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Stunning Pastel Wedding: 6 of the Prettiest Pastel Palettes for Your Big Day

Stunning Pastel Wedding

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Delicate shades and soft hues make everything more uplifting, romantic, and swoon-worthy – this is the reason why pastels are well-loved for just about any celebration, especially at weddings. These irresistible light colours suit any wedding theme and can be applied to just about any aspect of it – from the attire and invitation down to the cake and favours. Whether you’re planning a simple spring wedding or a glamorous autumn affair, there’s a pastel colour palette that is perfect for it.

What is Considered Pastel Colyejiours?

Pastel Colyejiours

Any colour can be transformed into a pastel shade by adding a distinct amount of white to create a dreamier faded effect and light and airier hue. But to be a little more specific, the most popular pastel colours are blush pink, light yellow, mauve, lavender, mint green, and baby blue. These lovely tones put fun and whimsical feel to any canvas, be it food, decoration, fashion, or accessories. They are easy on the eyes and stir up positive emotions – just what you need for an event as special and important as a wedding.

How to Choose the Right Pastel Palette?

Throwing a pastel-themed wedding may sound a bit overwhelming as you have various colour combinations to choose from. You might think that finding the right blend would be challenging, but that is far from the truth. There are a few easy steps on how you can find which fusion of pastels suits your vision. First is consulting the pastel hex code(available online) and finding from the plenty of shades the combination that you feel suits the aesthetic you’re going for.

Pastel Palette

If you already have initial tints in mind but are not sure how to blend them to create the desired effect, you can try mixing light pastel shades with darker ones and select the one that produces the most delightful contrast. Another way of picking a pastel palette is experimenting and putting together two to four light pastel colours and going for the one that evokes the most refreshing and appealing visual based on your taste. Lastly, if you want something simple yet alluring, you can just go monochromatic and favour just one pastel shade.

If you’re planning for a pastel wedding but are still at a loss and need more ideas, we have a list of options you can draw inspiration from. Check down below and fall in love with these pretty pastel palettes!

Pastel Wedding Palette 1: Pink and Yellow

Pastel Wedding Palette 1: Pink and Yellow

Image source:Pinterest, Pinterest, Glitterybride, Theganeys, Pinterest

If there’s one colour that radiates the feeling of romance perfectly, it would be pastel pink. The colour pink has always been associated with love so it’s just right to pick it as one of your wedding motifs. So, which colour goes perfectly well with pink? Pastel yellow! Yellow is the colour of hope, happiness, and creativity -- just the energy you need for your big day. Pull this colour palette off by highlighting them in your major wedding decor like floral centrepieces, linens, and even candles. You can also have your female entourage walk down the aisle like summer fairies in flowy and dreamy blushing pink bridesmaid dresses with their bouquet of pink and yellow blooms. The pink and yellow palette is just the right blend of pastel colours for a truly romantic and cheerful outdoor celebration.

Pastel Wedding Palette 2: Green and Pink

Pastel Wedding Palette 2: Green and Pink

Image source:Junebugweddings, Twitter, Lovemydress, Nashvillebrideguide, Codyfloraldesign

Revel in romance and new beginnings with the combination of soft green and pink. The green shade adds life to the shade of pink, reminiscent of greenery and flowers in full bloom during summer and spring. The fusion of the colours promotes the feeling of serenity and love, a good backdrop for a happy ever after. Make your green and pink pastel wedding stand out by applying them to various wedding elements like a fancy pink wedding cake, lovely blush ribbon accents, fresh sage boutonniere, and a mix and match of blushing pink bridesmaid dresses and dusty sage bridesmaid dresses.

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Pastel Wedding Palette 3: Blue and Pink

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This sweet pastel colour combo is not just for gender reveals and kiddie celebrations, you can use it for your big day as well. When light blue which evokes calm and reliability gets combined with the romantic light pink, the perfect fusion of masculine and feminine aesthetics is achieved, a terrific representation of the bride and groom. There are plenty of ways you can include these colours in your wedding – dusty blue bridesmaid dresses for your girl squad to go along with your pink wedding dress (if you’re feeling bold), watercolour-style blue and pink invitation and save-the-dates, a bouquet of spring florals in shades of blue and coral and rose, and edible blue and pink floral accent for your wedding cake.

Pastel Wedding Palette 4: Purple and Blue

Pastel Wedding Palette 4: Purple and Blue

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If you’re after a wedding with a touch of whimsy and fantasy, a purple and blue pastel palette is for you. Purple is fantastic for its creative and playful vibe while blue balances it with its air of calm and tranquillity – the perfect setup for a dreamy affair. Boost the fantasy with artificially coloured leaves and pampas grass for decors, a blue cake gilded with flowers fit for a fairytale, blue and purple floral centrepieces, and lilac and sky-blue bridesmaid dresses for the girls. Lastly, dress your groom in an unconventional mauve suit for a surprise fashion statement.

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Pastel Wedding Palette 5: Green and Yellow

Pastel Wedding Palette 5: Green and Yellow

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There’s nothing more refreshing than a pastel palette that represents sunshine and nature. Yellow with its eye-catching vibrance and positivity and green with its refreshing energy is a fusion perfect for a summertime exchange of “I dos”. You can utilize this palette in two different ways – use yellow as the main shade for major wedding elements like table covers, floral arches, and bridesmaid dresses while adding just hints of green in them. Or you can go for something chicer, calm, and subdued like sage tablescapes, dusty sage wedding cake, and green watercolour invitation with touches of yellow.

Pastel Wedding Palette 6: Multicolor/Rainbow

Pastel Wedding Palette 6: Multicolor/Rainbow

Image source:Weddingchicks, Bespoke-bride, Kristenbooth, Wedluxe, Pinterest

Unleash your creativity and go all out with a rainbow of pastel colours on your wedding day! Go against the tradition by donning a blue wedding dress while your bride squad is in mixed and matched-dresses of pastel pink, blue, purple, and green. This wedding will be a visual treat to all the guests, with creatively curated decors and a tablescape featuring up to four different pastel colours. The same applies to backdrops, draperies, and floral centrepieces. One great idea? Set up a table and serve a rainbow of drinks and desserts like French macarons, cupcakes, and doughnuts in different hues. Sweet and spectacular!

If you still need some colour-related wedding ideas, check out our blog now!