How Do You Take Measurements for a Bridesmaid Dress?

How Do You Take Measurements for a Bridesmaid Dress?

take measurements for a bridesmaid dress

A man who plans to propose to his woman becomes a spy and an actor just to know his bride-to-be's ring size. He gets creative to sneak in and get the accurate circumference of her finger for that soon surprise wedding proposal.

A popular technique used by men is the sleeping method. While his girlfriend is asleep, the boyfriend quietly wraps his girlfriend's finger with a ribbon. He marks the tip of the ribbon to determine the size.

However, since this infamous method can bust the possible wedding proposal if the girlfriend is not a deep sleeper, men turn to a practical approach. He asks his girlfriend's family member or friend to get a ring she usually wears.

(Mis)adventures of a Bridesmaid


But, these soon-to-be grooms (hopefully) are not the only people who experience measurement issues during a wedding.

Bridesmaids also have their own measurement (mis)adventures.

A bride and groom can avail a wedding package from an event coordinator.

Sometimes, this package can include a set of readymade but customizable bridesmaid dresses.

The event coordinator schedules dress fitting with the bridesmaids.

In this case, a bridesmaid's dress measurement adventure is a smooth ride since there is a professional tailor who will do the measuring (and if everyone lives in accessible areas).

However, with the rise of weddings with modern practices, a bridesmaid is left with the double-edged freedom of choosing her own dress.

Here is where the possible misadventure enters. Aside from the colour, undertone, theme and wedding dress matching (and price consideration), a bridesmaid is left alone to measure herself and send the numbers to the designated tailor by the bride or to the online shop.

There is also the factor of different measurement units, such as inches, centimetres, and meters. Also, saying you are a size 4 or a small will mean something else for a country whose measurement system uses the 30s, 40s, and the like.

The Right Fit

A bridesmaid dress should hug her best parts and highlight her assets. A bridesmaid can't afford to look like a walking unfolded textile fresh from the factory because the dress is too big for her. She doesn't also want to get kicked out of the ceremony for wearing a skimpy bridesmaid dress.

Like anyone in the wedding, either the couple, guests, or wedding vendors, a bridesmaid's day is made of long hours of standing, smiling for the postnuptial pictorial, interacting with other people, and endless dancing.

So, it is logical to ensure that the bridesmaid dress fits well and is comfortable to wear.

Read on to know how you, as a bridesmaid, can get accurate body measurements, even without the help of a professional.

the right fit for bridesmaid dress and wedding dress

Things to Prepare

For your Do-It-Yourself (DIY) bridesmaid dress body measurements, you will need the following:

  • a soft and flexible body tape measure
  • a pen and paper for recording
  • the same or similar undergarments, especially the bra, that you will wear on the wedding day
  • the same pair of shoes (or with similar height) that you will wear on the wedding day, and a full-body mirror

What and How to Measure

Here is a photo to guide you on the different body parts you need to measure to achieve that perfect fit bridesmaid dress.


Your bra size is not your cup size is a fact we must first layout.

Your bust size is the entire circumference of the most protruding part of your bust.

Wear a perfectly fitted bra before you start measuring. A well-fitted bra snugs around the torso, and the straps stay in place. Your breasts should fill the cups perfectly without any gaping or spilling.

It is advised to wear the same bra you plan to wear on the wedding day.

If you plan to wear nipple tapes on the big day, that is fine.

Your bra style and the decision not to wear a bra can affect your bust measurement.

Next, stand naturally with your feet together.

Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust.

Make sure you position the measuring tape tight enough directly over your nipples.

Do not measure over or under the bustline.

Once you are set, put your elbows down at your sides and take note of the measurement.


Stand with your stomach in a natural position to have a natural waistline measurement. Do not inhale and hold your breath to get a natural waist. This can’t get an accurate measurement. It's always easier to make the dress tighter than the reverse.

You have a choice whether to remove or raise your clothing. But make sure your pants are not in the way. Otherwise, unbutton them and pull them down around your hips.

Locate your waist. It is the narrowest part of your figure located above your belly button.

Position the end of the measuring at your belly button. Wrap it around your back to the front of your waist.

Keep one finger inside the measuring tape to leave a little room. Your waist measurement will be where the zero end meets the slack end of the measuring tape.

Don't pull the measuring tape too tight.


Stand naturally with your heels together.

Find your hip and position the measuring tape around it. Tailors say this is generally 9 inches down from your waistline. But not relying on that measurement wouldn't hurt.

The hip is the fullest part of your bottom.

Professional seamstresses advise removing your outer garments, especially your pants and shirts. Bulky pieces of clothing can change the measurement.

Again, leave a little room by keeping a finger inside the measuring tape.

Like the waist measurement, your hip measurement is where the zero and the slack end of the measuring tape meet, the widest part of your hips.

Do not pull the measuring tape too tight.


Stand naturally with your heels together and relax your arms on the side.

Using your dominant hand, position the measuring tape at the tip of the shoulder and extend it to your desired sleeve length.

Dress Length (or "Hollow-to-Hem")

Wear the pair of shoes you plan to use on the wedding day before you start measuring. If you haven't finalized your wedding footwear, use a pair of shoes of similar height, the heel height affects a lot.

Stand naturally on both heels together.

Find the hollow of your neck. This is the deep dip at the centre of your collar bone.

Position the measuring tape from the hollow and stretch lightly to where the bottom of the dress hem should be.

For this, it is best to have someone else measure it since there will be a tendency for you to crunch over.


If you are not confident with your measurements or simply for comparison purposes, you can go to a local tailor and have yourself measured.

Aside from comparing your measurements, note how the tailor measures you.

You will never know when you will measure yourself again.

Measuring oneself, not only for a bridesmaid dress, is an excellent way to discover and celebrate one's body.

The perfect bridesmaid dress is a dress that brings out confidence in you. It makes you comfortable with your own size.

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