A Comprehensive Guide On Backyard BBQ Wedding Ideas When On a Budget

A Comprehensive Guide On Backyard BBQ Wedding Ideas When On a Budget

Backyard BBQ Wedding Ideas When On a Budget

Without a doubt, the Covid 19 pandemic effects are still ongoing if we are to base this argument on the recent inflation around the globe. Prices of both goods and services are really shooting up. This means that inflation rates in most parts of the world, with the UK not being left behind, have superseded all the historical inflation rates.

But this doesn't mean that people have stopped investing, going on vacations or getting married. And when I say getting married, I don't mean eloping or throwing a wedding party with 3 or 4 invites.

To learn how people are still throwing grand weddings, more so backyard BBQ-inspired wedding themes, then please read on as I will be providing you with 9 practical backyard wedding ideas when on budget.

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9 Practical Backyard BBQ Wedding Ideas and Tips When on a Budget

Below are the 9 easy to follow and practical ideas and tips on how to have the best backyard BBQ wedding when on a budget.

1. Determine the approximate number of guests that are sure to attend your wedding

grilled chicken

Knowing how many people will attend your wedding helps you stay on budget. It also enables you to know what other adjustments you need to make in order to accommodate your expected attendees. For instance, you may need to add more BBQ grills if there will be many guests.

In order to be sure of how many guests you expect at your backyard BBQ wedding, make it a policy that after receiving an invitation email or message, they send you an RSVP within a specific time frame.

Let it be clear that if one exceeds your set time frame, you will automatically assume that they won't be attending your wedding. PS; Please make this gesture in the politest way possible.

2. Decide on what will be on the menu

Decide on what will be on the menu

It's a fact that the food served at a party greatly determines the party's reputation. So, ascertain that you take your time to decide on what the menu of your backyard BBQ wedding will be. Please ensure that the food and drinks you choose to be served will cater to everyone's food preference.

That is, if some of your guests are vegans or vegetarians, make sure that you have a meal or dish that will suit their needs. And if there will be kids at your wedding, it's also essential that you have non-alcoholic drinks included on the menu.

3. Have your family and friends help you out

Fawn Weaver, a renowned author and entrepreneur, once said, The greatest marriages are built on teamwork.' And this is true. So have your family and close friends help you out. For your backyard BBQ wedding to be a success, you may need a team of 10 people or more. I recommend that you select them using the criteria below;

  • should have attended at least more than 5 weddings-this way; they can give you insight on what they have seen at the different weddings they have attended
  • should be familiar with event or party planning
  • should be good with accounting and budgeting. This doesn't mean that they must be accountants
  • should be the hands-on type. That is an individual who's willing to use tools or equipment when needed to

It would also help if you hired a part-time wedding planner. Make sure you equalize the gender when choosing the people who will help you plan your backyard BBQ wedding.

4. Clean up your backyard

No one wants to eat, let alone sit in a dirty place. So, make sure that you clean up your backyard thoroughly before you say I do to your significant other. You can have a pro clean your backyard after you have cleaned it. This will help reduce the cost.

Extra tip; Have the professional cleaner provide their services 3 days before the actual backyard BBQ wedding day. Also, consider locking or preventing anyone or anything from accessing your backyard after the cleaning job has been done.

5. Transform your backyard into your ideal wedding ground

Transform your backyard into your ideal wedding ground

Decorate the backyard to suit your ideal BBQ wedding theme. You can paint the walls (if there are any) and arrange the chairs according to your preferred sitting arrangements. Using some wood furniture to match the wedding theme. That will look wonderful on photos in the natural environment!

Remember not to arrange the flowers early as you risk having them wither before your big day. I recommend that you have that a trustworthy individual arrange the flowers early in the morning on the actual day.

When it gets dark, you can put some lights on and turn the backyard into a romantic dancing floor. You can also pick your favourite music in advance.

6. Design your invitation cards


Designing your invitation cards is quite an easy process; all you need to do is;

  • Write and organize all the information you want to be on the card
  • Choose a colour scheme
  • Choose the font to be used
  • Choose your preferred format
  • Choose your style of envelope
  • Print your invitation card

If you are not a 'computer person,' please have someone help you.

7. Research on, choose and shop for your wedding dress

Start researching for your wedding dress at least 6-9 months before the wedding. This gives you ample time to know exactly what it is you want in a wedding dress. Consider doing your research online as there are a number of reputable wedding dress shops you can get your dream wedding dress.

Choose and buy your wedding dress at least 2 months before the wedding. Make sure that you try fitting in it 2 weeks before your wedding day.

short backyard bbq wedding dress

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8. Choose your bridesmaid's wedding dresses

When choosing your bridesmaid wedding dresses, make sure that you consider their body shape, colour, length, fabric and preference. And since it's a backyard BBQ outdoor wedding, I recommend that you choose short bridesmaid dresses for ease during movement. Knee length dresses or midi dresses will be a good fit.

When it comes to colour, please consider choosing somewhat dark colours to hide any staining from food and oil smudges, which is something that's highly bound to happen in a backyard BBQ wedding.

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9. Things to consider


It's also important to consider the following factors when planning a backyard BBQ wedding;

#The weather of the place

It's important to know the weather of the place you are about to hold your backyard BBQ wedding. Is it rainy, sunny or windy? This will help you decide on how you are to dress. Whether warmly or lightly and also whether or not you will need tents for shade in case of extreme sunlight or rain.

#Food preservation methods

How will the food be preserved? Will you need coolers for the drinks? And if there is an excess of food, how best will it be stored so that it doesn't go bad before the wedding is over and after it's over.

#Parking space

It's also important to evaluate whether the parking space available will be enough for all your guests. If not, you may advise them on finding other means of transport that don't involve driving themselves into your backyard BBQ wedding party.

Don't just dream it! Live it!

Having a backyard BBQ wedding party isn't only cost-effective but also a way to enjoy nature and food and make phenomenal memories with your loved ones in a fun and relaxed way. In order to achieve this, you need to; Determine how many guests will be in attendance, decide what will be on the menu, have your friends and family help you out, and have your backyard cleaned up, preferably by a professional cleaning company.

Decorating your backyard, making and sending out invitation cards, shopping for your wedding dress, and choosing your bridesmaid dresses are also some of the essential things you must do if you are to have a successful backyard BBQ wedding when on a budget.