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Brilliant and Vibrant: Fun and Pleasing Ideas For an Orange-themed Wedding

orange themed wedding

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Orange is one of the most vibrant and eye-catching colours there is. It evokes sunny days, a cheerful atmosphere, and a good time. The colour may not be as popular as the others when it comes to wedding motifs but it has its unique charm that enchants couples into using it as their wedding theme.

More About the Colour Orange…

bright orange

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The colour orange is described as the shade between red and yellow. It is named after the fruit and has been used for thousands of years, originally for tomb paintings and manuscripts. Aside from its aesthetic value, orange also has a deeper meaning in various life aspects. Buddhism, for example, considers orange as a representation of enlightenment or the colour of the highest form of being. In popular culture, the colour orange means warmth and optimism. It is also linked to gastronomy and food, as orange is believed to stimulate the appetite and boost energy. It is used in marketing as a colour of excitement, creativity, health, and enthusiasm. Lastly, orange is also widely associated with well-loved celebrations like Halloween or the summer and autumn seasons.

The Plenty of Shades of Orange…

Plenty of Shades of Orange

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The colour orange is a big umbrella of various shades including bold, neutral, and pastel tones. These include deep and rich colours like rust, burnt orange, ginger, and bronze; bright and bolder shades like tangerine, papaya, pumpkin, and sunset; and pastels and neutrals like peach, sandstone, apricot, and melon, among others. All mentioned above are perfectly suitable for an orange wedding theme.

Pairing Orange with Other Colours

The great thing about orange is its versatility. Its playful and charming vibe produces a wonderful contrast when combined with various shades from the opposite side of the colour wheel. This creates a beautiful fusion of tones and hues that are spectacular when applied as a motif to weddings or just about any celebration. Here are just some of the colour combos one can consider when having an orange wedding theme:

Charming Orange Wedding Colour Combo 1: Blue and Orange

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There’s nothing more complimentary than blue and orange. While blue is soft and romantic, orange evens it out with its bright and lively air. This combination is the ideal palette for a standout wedding celebration that is both dreamy and cheery. One way to elevate a romantic blue and bright orange wedding is by finding ways to have the elements complement each other. For example, if the bridesmaid bouquets are in the shade of orange, have them wear dusty blue bridesmaid dresses to subdue the overall look.

Charming Orange Wedding Colour Combo 2: Orange and Teal

Orange and Tea l wedding

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When you combine two refreshingly radiant colours like teal and orange, you end up with a fun and cheerful motif that will instantly bring smiles to faces and lighten the mood, and most suitable for a summer wedding. A teal and orange wedding will work when you maintain the balance between the details. You can do this through the decorations. For example, if you’re using teal candles and tableware, go for orange floral centrepieces and linen. You can also pair rust bridesmaid dresses with teal ribbons for that surprising pop of brightness.

Charming Orange Wedding Colour Combo 3: Burgundy and Burnt Orange

Burgundy and Burnt Orange wedding

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Instead of combining two contrasting colours, you can also go for something more cohesive like pairing orange with a shade in the same spectrum, in this case, a burnt orange and burgundy wedding. These dark and deep hues are so complimentary you can never go wrong with just about any wedding part you’ll utilise the colours like decors, bridal bouquets and even the attire. Mix and match the entourage wardrobe by using different fabrics and having some of your girls wear burgundy bridesmaid dresses while having the others wear burnt orange. The result will be amazing.

Charming Orange Wedding Colour Combo 4: Purple and Orange

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It may sound odd but a combination of orange and purple is cool especially if you’re having a playful thematic wedding. This pairing of colours works well for a fall wedding or a Halloween-inspired celebration. One way you can get creative and play around with the hues in your purple and orange wedding is by using various florals in the purple and orange shades in centrepieces, bouquets, and decors.

Charming Orange Wedding Colour Combo 5: Black and Orange

Black and Orange

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This classy colour fusion exudes dark and mysterious opulence that works well with glamorous weddings. A black and orange wedding calls for moody decors, lush velvet fabrics, gold accents, a black wedding cake with orange flower embellishments, and an orange wedding bouquet with black and sleek bridesmaid dresses.

Charming Orange Wedding Colour Combo 6: Green and Orange

Green and Orange wedding

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Lively and exhilarating, this wedding colour combination screams hopeful new beginnings and happy ever after. The organic touch of green goes well with the cheerful vibe of orange. There are several ways you can pull off a green and orange wedding combo. One is to mix and match green bridesmaid dresses with orange ones. Another is to use natural decorative elements like greenery and foliage and partner them with inorganic ones with pretty ribbons and luxurious linens.

If you have found the ideal orange wedding colour combo for you in the list above, here are some other unique wedding ideas you can utilise to make your big day extra spectacular:

Fun Orange Wedding Idea 1: One-of-a-kind Wedding Theme

wedding photos on the mountain

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There are plenty of ways how you can get creative and unique with an orange wedding theme on your wedding day. First is adding organic and natural details like actual orange fruits to the wedding decors and centrepieces. Another is incorporating the orange aspects of nature into the wedding like saying “I do” during sunset or exchanging vows surrounded by fallen orange leaves during autumn.

Fun Orange Wedding Idea 2: Invigorating Invitation

wedding invitation in orange

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Spread the cheer even before the wedding by sending out orange wedding invitations. Depending on your theme, you can personalize the invite by including other touches of orange for a boho wedding vibe.

Fun Orange Wedding Idea 3: Dazzling Wedding Dress

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Go against the flow and make the most of your incredible wedding by adding an orange touch that will leave guests surprised like wearing an actual orange wedding dress.

Fun Orange Wedding Idea 4: Statement Shoes

statement shoes in orange

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If you don’t feel like wearing an orange wedding dress, you can still show your fun side and love for the orange colour by wearing orange wedding shoes. It’s a fashion statement that not everyone can pull off.

Fun Orange Wedding Idea 5: Golden Groom

golden groom

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The groom can have a part of the fun too by wearing an orange suit instead of the usual blue or black. An orange suit works well with bohemian and rustic weddings where the atmosphere is more laid back and unconventional fashion choices are more welcome.

Fun Orange Wedding Idea 6: Bronze Bridesmaids

Bronze Bridesmaids

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Your wedding party should also be in the orange trend so dress them in all the various shades of orange for their bridesmaid dress. Mix and match by using various types of fabric for a wonderful contrast in textures and finishes. Your entourage in orange bridesmaid dresses will surely stand out.

Fun Orange Wedding Idea 7: Tangerine Tablescape

Tangerine Tablescape

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As mentioned above, the colour orange is a great appetite booster so why not capitalise on this fact and have an orange wedding decor like an organe tablescape? Go all out with the colour by using orange blooms, linens, candles, tableware and other table decorations to have a gorgeous and cohesive-looking table setting.

If orange is not your dream wedding colour palette, why not check out our blogs for more colour palettes and wedding inspiration? Happy wedding planning!