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The Fresh and Romantic Vibes of a Green and Pink Wedding

Green and Pink Wedding

A couple will never run out of wedding themes, considering the millions and millions of colours. And if you want assurance of getting fresh and romantic vibes for your wedding, use green and pink colours. You will not go wrong with these two.

Green's symbolism of freshness, growth, and abundance and pink's representation of romance, sensitivity, and femininity can help you create a memorable wedding experience for you and your partner.

Read on and get inspired as you prepare for your pink and green wedding.

Earthy and Sweet Wedding with Sage Green and Blush Pink

bridesmaids in blush pink and sage green dresses

Delight your wedding guests with a comfortable seat on a gold Tiffany chair adorned with blush pink roses and green leaves tied using a blush pink ribbon.

Provide a perfect view of your bridesmaids elegantly walking while wearing their sage green and blush pink bridesmaid dresses.

Your wedding guests will be delighted to see you, the bride, in your divine off-the-shoulder wedding gown, and your groom in plaid sage green and blush pink suit with blush pink rose boutonniere.

Continue the celebration with a feast of delicious treats beautifully placed on a long wooden table decorated with neatly folded blush pink table napkins topped with ferns and green foliage crawling across the middle of the table.

Use white plates to make the muted colours pop out.

Share the sweetness of your love with everyone with a three-tiered blush pink cake adorned with blush pink roses and white birds of paradise flowers.

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Royal and Romantic Wedding with Emerald Green and Blush Pink

Wedding with Emerald Green and Blush Pink

Welcome your dear wedding guests with a white entrance sign on a wooden easel stand. Design the board with blush pink flowers and green leaves in watercolour. A calligraphy-written welcome note will add sweetness and romance to the overall vibe.

Play with blush pink flowers by adorning one corner of the board with pink roses.

Also, use them as wedding decorations for your white Hercules chairs during the emotional wedding ceremony. Create beautiful and sweet bouquets for the bridesmaids in emerald green dresses and the bride in a white sweetheart neckline wedding gown.

Let everyone continuously feel the sweet romance with a gastronomic adventure. Create beautiful wedding reception tablescapes and decorations.

Use metallic brown Tiffany or gold chairs with white cushions. Whether you use a bare wooden long wedding table or sheer white table linen with a pink table runner, a table decoration of pink and white flowers, candles, and golden cutleries will take the romance to the next level.

Line the ceiling with pink flowers and green leaves to elevate the theme.

Classy Wedding with Vintage Mauve and Timeless Green

Wedding with Vintage Mauve and Timeless Green

Create a classic and lavish wedding with vintage mauve and green colours, starting with the flowers.

Evoke dreamy sweetness with wedding bouquets made of mauve, pink and white flowers. These bouquets will add character to the bride while she is in her white V-neck wedding gown and to the bridesmaids in different vintage mauve bridesmaid dresses. The shades of mauve as they walk past the wedding chairs decorated with baby's breath bouquets, make the whole scene like a fairytale.

Go full-on extravagance with gold plate chargers, mauve plates, and green table napkins laid on round wooden tables. Instead of sparkling and shining crystal chandeliers, use tall candelabras that go all the way to the ceiling. Go full-on decorations by adding mauve and pink flowers to these candelabras.

Dainty and Pretty Wedding with Green and Blush Pink

Wedding with Green and Blush Pink

Ease your nerves before you take your dramatic bridal walk by enjoying fun moments with your bridesmaids in halter blush pink bridesmaid dresses.

Take encouragement from the applause of your wedding guests comfortably seated on gold Tiffany chairs decorated with white and pink roses and ribbon.

Remind yourself of the romantic memories of you and your partner while you walk along the wedding aisle adorned with white and pink flowers and wooden sign boards.

Welcome your wedding guests to a greenhouse designed with yards of flowy blush pink cloth and fresh flowers at the ceiling.

Use white on chairs, plates and table napkins, gold on cutleries, and green on menu cards to make the other colours pop.

Balance the taste of delicious dishes with a sweet slice of pastry from the two-tiered white textured wedding cake designed with pink flowers.

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Regal and Passionate Wedding with Emerald Green and Pink

 Wedding with Emerald Green and Pink

Use emerald green and pink colours to achieve your vintage-inspired wedding, starting with a green vintage Volkswagen beetle wedding car and a ceremony arch made of pink & white flowers, and greenery.

Let your groom wear an emerald green suit, tie and boutonniere. Partner him with your elegant white wedding dress and pink bouquet.

Don't miss the mixing and matching game by letting your bridesmaids wear pink slip-on silk bridesmaid dresses.

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Don't be afraid to play with different colours when planning your wedding. Gone are the days when weddings use only one colour.

Like using green and pink, you can combine them. Use different shades of them. Apply them to wedding details and see how magical your special day can be.

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