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Best Green Bridesmaid Dresses 2022 - From Dusty Dage to Turquoise to Peacock to Wear For Every Typr of Wedding

You can never go wrong with green as it is the color that fits in every season. It's neither a pick-me nor some sombre hue. When it comes to wedding themes, green can be the safest color if you choose the perfect shade. It has to be on the dark side for winters, while you know the drill for summers - pastels all the way! Just imagine a beige isle with green curtains, white tables with green table runners, and a mixed flower bouquet with green lilies. Sounds heavenly, doesn't it? But the main question is, will this color get acceptance by the bridesmaids?

Bridesmaids are technically the guests of honor who participate in wedding tasks. They are the organizers, the critics, and the invitees, so you wouldn't want to disappoint them. And you wouldn't if you follow our word. While green dresses might sound odd, they can be pretty unique and flattering for a wedding or an outdoor event. Green also compliments the white of the bridal gown and makes it stand out in photographs. But what type of silhouettes would go best with which shade of green? Head below to find out.

1. Dusty Sage One-Shoulder Satin Dress:

One-shoulder dresses are always a big hit in wedding events and when combined with a dusty sage satin fabric, the dress becomes priceless even if it isn't in real. Keep the outfit plain with a plain asymmetrical and A-line silhouette. Let the satin drapes over your curves and do nothing more. The most you can do is pair it with a broche (totally unnecessary but since you're asking for it). The floor-length will make it look amazing when combined with high heels and open hair.

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Luna Charming Chiffon V Neck Split Long Bridesmaid Dresses

2. Dusty Sage Chiffon V-Neck Long Dress:

Dusty sage is the perfect shade of green for an outdoor summer wedding. And what makes this color stand out even more is the A-line silhouette of the dress. Go for a floor-length with V-neckline and sleeveless design. Keep the dress pleated and simple because were taking a summer wedding as an example. Add a pleated waistband on the empire waistline and a slit above the knee. You can also skip the slit part, but it adds more detail to the dress. Lastly, the V-back would add the finishing touch to the plain design. Pair this dress up with high heels and a beige floral tiara. Tinkerbell would be so jealous!


3. Dark Green Emulation Silk Dress

In our opinion, no fabric can do justice to the magnificent dark green color than silk. So silk it is with this dress. An A-line silhouette always does the job, especially with knee-length skirts. Since the color and fabric both are so overpowering, keeping the dress as it is (without any embellishments) would be the best choice. So go with a spaghetti strap neckline and a broad empire waistband in the same color and fabric, which blends with the bodice. Keep the bottom flare-free, as the voluminous material will be enough to create a heavy look. Add detailing on the back with an open-back x-cross design that ends with a loose bow above the waist. Add heels, earrings, and weavy hair (side hair) to finish off the glamorous look.


Rowan Knee-length Scoop Bowknot Emulation Silk Bridesmaid Dresses
Jade Green Satin Long Prom Dress

4. Jade Green Satin Long Prom Dress:

Nothing can beat the class of a bridesmaid wearing jade green in satin. The fabric and color are synonymous with the word luxury. You would want to opt for this dress combo if it's a nighttime wedding or an indoor winter wedding with a formal theme. The A-line silhouette does the job for this long prom dress, and the flare is just magical. Since the dress has no slit opening, a plunging neck would complement the bottom half of the dress. Keep the sleeves elegant with spaghetti straps and end the plunge above a broad waistline. A few pleats below the waist at a distance would increase the flare and volume of the dress. And that's it! No more detailing! Add a lovely necklace and earnings with hair down into loose curls. Your nighttime wedding look is achieved.


5. Dusty Sage V-Neck Velvet Dress:

Dusty sage and velvet is another undeniably gorgeous combo. Rock this combo with a spaghetti strap V-neckline. The stretchy velvet fabric draping around the neckline would create a chic effect gathering in the form of loose and free pleats near your waistline. No waistband or waist belt is required for this dress. Let it dazzle effortlessly with a slim side slit. As for the back, go with a deep V-back, with a zipper in the center. Put high heels on with loose curls and let this simple dress slay the event.

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Dusty Sage Chiffon Halter Long Dress

6. Dusty Sage Chiffon Halter Long Dress:

Who doesn't like a halter neckline, and what could be better than a halter neckline long dress in dusty sage? The A-line silhouette of the dusty sage masterpiece would look stunning on any body type. The loose chiffon fabric makes this dress all the more minimal yet exciting as you get to play with the drapes. Skip the sleeves and add a few layers of chiffon over the bottom lining of the dress. The thin pleats on the bodice are the maximum detailing this dress requires. And not to forget, the zipper at the end of the open back for last touches. Complete your look with a messy bun and floral diamond earrings.


7. Dark Green Sequins Long Prom Dress:

Want some glitter? Try a long dress with sequins, because why not? They're fancy and pretty. Pair a basic dark green bodice full of sequins with a chiffon bottom. Now the star fabric here is the sequins, not the chiffon, so highlight it by adding a scoop neckline to it with a sleeveless design. Add a waistband on the empire waistline and a few pleats near the waist for drapiness. Add a slit above the knee to add dimension to the bottom half of the dress. For the back, a V-back design would go perfectly with the zipper underneath it. Pair the look with a bracelet and earrings - no necklace with the scoop neckline.


Dusty Sage Chiffon Lace Dress

8. Dusty Sage Chiffon Lace Dress:

Lace is considered the ideal fabric for formal events as it is safe yet chic, but what if you pair it up with another safe player - the dusty sage! A safe combo that no girl can dare to refuse. And since we're playing safe, there's no way we're not going to introduce the A-line silhouette. So work your way towards the pretty dress-the chiffon layers as the bottom (above the lining, of course), with no slits. And without any waistbands, we skip to the good part - the fancy lace bodice. The bodice is supposed to be a dust sage lining under the lace embellishments with an illusional scoop neck and cap sleeves. The base of the back is pure lace, and a little oval opening will be there because it looks nice. Finish the look with a bracelet, earrings, and head accessories.


9. Jade Green Off-Shoulder Chiffon Dress:

Jade green is the color of royals, and it should be portrayed that way with a flarey-drapey chiffon long dress. The A-line silhouette is best for this color as it depicts royal dress vibes. Pair the off-shoulder neckline with sleeveless drapes. While most people prefer to keep it simple, this look would become twice the more enjoyable with pleats - everywhere. Yep! You can totally nail it by adding thin pleats on the bodice, starting from the off-shoulder sweetheart neckline and ending to the overlapping waistline. And then comes the bottom pleats! They begin from the start of the waistline, falling all the way down to the end. Too simple? That's where you get creative with the accessories. Glamourize yourself with all the jewels you can wear, and don't forget the headpiece for the final touch. Now that's what you call gilded glamour!


Jade Green Off-Shoulder Chiffon Dress
Dusty Sage Chiffon Long Dress

10. Dusty Sage Chiffon Long Dress:

A-line silhouette goes pretty well with dusty sage, but does it come anywhere near the sheath column silhouette? Not at all! The sheath column silhouette is an all-time elegant and classy code that complements the dusty sage magnificently. It's sober and graceful yet looks chic and trendy. And if you're dealing in chiffon then chef's kiss it is! Opt for a V-neck with a waist-belt ending at a knot for the sheath bodice. Flappy ruffle sleeves of one-quarter length would do great with the type of silhouette and bodice. You can start the slit from above the knee; however, we recommend it at half-thigh length, as it adds more flare to the dress. Wrap the look with minimal heels, jewelry, and loose hair as you don't have a fancy back design to flaunt.


11. Peacock Green Strap-Split Chiffon Dress:

If you're looking for something bold yet elegant, then a peacock green chiffon dress is worth a shot. The jade green is an ultimate crowd puller, while the rest of the dress is classy, which means you can become the talk of the town without any controversies. Choose the trustworthy A-line silhouette for this dress and pair it up with the drapey chiffon. Add a spaghetti strap neckline and no sleeves for a casual and minimal look. For detailing, add a drapey and loose bodice over the fitted waistline. This look is suitable for any body type, and the color also compliments all skin tones. You can glamourize this look with a hair bun and fancy accessories.


Peacock Green Strap-Split Chiffon Dress


Now you know what green you should go for your big day. And since all the dresses mentioned above can do justice to their respective dresses, you should just go for it! Whether it's summer, spring, or winter, green will not disappoint you or your bridesmaids. Plus, these dresses can be worn at any event other than weddings or events, say cocktail parties or graduation. Whatever it is, you name it! Find all these dresses at Cinicia, and now that you've got it all sorted out, have a fun wedding!