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Bridesmaid Dresses for Halloween: 19 Stylish Options Perfect for a Halloween Wedding

Bridesmaid Dresses for Halloween

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Halloween is almost here and aside from trick or treating and other happenings, Halloween weddings will also take centre stage. Not as popular as the other wedding seasons like spring or summer, Halloween has a niche market of bold couples who are into the spooky side of life. This type of wedding theme is all about gothic details, moody ambience, and spine-chilling romance.

One of the major elements of a Halloween wedding is the entourage attire. It makes the wedding unique and gives the couple the freedom to make a daring fashion statement and eye-catching visuals. The secret is to get creative and think of out-of-the-box ideas that will leave the guests’ jaws hanging.

How to choose the correct Halloween bridesmaid dress?

colourful bridesmaid dresses

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There are a couple of ways how to go about with the Halloween wedding attire. One is to go all-out with the theme and dress the whole wedding party in gothic costumes and frocks – that means over-the-top bridesmaid dresses together with moody makeup and hairstyles. Another approach is to do it subtly by hinting at the Halloween holiday through fabric colours, dress silhouettes, and accessories.

If you’re having a gothic-themed wedding the most ideal shades to use are those in the deeper and darker spectrum like pitch black, crimson red, dark green, or deep purple. If you’re leaning towards the Halloween holiday itself, then you can opt for tones reminiscent of autumn like browns, oranges, and rust. As for the fabric to use, velvet is the most ideal as it is both fashionable and functional. The heavy material will keep the wearer warm during the cool weather. If you want something light, you can select more ethereal and flowy fabrics like tulle, lace, or chiffon for a hauntingly beautiful appeal.

halloween bridesmaid dresses

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Shopping tip: The great thing about shopping for the perfect outfit is that there are plenty of online boutiques like CICINIA where you can buy the perfect Halloween bridesmaid dress.

If you are looking for Halloween bridesmaid dress options, then you’re in luck. In this article, we have curated – by colour -- some of the most fantastic dresses you can wear for fun at a Halloween wedding. Scroll down below and check out the treats we have for you!

Bold in Black

Black is a classic pick when it comes to Halloween bridesmaid dresses. The colour is sleek and fits just about any motif. It can be worn simply as it is or can be blinged up with accessories. Black is great both for daytime and nighttime weddings. It’s also easy to pair with shoes and goes well with a smokey makeup look. Here are some black Halloween bridesmaid dresses to consider:

1.Grecian Goddess

Grecian Goddess dresses

Image source:Anthropologie

Feel and look like a divine Greek goddess in this black number with a trending single-shoulder silhouette. Pair with strappy heels and you’re ready to take people’s breaths away.

2.Vavavoom in Velvet

Vavavoom bridesmaid dresses  in Velvet

Image source:Azazie

This A-line velvet dress will transform a bridesmaid from simple to sultry in a snap. The floor-length mermaid skirt hugs the body so beautifully while the V-neckline shows just the right amount of skin.

3.Sexy Slip

Sexy Slip dresses

Image source:Birdygrey

This satin slip dress is a wonderful ode to the ‘90s scream queens. The flirty silhouette highlights the wearer’s curves and is flattering to just about any body type.

4.Chiffon Charm

Chiffon Charm bridesmaid dresses

Image source:Cicinia

Turn on the charm with this floor-length A-line chiffon gown that’s perfect for a dark and moody gothic wedding. Channel a sultry siren with its pleated flattering bodice and sweetheart neckline.

5.Bewitching Beauty

Bewitching Beauty dresses

Image source:Lulus

Look beautifully bewitching in this black maxi Halloween bridesmaid dress which features long sleeves and a plunging V-neckline. It creates a fine fusion of modest and feminine, sexy yet sleek. It’s made with lightweight chiffon that lets the wearer effortlessly move around and enjoy the celebration.

6.Long-sleeved Sensation

Long-sleeved Sensation dresses

Image source:Anthropologie

Sometimes, modesty is what it takes to feel sexy, like wearing this alluring black bridesmaid dress made of soft stretch material that fits just about any body type. The calf-length lets the wearer easily walk, dance, or do chores during the whole affair.

Charming in Crimson

Aside from black, another colour closely connected to Halloween is the crimson shade. It is reminiscent of blood, roses, and undying love. If you want a pop of personality to your wedding aesthetic, red would be a very good option. The shade also complements other Halloween colours like black, rust, and dark green. Here are some charming crimson attires to consider:

7.Daring in Dark Berry

Daring in Dark Berry dresses

Image source:Jennyyoo

Here’s another velvet dress option for you: a phenomenal A-line silhouette with a flirty deep V-neckline in dark red colour. The velvet material is lush and sophisticated, just the perfect bridesmaid dress for a glamorous Halloween affair.

8.Off-the-Shoulder Opulence

Off-the-Shoulder Opulence bridesmaid dresses

Image source:Cicinia

Look like a sultry Victorian princess in this off-the-shoulder velvet Halloween bridesmaid dress featuring an hourglass silhouette, floor-length skirt with slit, and sexy ruched design.

9.Beautiful in Burgundy

Beautiful in Burgundy bridesmaid dresses

Image source:Azazie

If you want something soft, feminine, and chic, this burgundy chiffon dress is for you. It has a modest bodice with an illusion v-neckline plus a flirty floor-length skirt with a slit. Its empire waistline hugs the figure and the ruffled sleeves add a romantic finish.

10.Two-tone Temptress

Two-tone Temptress dresses

Image source:Sherrihill

If you want to make a statement, ditch the monochrome and wear a black with red bridesmaid dress instead! This floral satin gown is perfect for moody Halloween weddings, reminiscent of dark vampire lovers and undying love. It has a discreet bodice with a high neckline and a fashionable overskirt with printed red roses. Just gorgeous!

Romantic in Rust

Aside from red and black, you can take inspiration from the surroundings during Halloween for the colour of the attire of your female entourage. One of the most eye-catching shades to use for a wedding during this season is rust. This dark earthy shade has a quiet elegance that stands out over other louder and brighter colours. The tone matches almost any skin tone and is great with just about any dress silhouette. Here are some rust-coloured dresses to consider:

11.Earthly Elegance

Earthly Elegance dresses

Image source:Jennyyoo

Slip dresses are all the rage these days and this rust-coloured one will surely turn heads when you wear it at an autumn/Halloween wedding. It’s a classic look featuring a cowl neckline made with lush satin fabric.

12.La Vie En Lace

La Vie En Lace dresses

Image source:Cicinia

Exude timeless elegance in this half-sleeved lace top with a dreamy chiffon floor-length skirt. The deep colour complements the feel and the surrounding during Halloween while the phenomenal and elegant design ensures that you will stand out among the rest.

13.Regal in Rust

Image source:Anthropologie

Ideal for the chilly air of the Halloween season, this rust-coloured bridesmaid dress is made with cosy and comfy velvet fabric, keeping you warm yet wonderful throughout the occasion. It features a body-flattering silhouette and a demure leg slit.

14.Discreet Diva

Discreet Diva velvet bridesmaid dresses

Image source:Cicinia

Hit two birds with one stone with this modest Halloween bridesmaid wrap dress featuring long sleeves (to keep the chill out) for function and a sexy skirt for fashion. The velvet fabric is a plus to keep you warm and cosy while doing bridesmaid duties.

Orange You Pretty?

If you want something vibrant and colourful on your Halloween wedding day, then go for something loud and lovely like the colour orange. It suits the season and yet has more fun and playful vibe. Just a tip: for a touch of

personality and to create a beautiful contrast to the whole look, you can also mix and match dresses in black with orange Halloween bridesmaid dresses. Here are some orange bridesmaid dresses to consider:

15.Bright and Bubbly

spaghetti straps satin maxi orange prom dress

Image source:Cicinia

Halloween doesn’t always have to be dark and moody. Make the season flirty and fun with this bright orange dress featuring sexy spaghetti straps and a long and luxurious skirt in satin fabric.

16.Foxy Pumpkin

Foxy Pumpkin bridesmaid dresses

Image source:Jennyyoo

This sleek one-shoulder velvet number in pumpkin colour will make you shine and sparkle like an autumn fairy. The supple velvet material is smooth to the skin, making you feel and look amazing.

17.Maxi Moment

Maxi Moment dresses

Image source:Anthropologie

This elegant maxi dress with deep orange romantic sleeves and a flowy floor-length skirt is perfect for lovely autumn affairs and Halloween happy endings. It has a plunging neckline that creates a spicy contrast to the delicate and demure silhouette of the dress.

18.Ruffled Revel

Ruffled Revel dress

Image source:Davidsbridal

What’s a bridesmaid dress without ruffles? This eye-catching orange outfit is perfect for laidback Halloween and autumn weddings. It is made with lovely and light chiffon fabric and features statement ruffled back straps. Pretty and sexy!

19.Alluring Apricot

Alluring Apricot dress

Image source:shoprevelry

If you want something that is stunningly unique, then this apricot one-shoulder long-sleeved dress should be your pick. It features a side knot that highlights the shape of the body. This dress is fashionable and functional, making you feel sexy, beautiful, and comfy all at the same time.

Found the perfect Halloween bridesmaid dress for you? If not, head on to CICINIA where you can browse and buy more Halloween bridesmaid dress and wedding dress options. And for our parting fashion tip: you can also transform these Halloween bridesmaid dresses into Halloween costumes to channel sexy witches, dark goddesses, and haunting seductresses.