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Mr and Mrs Questions for Wedding 101: The Essential Guide

Mr and Mrs for wedding

Put the nearly-weds to the test with witty Mr & Mrs game questions to prove how well the couple knows each other. It's fun to watch the bride-to-be or groom-to-be fidget, stutter and laugh out loud with the guests.

So how to play the best Mr and Mrs quiz? Don't fret because we've covered you in different categories. You can rely on the queries below: funny, naughty, romantic or family.

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What are Mr and Mrs Questions?

Mr and Mrs questions for wedding 101

Initially, the popular game came from a highly successful television game show in the UK. With the show's title, Mr and Mrs, couples undergo a test on how well they know each other. It originated in Canada and found fame in the UK in 1965.

The game underwent different guises, which prompted the creation of similar television shows and party games worldwide. For bachelorette parties, you can see its similarities with the "He Said She Said" game.

The questions are full of surprises. They can range from simple (e.g. "What's your partner's favourite colour?") to challenging ones (e.g. "What's your partner's favourite sex position?). Organizing this game will break the ice at a hen or stag party!

How to Plan Mr and Mrs Questions Hen Party?

mr and mrs outdoor wedding

Planning Mr and Mrs's questions are easy. All you need is to send out the questions via email to the best man and maid of honour of the couple. Ask the two best friends to assist the bride and groom write their answers.

Additionally, the organizer can be creative by asking the couple to record their responses through a video and play it during the game. Once all the answers are compiled, the host will ask the same questions to the bride or groom during the hen or stag party. You can also make the star of the party do some shots every time they answer the question wrong.

It's a fun and easy game that's perfect for any pre-wedding party.

Classic Mr and Mrs Questions

Let's kick off the party with the basics. Classic Mr&Mrs quiz questions are used to warm up the bride or groom.

1) What year did you two get together?

2) What is their favourite meal?

3) What is their shoe size?

4) What is their favourite song of all time?

5) What was the last movie they watched?

6) What are your pet names for each other?

7) What is their favourite TV show?

8) How many tattoos do they have?

9) Where did you have your first date?

10) What is their favourite film?

11) When was your first date?

12) How many children do they want?

13) Where did they grow up?

'Who Is' Mr and Mrs Questions

Don't forget the other classic question that makes the newlyweds know more about each other. 'Who Is' is a standard in a Mr and Mrs paddle questions game.

14) Who is the funniest?

15) Who will do the best cook?

16) Who is the celebrity crush your partner wants to date if they can?

17) Who is more romantic?

18) Who is more caring?

19) Who is the boss?

20) Who is the first one to apologise after an argument?

21) Who is the best kisser?

22) Who is the best dancer?

23) Who is the best drinker?

24) Who is better at DIY?

25) Who is loved more by your parents between you and your fiance?

26) Who is more likely to get lost on a trip?

Funny Mr and Mrs Questions

Bring the whole place down with laughter as you get to ask the couple some funny Mr and Mrs Questions.

27) What was their first impression of you?

28) What did they wear on your first date?

29) What are their most annoying habits?

30) What item of their clothing do you hate the most?

31) What did they say you're most likely to end up in jail for?

32) Which one of you is the weird one?

33) Which one of you has a disgusting habit?

34) Which one of you is scared of horror movies?

35) What is their worst habit?

36) Which one do you think can be a celebrity?

37) What is their guilty pleasure?

38) What is their biggest fear?

39) Which celebrity couple is similar to you two?

Him/Her Questions

Get to know the couple deeper with him or ask questions which will challenge their memory of each other.

40) Who is the better driver?

41) Who said "I love you" first?

42) What perfume do they wear?

43) What makes them laugh?

44) How old were you and your fiancé when you had your first kiss?

45) What celebrity does he/she think they most look like?

46) Who most likely says they are already travelling but, in reality, still getting ready?

47) What was the last thing your fiance cried about?

48) Have you ever accidentally soiled your partner's toothbrush or any of their belongings and then put it back on the cupboard as if nothing happened?

49) What was their first ever pet name for you?

50) Who's more dramatic?

51) Who is always on time?

52) Who is most stubborn?

Naughty Mr And Mrs Questions

Mr and Mrs questions dirty game is one of the party's highlights. See the bride or groom go shy in front of their family.

53) What was the naughtiest thing you ever did with your partner?

54) What is your partner's favourite position?

55) What is your partner’s bra size?

56) Where was the riskiest place you ever did the deed?

57) Do you think they will let you have sex in public?

58) What is their favourite part of your body?

59) Who moans the loudest in bed?

60) Where is your partner's favourite place to have sex?

61) What is their favourite costume for you?

62) Is he a boob or a bum lad?

63) Which of you is most likely to have a homosexual encounter?

64) Who will most likely want to have sex in the woods?

65) What is your partner's ultimate fetish?

Cute Mr and Mrs questions

End the game on a sweet note with these cute questions. It's similar to Mr and Mrs's questions for families as it builds the romance between the two.

66) What is their favourite restaurant?

67) What makes your partner happy?

68) What is their dream destination?

69) What was their first job?

70) What does she love most about you?

71) What is the cheesiest line they have ever said to you?

72) How old were they when they had their first kiss?

73) What would they grab first in a fire?

74) What animal best reflects your partner?

75) What do you give your partner to make them feel energised?

76) What makes them unique?

77) What was the best present they ever gave you?

78) What is your partner most proud of about you?

79) What is their star sign?

80) What makes them passionate?

Hen Party Idea Recommendations

Besides hearing the interesting confessions of the couple on this famous game, you can also try other hen party games that guarantee a fun-filled day for the gang. Try the hen party games below.

Drunk Pictionary - take the classic Pictionary game to a classic height when you add alcohol. The loser needs to drink half a bottle of whisky to feel his consequence.

Naughty Hen Do Bingo - it's like a normal bingo play, but full of alcohol! Let everyone get drunk for the night!

Mr and Mrs Questions for Wedding 101

You can't skip Mr and Mrs Questions if you're organizing a hen/stag party. This game will be the ice breaker to make all the guests feel at ease and get to know the couple more. Just remember not to include what the majority can consider Mr and Mrs Questions rude or offensive queries not to put anyone in an awkward position.

We hope you'll enjoy creating a memorable and enjoyable party before the wedding with Mr and Mrs Questions.

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