddingchicks

One of Jon Snow’s signature aesthetics is his curly hair. If the groom has long-ish locks, this is the route to go. There are two ways how to pull this off, early season Jon Snow with wild curly hair or later season Jon Snow with a man bun. To get your hair the right texture, wash and condition your hair and apply curl-enhancing products.

King in the North

King in the North

Image source: Theperfectpalette

A wedding set in winter requires warm and cosy clothing so a faux fur cloak or wrap for the king is a must.

Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 6: #FortheThrone

Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 6

Image source: Pinterest

One statement piece that you should have at your wedding is a replica of the Iron Throne from the show. Aside from its visual value, it can also serve as a backdrop for photos not just for you and your husband but for the guests as well. Watch them take turns as they do their best King/Queen of the Seven Kingdoms pose.

Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 7: Mother of Decors

Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 7: Mother of Decors Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 7: wedding cake

Image source: Pinterest, Pinterest

Your decorations will set the mood of the wedding so they should also be on theme. Aside from big-ticket details like the Iron Throne, smaller components must also be on point. This includes dramatic draperies, moody lighting like lamps and chandeliers, faux fur-lined seats, and of course, a Game of Thrones wedding cake, among others.

Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 8: The High Table

Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 8: The High Table

Image source:Pinterest

Aside from the overall decorations, attention to the tablescape must also be employed as your free folk will spend most of the time here watching as you celebrate and seal your fate. Game of Thrones-inspired tablescape includes eye-catching centrepieces with organic details like animal skulls, lit candles, fresh fruits and bread. Assign a Game of Thrones wedding table name by personalizing and featuring sigils of the great houses from the show.

Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 9: Vows of Ice and Fire

Some of the most epic episodes in Game of Thrones feature weddings – some bloody, some romantic. Put a twist to the usual vows by adopting actual Game of Thrones wedding vows. Here are some examples:

Khal Drogo and Daenerys Vows


Robb and Talisa Vows


Game of Thrones Wedding Idea 10: Queen’s Ladies in Waiting

A wedding is not complete without the queen’s ladies in waiting aka the bridesmaids. Doll up your girl gang in a Game of Thrones-inspired outfit through these dress options:

Valyrian Velvet

Valyrian Velvet dress

Image source:Cicinia Velvet Dress

Velvet is usually synonymous with royalty so why not have you girls walk down the aisle in this lush and rich fabric? The velvet bridesmaid dress’ heavy material is perfect for cool weather and the fabric fits just about any silhouette, like this body-hugging off-the-shoulder number.

Burgundy Beauty

Burgundy Beauty dress

Image source:Pinterest

Another colour of royalty is burgundy, the perfect shade for a Game of Thrones bridesmaid dress. If you’re holding your wedding during winter, pair the burgundy bridesmaid dresses with fashionable and functional faux fur.

Modest Maiden

Modest Maiden

Image source:Cicinia Velvet Dress

Go for something medieval-inspired for your Game of Thrones bridesmaid attire like this long-sleeved bridesmaid dress. Instead of the usual rich and dark colour, pick something light and lovely like a dusty rose.

Gorgeous in Green

Gorgeous in Green dress

Image source:Cicinia Velvet Dress

Instead of purples and reds, why not go for a dark green bridesmaid dress for your girls? The outfit screams opulence and luxury and is sexy as hell as well.

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