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How to Write a Sentimental Bridesmaid Proposal Letter

How to Write a Sentimental Bridesmaid Proposal Letter

Remember that grade school friend who lent you an extra pencil so you could start answering the exam?

How about that friend from high school who wiped your tears when your crush didn't say hi?

Who could ever forget that university friend who took you to a sleepover (when you told your parents you were going to a study group) that made you almost miss your thesis defence?

There was also that kind probationary friend from work that asked you to be her lunch buddy. From then on, you shared meals and giggles.

It feels surreal remembering that friend who cried more when your boyfriend finally proposed.

Once in a while, it's fun to reminisce such memories. And it's heartwarming to know that you had your girl tribe to make those for keepsake moments. Oh, to be loved and surrounded by fun, empowered, and strong ladies!

And now that you are about to enter a new chapter in your life of becoming a wife (and hopefully later on a mother), you definitely shouldn't miss the chance of making another timeless memory with your girl squad.

Add another moment to remember in your time capsule by inviting them as maid of honour or bridesmaids.

Start this memory by writing a sentimental bridesmaid proposal letter or a sincere maid of honour proposal letter.

Do You Need to Write a Proposal Letter to Your Maid of Honour or Bridesmaid?


A sentimental bridesmaid proposal letter or a sincere maid of honour request letter is not a requirement. A simple text message with cute emojis to your chosen bridesmaid or maid of honour will do. You can also meet her at her favourite place, such as a restaurant for some brunch and break the news.

These simple ways of proposing to your bridesmaid or maid of honour are enough. But, it would not hurt to make the proposal special, such as writing a sentimental bridesmaid proposal letter or a sincere maid of honour proposal letter.

For one, there is a high possibility that your chosen bridesmaid or maid of honour will ask you, "Why me?", the bridesmaid or maid of honour can understand your choice better if you express your thoughts on why she fits the role.

Also, with the rise of modern weddings and the possibility of your chosen bridesmaid or maid of honour not being aware of the responsibilities, a proposal letter for your maid of honour or bridesmaid can be a great help. Is she going to run wedding errands for you? Does she need to prepare a speech or message for the couple for the wedding reception? A sentimental bridesmaid proposal letter or a sincere maid of honour proposal letter will allow you to express what you expect her to do for the wedding ceremony.

Breaking the news of being a bridesmaid or maid of honour will spark many emotions and questions. To save energy and hassle, take extra time and craft a sentimental bridesmaid proposal letter and a sincere maid of honour proposal letter for your girl tribe.

Maid of Honour vs. Bridesmaids: What's the Difference?

bridesmaid dresses

Before asking a friend or relative to be a maid of honour or bridesmaid, you, as the bride, should understand the differences between the two.

By Number

There are more bridesmaids than a maid of honour.

You see bridesmaids wear the same or complementary dress colour in similar or different dress styles bringing their fancy bouquets or floral hoops as they march the wedding aisle. Two ladies are enough to be called bridesmaids.

The lone maid of honour can also wear a dress similar to a bridesmaid. She can have the same bouquet or floral hoop. But to highlight her role, she walks alone after the bridal party. She also stands at the bridal side of the altar compared to the bridesmaids who sit at the pew. Often, a maid of honour's dress has a darker or lighter shade compared to the bridesmaids.

Therefore, you will have to write more sentimental bridesmaid proposal letters than a sincere maid of honour proposal letters.

By Responsibilities

A maid of honour has the most responsibilities among the bride tribe.

Often, she acts as the mini and unofficial wedding coordinator and also takes part in the wedding planning process.

Before the big day, she runs errands for the bride, such as going with the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses shopping and fitting, preparing and sending the wedding invitations, canvassing vendors for the wedding favours, and many more. She is also in charge of the hen party or bachelorette party preparations, such as finding the venue, arranging the program, sending invitations, etc.

On the wedding day, the maid of honour is the leader of the bride squad. She is on the lookout for the bride. She ensures the bride does not step on her wedding train, gets to retouch her makeup after the emotional vows, is aware of the program flow, and many more. Before the bride makes the heart-tugging step towards forever, the maid of honour listens to the bride's worries (wipes her tears) and encourages her to stay calm.

After the wedding, the maid of honour can assist the wedding coordinator in ensuring the guests receive their wedding favours.

Ultimately, the maid of honour is the right hand of the bride. Those are some expectations you can include in your sincere maid of honour proposal letter.

The responsibilities of a bridesmaid revolve mostly around her role in the wedding. The bridesmaid participates during the bridal shower and hen party. Aside from simply attending, the maid of honour can ask for help with the preparations.


A bridesmaid attends pre-wedding rehearsals. She is to practice her march with her groomsman partner to ensure she knows the pace of her walk and the seat location.

If the bride provides the dress, the bridesmaid also attends the fitting.

On the wedding day, she walks the aisle with her partner, brings the bouquet or floral hoop, and joins the photo shoot.

And when the wedding reception party starts, a bridesmaid's energy to hype the crowd or guests, join the games, and dance with the couple and the rest of the entourage is expected.

A bride primarily requests her maid of honour to run wedding errands for her. But because there are tons to do for a wedding, the bride or maid of honour can request a bridesmaid for help.

You can write those responsibilities on your sentimental bridesmaid proposal letter or discuss them with her later.

When Should You Do a Bridesmaid Proposal?

Send your sentimental bridesmaid proposal letter and sincere maid of honour proposal letter between a year to eight months before your wedding.

It will be enough time to fix their schedule, book their flight and accommodation, and buy their clothes and accessories.

Some brides might think the "sooner the better" is how far you should send your proposal letters. But a wedding preparation reality you must keep in mind is that plans can change.

Initially, you might consider a ten-pair entourage, but either of preference change, budget constraints and venue restrictions, you end up accommodating a four-pair company instead.

Take your time choosing the members of your bridal party before you pen your sentimental bridesmaid proposal letter and sincere maid of honour proposal letter.

It also pays to have a backup plan just in case one of them is not available or declines the proposal.

How To Personalize Your Bridesmaid Proposal Letter

bridesmaid proposal

There are three main ways to personalise your sentimental bridesmaid proposal letter and sincere maid of honour proposal letter.

The first is to write a formal proposal letter. You can start with a salutation, body, closing and signature. This type of proposal letter is ideal for a friend the bride has not seen for a long time. She can pour all her emotions.

The second is to write poetically. Similar to the formal proposal letter, this uses standard language too. But what differentiates it is that it uses various elements of poetry, such as metre, rhyme, and stanza.

The last is the informal proposal letter. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility when expressing your intentions. You can use abbreviations, slang, gimmicks, and your girl code. Insert witty sentences.

You can further increase the level of personalisation by including the following:

  1. Share an anecdote from your friendship or relationship
  2. What they mean to you
  3. How have they helped you
  4. How you feel about your upcoming wedding
  5. What it means for them to be part of your wedding party

Tap on your innermost emotions, thoughts, and memories to write the right words.

Bridesmaid Proposal Letter Templates

With all those reminders, what do you write in a sentimental bridesmaid proposal letter or a sincere maid of honour proposal letter?

Here are sample templates you can use or get inspiration from.

With Your Photo Together


Image source:Etsy

Remind her of her presence through your ups and downs. Include anecdotes of fun and sad memories. Include a photo or polaroid of you two from one of those memories. In the end, pop the proposal question.

With an Artwork


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Include a short poem in your sentimental bridesmaid proposal card. A drawing of you as the bride and her as a bridesmaid can add to the sentimentality.

With Your Future Sister-in-Law

future sister in law

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A bridesmaid can also be your future sister-in-law. After all, some love stories start with your girl buddy introducing you to her brother.

For Your Crafty Besties


Image source:Pinterest

We all have that one friend we can rely on when it comes to arts. And what better way to propose to her is through sending a message on craft paper? Let her feel that you take an interest in her interest too.

For Your Dear Sister

For Your Dear Sister

Image source:Pinterest

Look no further. The best choice for your maid of honour is your family member - your sister. Come to think of it. You have been together (literally) through ups and downs growing up. She witnessed your momentous victories and intimate vulnerable moments.

Bridesmaid Proposal Quotes

Include some of these bridesmaid quotes in your sentimental proposal letter and sincere maid of honour proposal letter.

"Dedication Whether side by side or miles apart we are sisters. We may not be connected by hand but we are always connected by heart."
"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget."
"It’s not what we have in our life, but who we have in our life that counts."
"Bridesmaid for a day, but a best friend for life."
"It's not that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but it's your best friends who are your diamonds."
"Good friends are like stars you don't always see them but you know they are there."
"Friends are the siblings God never gave us."
"Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don’t say."

More Tips for your Bridesmaid Proposal Letter

Take your bridesmaid and maid of honour proposal letters up a notch by doing the following:

1) Create a skit when sending the letter

You can pull a prank on her before handing the letter and asking, "Will you be my bridesmaid or will you be my maid of honour?"

2) Placing them inside a bridesmaid proposal box

Curate a personalised gift box for your bridesmaid or maid of honour. Place items that remind you of her with the sentimental bridesmaid proposal letter or sincere maid of honour proposal letter.

3) Partner with a bridesmaid proposal gift

Call to mind the interests of your bridesmaid or maid of honour. Buy a gift and hand the proposal letter to her.


On this special day, everything will feel like a blur. There is so much to take, and time feels like running fast.

Take the chance for you, the bride-to-be, to express gratitude to your loved ones - your bridesmaid and maid of honour, through sentimental and sincere proposal letters.

Whether they agree to be part of your bridal party or not, the fact that you can thank and appreciate them already means a lot.