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Stunning Ways to Wear Brown Dress as Winter Wedding Guests

Brown Dress

Brown is a versatile colour for wedding guest dresses or any occasion dresses. It’s a go-to shade for fall or winter weddings. Choosing a sophisticated colour that won’t attract too much attention is essential for wedding guests. It may not be a standard colour; however, brown can turn into an elegant and classy palette, depending on how you style it.

We know you want to learn more about how to wear this classy, versatile hue for the next wedding, so here are some stylish ideas we made for you.

The Basics of Styling a Brown Dress

Here’s the deal: brown is a dull colour for some people. There’s a thin line between being tedious and sophisticated in this shade. Picking the fitting garments and having the knowledge of what accessories work for them is the basic of all basics in styling a brown dress.

There are three basics you should note. Below is a quick rundown:

1st: Choose the Right Shade of Brown for Your Skin Tone

the Right Shade of Brown for Your Skin Tone

From coffee, mocha, and wood to caramel, cedar, and tawny, brown has different shades that not everyone can wear. The risk of using the wrong brown hue can make you look semi-naked. You need to check the garment on your forearm to see if it’s a lighter or darker shade. The goal of this task is not to let it be the same skin tone as you.

2nd: Mix and Match Different Shades

Mix and Match Different Shades

Brown isn’t just chocolate brown; it’s also coffee, caramel, mocha, walnut, etc. Try mixing and matching the different hues to have a solid brown outfit.

3rd: Try Dress Accents

Try Dress Accents

You can coordinate different accessories with your brown dress for a more elegant look. For example, you can use flowers, crystal hair accessories, chic shoes, and other attire pieces.

A quick note: Inquire what bridesmaids will wear on the wedding day before you choose your outfit. It’s better to have a different shade if they also wear a brown bridesmaid dress.

Brown Dress Styling Tips for Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are fun romantic affairs. You can experience the chilly nights, cosy indoor venue, and stylish outfits over fur coats. The brown shade perfectly contrasts with the whimsical occasion, so we give you different options on this warm hue.

Brown Dress & Flaxen Shirt

Brown Dress and Flaxen Shirt

Image source:Pinterest

If you don’t want to look overdressed, then go for a dress with a flaxen shirt. It looks like an off-duty runaway model that you can pull off too. Who says you can’t wear a v-neck drawstring during winter? Well, that depends on how cosy the venue is, but you can still wear it with a fashionable coat. Animal print such as zebra print or leopard print made from a woven creped fabric blends well with a festive vibe. Moreover, you can slip on a mocha dress in a satin fabric for a soft and feminine appearance.

Long-sleeved Brown Dress & Black Belt

Long-sleeved Brown Dress and belt

Image source:Pinterest

A black belt makes a cowl-neck, long-sleeved brown dress look modern and charming. You don’t need other accessories when you have this accessory on you. A black belt is also a nice touch to a plain outfit. You can opt for a polka dot dress with long sleeves to add a fun and exciting take on being a winter wedding guest.

Brown Maxi Dress & Same - Coloured Tote Bag

brown maxi dress with same coloured tote bag

Image source:Pinterest

Use the same colour for your tote bag and maxi dress for a simple yet classic look. Brown bags are versatile pieces that won’t look out of place with your knitwear. You’ll also carry it for everyday use because of its long-term durability, high-level aesthetic, and affordable price.

Brown Midi Dress & Brown Jackets

brown mini dress and brown jackets

Image source:Pinterest

A stylish brown jacket can give you a double purpose - it’ll keep you warm and prepare you for a semi-formal party. Wear it over your brown knitted midi dress for a cosy yet chic look on a chilly night is on trending.

Brown Knit Dress & White Coat

brown knit dress and white coat

Image source:Pinterest

White may be a no-no colour for guests based on wedding traditions, but if you use it for your coat only, that’s not a problem. The combination of brown and white is stunning, which is why we thought you might want a brown ribbed knit midi dress or a v-neck dress with a white coat. It’s okay to take this style idea if you don’t take the spotlight from the couple.

Brown Dress & Gold Accessories

brown dress and gold accessories

Image source:Pinterest

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and gold is second; however, a diamond doesn’t go well with a brown mini-dress. Also, you’re a guest, so you better stick to accessories that won’t attract attention. But don’t worry; you’ll still look pretty with gold accessories.

Brown Shirt Dress & White Bag

short shirt dress

Image source:Pinterest

A shirt dress is a go-to piece that should be a staple in all-female closets. It’s adaptable and can turn dressy if you need it. Pair it with a white bag with gold strings for a fashionable look. A mini dress is also excellent partywear for cocktails, semi-formal weddings, and casual dress codes.

Brown Dress for Wedding Guests

Getting invited to a wedding as a guest is an honour, so why not wear a shade that has a beautiful definition? Each shade of brown has a special meaning, such as wearing a nude hue means patience and affection. Meanwhile, going for the coffee and caramel palettes promotes reliability and conservative nature.

Whatever you choose, make sure you’re in a different palette with the bridesmaids. For example, if they wear mocha bridesmaid dresses, then go for a different hue of brown.

With this, going for a brown dress is the best option for a winter wedding guest.