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18 Alternative Wedding Themes You Can Try for Your Big Day

Alternative Wedding Themes

How do I choose a wedding vibe/theme?

Getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime thing that should be planned and polished according to your and your future hubby’s likes, preferences, and personal vision. Not only does a wedding should be romantic and memorable, but it should also exude originality – something that your guests will easily relate to you and your partner’s personalities. A celebration that prompts guests to say “yes, this is YOUR wedding.”

There are unlimited inspirations for alternative wedding motifs these days – from current trends, books, movies or TV shows, to even day-to-day activities that you wouldn't normally consider to be fitting for a fete as big and special as tying the knot.

We’ve already done the classics, so, for this article, we’ve gathered the most unique and unconventional wedding ideas you can try for your big day. We have also included some tips and tricks (from venue to attire) on how you can flawlessly pull any of them off. Scroll down and have fun finding “the one” for you!

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1. Backyard BBQ Wedding - Backyard Bliss

Is BBQ a good idea for a wedding?

Foodie couples pay attention: yes, you can celebrate your love for food and make it the theme of your outdoor wedding! The pandemic has pushed a lot of couples to be more inventive on how they want to exchange their vows intimately and within a budget and a backyard, BBQ wedding is an awesome way to do it. BBQs are usually casual affairs but you can elevate them into something more special and spectacular by saying “I do” in the presence of all your friends and loved ones while enjoying good comfort food, drinks, and laughter at the comforts of your home.

How to have a Backyard BBQ Wedding:

  • A summer or spring wedding suits this theme best.
  • A nice outdoor venue.
  • Send out invitations early and require RSVPs from the attendees.
  • The food you will be serving will be one of the highlights so plan your menu with BBQ favourites, including other refreshments and drinks.
  • Dress comfortably – a wedding gown and suit that are light and comfortable.
  • Bridesmaids dresses - go for something dark that can conceal spills, stains and smudges that are inevitable during BBQs.
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Backyard Wedding

2. Kew Garden Wedding - Gorgeous Glasshouse

Can I get married in Kew Gardens?

If you and your partner are into nature and want a spin on the traditional garden party, then a wedding at the Kew Gardens is for you! The Kew Gardens is home to the most diverse collection of botanical plants so you’re sure to be surrounded by the lushest greenery and the most beautiful blooms on your big day. Not just that, their historic and stunning structures will provide sensational backdrops as you exchange your “I dos.” You have five venues to choose from at the Kew Gardens – The Temperate, a Victorian-era glasshouse where you can have the most spectacular fairytale-like wedding, The Orangery with its arched windows and high ceiling, boasting of quiet opulence for something more intimate, the Cambridge Cottage where you can be one with nature for a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, the Nash Conservatory for a luxuriously low-key affair, and the Prince of Wales Conservatory for the best of both worlds – verdant greens inside a lavish glass structure.

How to have a Kew Garden Wedding:

  • Booking A Wedding Venueas early as possible.
  • Booking two sites, one for the ceremony and one for the reception.
  • Maximize the beauty of the place by going for minimalistic elegance.
  • As for the attire, dress your entourage in colours that complements the venue like dusty sage green gowns for your bridesmaids.

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garden wedding theme

3. Harry Potter Wedding - Magical Moment

Is Harry Potter theme wedding a good idea for a wedding?

Love the Harry Potter series? Use it as your wedding theme! Harry Potter is probably one of the most influential literary pieces that have greatly impacted today’s generation. It is so beloved that some consider it to be a part of their big day as it brings the

couple back to the time when they are growing up dreaming to be visionaries, builders, and innovators – a story that helped shape them into what they are today. A Harry Potter wedding is fun, creative, and nostalgic and you can play around with the theme as much as you want.

How do you have a Harry Potter wedding?

  • Using colours from the series as your motif.
  • Basing it on your favourite house or houses in the series – red and gold for Gryffindor, green and silver for Slytherin, yellow and black for Hufflepuff, and blue and bronze for Ravenclaw.
  • Sending out Hogwarts letter of acceptance-style wedding invites.
  • Custom-made wedding rings.
  • Customized Harry Potter cakes.
  • On-theme favours like magic wands or sweets.
  • ...

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Harry Potter Wedding

4. Halloween Wedding - Haunted by Happiness

Is Halloween wedding a good idea?

Halloween is not just about ghosts and ghouls; it can also be about exchanging vows and happy endings. It is now one of the most anticipated events of the year and gone are the days when couples veer away from this holiday. It has even inspired some to tie the knot and use it as a theme which is a totally cool and unique wedding idea. The great thing about a Halloween wedding is that you can mix a lot of elements to create that wonderfully spooky and stylish affair everyone will enjoy.

How do you have a Halloween wedding?

  • Embrace and incorporate BLACK into your nuptials.
  • Send out black wedding save-the-dates and invitations.
  • Wow your guests and walk down the aisle wearing a black gown instead of white.
  • Insert in some fall elements like orange flowers for your bouquet and rust-coloured bridesmaids’ dresses or include carved-out
  • pumpkins and eerie candles for your decors.
  • ...

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Halloween Wedding

5. Cottagecore Wedding - Countryside Charm

Is Cottagecore Wedding a good idea?

If you’re looking for an alternative wedding idea away from the usual rustic wedding theme, then you should go for a cottagecore-inspired wedding. It takes countryside romance to a whole new level with dreamy venues, warm ambience, and eye-catching visuals. A cottagecore wedding highlights the beauty of the outdoors while exuding the relaxed air and comforts of a countryside home. Think of knitted blankets, home-cooked meals, and a bed of wildflowers. Just beautiful!

How to have a Cottagecore Wedding:

  • Hold your wedding at a lovely cottage in the country – a nice and picturesque drive to the venue will build up their excitement.
  • Use vintage and antique wooden pieces for your decors both at the ceremony and reception.
  • Dress your bridesmaids in romantic, flowy, and soft dresses in dusty rose.
  • Go for a naked wedding cake decorated with fresh wildflowers.
  • Serve freshly-baked pies for dessert and play some good music (think: Taylor Swift’s Folklore album) to complete the vibe.
  • ...

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rustic themed wedding

6. Doughnut Wall Wedding - Never Sweeter

Why do people do donut walls at weddings?

What’s a wedding if it isn’t sweet? If you and your partner love all things saccharine then a sweets-inspired wedding is for you. This is a concept that will definitely be loved by both your young and adult guests. From sugar-sweet vows, delectable palettes, and decors good enough to eat, this unconventional wedding idea will surely be a hit.

How to have a Doughnut Wall Wedding:

  • Choose a doughnut wall style.
  • Hit two birds with one stone with this one as you don’t only get a stunning backdrop for photos, but you will also be serving delicious dessert in a fun and unique way.
  • A dessert bar with loads of other yummy treats and different flavours of doughnuts.
  • Have a chocolate fountain, a candy bar, and even an ice cream cart.
  • ...

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Doughnut Wall themed Wedding

7. Black-Tie wedding - Exquisite Extravagance

Is black tie appropriate for a wedding?

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime thing so why not go all out with an ultra-sleek and extremely extravagant celebration? Go over the top with everything – from the venue down to your attire. Fancy venues with chandeliers, catered reception with butlers, glittering pieces of jewellery, designer shoes and dresses, plus a limousine – you can never go wrong with that.

What can I expect at a black tie wedding?

  • Find the perfect venue – a fancy ballroom, a roof deck overlooking the city, or even a chateau in France or a castle in the country – the sky’s the limit!
  • Go all out with your attire including a designer wedding dress and expensive suit for you and your partner.
  • Luxurious floor-length dresses for the bridesmaids and black ties for the groomsmen.
  • Serve the finest menu with high-end drinks and multiple-course meals.
  • ...

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Black-Tie wedding

8. Fairytale Wedding - Fairytale Fantasy

What makes a fairytale wedding?

Live your princess bride fantasies with a fairytale-themed wedding. This concept is romantic, whimsical, and enchanting – just how a wedding should be. Planning this kind of wedding is so easy as you have a lot of fairytale stories to choose from – classics like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty to modern ones like Frozen. You can also get inspiration from real-life royalty like Kate and William’s wedding. The inspirations are endless! Lastly, the best thing about a fairytale wedding is that it is perfect for just about any season.

How to plan your dream fairytale wedding

  • Choose a location that gives off a dream-like ambience – it could be a lakeside garden, a wooded forest, or even a majestic castle.
  • spruce up your venue with lots of fairy lights, candles, and lanterns as well as vintage lamps, vases, and centrepieces with beautiful blooms in pastel colours.
  • The most gorgeous bridesmaids in blush pink dresses.
  • Cap off the magical night with some fireworks and a true love’s kiss.
  • ...

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Fairytale Wedding

9. Horses in Your Wedding - Precious Pet

Is include horses a good idea for a wedding?

Pets are not just companion animals. To some, they are part of the family. Couples sometimes want to include their fur babies in the celebration and it’s totally awesome. Planning this unique wedding idea with your pet in mind is quite challenging -- especially if it’s as big as a horse -- but definitely possible. Having your pet horse at your wedding won’t only make it extra special, the horse will also automatically add a fairytale-like vibe to the celebration.

How do you include horses in a wedding?

  • Find a spacious location where it can move freely and won’t be subjected to stress (from guests or other factors).
  • Ensure that it is totally comfortable and properly looked after, with fresh food and water throughout the event.
  • Adding subtle horse elements to the affair like a horse-shaped seal for the wedding envelopes, horse figurines in your centrepieces, and even horse-printed ceramics and pouches for your favours.
  • ...

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Horses in Your Wedding

10. Book Themed Wedding - Happy Ever After

Is black tie appropriate for a wedding?

The most romantic stories where people pattern their lives come from literature so why not give an ode to these tales by having a book-themed wedding? Couples who love books and reading will totally fall in love with this theme as it is magical, nostalgic, and oh so creative. You’ll have thousands of sources to get your inspiration – from romance and adventure down to fantasy and even sci-fi. A book-themed wedding is versatile, it can be done any way you want, be it lowkey and simple or extravagant and glamorous.

How do you incorporate a book in a wedding?

  • Hold your wedding at your cherished book store or a grand library and be surrounded by thousands of books that will serve as a beautiful backdrop as you exchange vows.
  • Welcome your guests with a lovely wedding arch of your favourite novels and publications.
  • Gather books with the most beautiful covers and use them as table centrepieces along with vases of pretty flowers, ink bottles, and candles. Lastly, give away copies of your most-loved stories as a wedding favour.
  • ...

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book themed wedding

11.Alice in Wonderland Wedding - Wonderfully Whimsical

Can a fairytale wedding theme be enjoyed by all the guests?

The answer is a big, fat YES. An Alice in Wonderland wedding theme will surely be a hit for guests young and old for the whimsical and magical air it exudes. Attending this type of alternative wedding theme is like being transported to a fairyland where dreams and fantasies come true. For the adults, it’s the touch of nostalgia and childhood memories that make it special while for the kids, it’s the visual and sensory treat that will keep them entertained. A whimsical wedding like this will also let you be your most creative, from selecting the right venue down to finding the perfect Alice in Wonderland wedding cake.

How to pull off an Alice in Wonderland wedding?

  • Make sure that your decors are on-point. Make use of quirky ornaments and eccentric details like rabbit figurines, vintage pocket watches, old suitcases, and other odd ornaments like a door wedding arch.
  • Make your table setting memorable. Design it in a way that your guests will feel like they are attending an actual tea party in Wonderland.
  • Send out Alice in Wonderland wedding-worthy invitations. Be creative and use visual elements related to the story to give all your guests a sneak peek of your big day.
  • Make the wedding more magical by dressing the part. That means investing in your wardrobe and having a blue, pink, or white Alice in Wonderland wedding dress.
  • Don’t forget the other details – they also should be on-theme like the groom’s suit and your bridesmaids’ dresses.

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Alice in wonderland wedding

Image source:Aprincessinspired, Pinterest, Pinterest

12. Boho Wedding - Freespirted Fairytale

Are boho weddings still trendy?

Boho weddings will never go out of style. They have been a favourite of so many couples through the years for several wonderful reasons. One is the relaxed and laidback atmosphere which is always appealing to guests. Next is the beautiful and rustic setting that always looks good in photos. And lastly, the boho wedding dress that is pretty, flirty, and easy to wear. Not to mention flawless barely there make-up and romantic boho wedding hair. Another great thing about a boho wedding is its versatility and how it can adapt to changing times. You can hold it at all types of venues – indoors or outdoors and in the city or out of town. All you have to do is to have the right boho wedding decor and you can transform any venue.

How to pull off a boho wedding?

  • Find the right venue for you. As mentioned above, you can have a boho wedding anywhere – outdoors with nature or indoors at a rustic indoor location.
  • Make use of wildflowers in warm colours like oranges and browns and dried grass and greenery for an earthy boho wedding bouquet.
  • A simple naked boho wedding cake will fit the laidback vibe of the affair. Decorate it with fresh flowers or succulents to match the whole wedding's aesthetics.
  • Put the focus on your bridal look. Wear a lace boho wedding dress with sleeves, put flowers in your hair, and accessorize.

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boho theme wedding

Image source:Pinterest, Rockmywedding, Myengagedlife, Connectionphotoblog

13. Gothic Wedding - Moody Romance

Why are gothic weddings becoming more and more popular?

The number of couples opting for a gothic-themed wedding has grown in the past years. This alternative wedding theme has captured the hearts of many because of its romantic and moody appeal. The theme is elegant, dramatic, and opulent – something that will let couples be bolder when it comes to choices of venue, wardrobe, and even food. This kind of wedding theme also exudes a mysterious and magical feel that is exciting not only to the couple but also to the guests. There are also other fantastic elements like gothic black wedding dresses, gothic wedding invitations, gothic wedding cakes, and other gothic wedding theme ideas.

How to pull off a gothic wedding?

  • Turn heads with your gown by choosing something unique and off-beat. Instead of wearing pristine white, wear a gothic black and white wedding dress to add drama to your bridal look.
  • Have a jeweller design matching gothic wedding rings for you and your partner. Choose uncommon gems like ruby, black pearl, or emerald.
  • Charm your guests with a gothic wedding cake designed in dark colours with gold details. Add a creepy wedding topper like skull or animal bones for that scare value.
  • Make sure that the groom looks the part by going for a lush velvet suit complete with a cane and top hat.
  • Don’t forget to dress up your bridesmaids in luxurious bridesmaid dresses in black or crimson.

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gothic wedding

Image source:Gloriousbyheidi, Whimsicalwonderlandweddings, Pinterest, Pinterest

14. Eucalyptus Wedding - Simply Natural

Why is a eucalyptus wedding appealing?

Something is enticing about the natural and organic air of a eucalyptus wedding. It’s refreshing, pure, and light, something a lot of couples want on the most special day of their life. Aside from the symbolism, a eucalyptus wedding theme has several creative advantages that an engaged couple can maximize. For aesthetics, you can have eucalyptus wedding decors using the leaves like a eucalyptus wedding arch. You can also give a pure eucalyptus wedding bouquet or mix the leaves with other blooms. Here are some other eucalyptus wedding ideas:

How to pull off a eucalyptus wedding?

  • Use the eucalyptus leaves as a visual element for your eucalyptus wedding invitation.
  • For your table setting, use eucalyptus leaves as a table runner.
  • You can also have eucalyptus wedding centrepieces by putting a wreath on every table or a vase full of flowers with eucalyptus greenery.
  • Add an organic touch to the celebration by having a eucalyptus wedding cake – use the leaves as a natural design element for the creation.
  • Dress your entourage in eucalyptus-coloured bridesmaid dresses.

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eucalyptus wedding

Image source:Laurkenkendal, Pinterest, Michaelandcarina

15. Game of Thrones Wedding - An Epic Affair

Will a Game of Thrones wedding work?

Of course, it will. And your guests will love it! This epic series has been an inspiration for hundreds of weddings for its visual value and unique aesthetics. If you and your partner are fans of the show, it’s high time to consider this alternative wedding theme for your big day. Aside from living the fantasy, you also get to go over the top with your wedding elements like the venue, wardrobe, and decor. Lastly, you can have a Game of Thrones wedding at any time of year.

How to pull off a Game of Thrones wedding?

  • Pick an epic location where you can hold your wedding like a castle or forest.
  • Include your pet dogs in the wedding and give them a role. Just make sure that they are fine in big crowds.
  • Wear a gorgeous and flowy Game of Thrones wedding dress inspired by several wedding scenes of the show.
  • Recite a Game of Thrones wedding vows lifted from actual wedding vows in the show. Just do some tweaks to make it more personal.
  • Make sure that other major details like the table setting, the wedding favours, and your entourage attire are also Game of Thrones-inspired.

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game of thrones wedding

Image source: Theperfectpalette, Weddingchicks, Pinterest, Pinterest

16. Cat Wedding - Pawsome and Adorable

How to have a cat wedding that is not too campy?

Just like other pets, cats are extremely adored by their owners and have been a popular inspiration for weddings. If you and your partner are cat people, then this alternative wedding theme is the one for you. But is it possible to have a cat wedding that is not campy and corny? Absolutely. The secret is choosing the right wedding elements and inserting just the right amount of cat details. If you want to include your cat in the wedding, you can do that as well. Just make sure that they won’t be stressed around a crowd to avoid pet-related accidents. You should also take into consideration allergies and your guests’ level of comfort.

How to pull off a cat wedding?

  • If you can’t bring your cat to the wedding, have a photo shoot with it before the ceremony to add to your big day’s documentation.
  • Add subtle cat elements to your wardrobe like embroidered images of a cat in your wedding dress or wedding shoes with cat designs.
  • Again, only if you’re cat is comfortable with dressing up, have it attend the wedding in a tiny wedding gown. Just don’t compromise the comfort of your fur baby.
  • Use cute cat-shaped wedding cake toppers.
  • Give out cat-shaped baked goodies as wedding favours.

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cat wedding

Image source:Popsugar, Pinterest, Pinterest

17. Bridgerton Wedding - Regency Romance

Why have a Bridgerton-themed wedding?

Period romance is all the rage these days so it’s time to join the Bridgerton wedding trend yourself! Think of soft and dreamy palettes, swoon-worthy styling, and a romantic vibe. You also get to transport your guests to a bygone era and live the opulent lives of the nobles even for just a day.

How to pull off a Bridgerton wedding?

  • Stick to a colour palette of blues, lavenders, lilacs, and creams. Make use of floral elements in these shades like wisteria which is a central element in the show.
  • Get your own Daphne Bridgerton-inspired wedding dress designed for you. A regency-style creation complete with puff sleeves and embroidered bodice.
  • The music in the show is top-notch so make sure to gather up romantic tunes for your own Bridgerton wedding song list.
  • Dress your girl gang in whimsical and flowy bridesmaid dresses in different shades of purple and blue.

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Image source:Perfete, 100layercake, Weddingsparrow, Pinterest

18. Soccer Wedding - Sporty Celebration

Can sports be a wedding theme inspiration?

Absolutely! It’s not just the movies, fairytales, and books that can be used as inspiration for weddings. Sports is also a great source of ideas, especially when it comes to alternative wedding themes. Soccer is one of the most exciting sports there is and if you and your partner are big fans, then it’s just right to make it the theme of your wedding. A soccer-themed wedding is exciting, one-of-a-kind, and unforgettable.

How to pull off a soccer wedding?

  • Send soccer-themed wedding invitations designed like stadium tickets or sports posters.
  • Hold your wedding at a real soccer field or in a big garden.
  • Use your favourite team’s colours as your wedding colour palette.
  • Give away soccer-themed wedding favours.
  • Have a soccer-themed wedding cake topper.

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soccer wedding

Image source:Pinterest

Final Thoughts

After viewing a few unique wedding ideas, we hope you find some clues of the type of couple you are and what kind of wedding ceremony you want. Please check out our other trending wedding theme ideas if you're still unsure.