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Top 12 Boho Bridesmaid Dress Under £100

boho bridesmaid dress

Gone are the days of brides, grooms, and wedding guests wearing stuffy and overly formal clothes during weddings.

Modern weddings gave us the rise of civil ceremonies, destination weddings, intimate unions, more relaxed church laws, and many more.

Adding to the fruits of modern weddings is being able to apply themes, such as colour, movie, book, or interest, to wedding ceremonies and receptions.

One of the beloved themes that captured the hearts of brides and grooms is the boho theme. 

The Boho Bridesmaid Dresses

The term boho is an abbreviation for Bohemian homeless. They were nomads of gypsy ethnicity from the Bohemian region.

If you noticed, there is a term boho style or boho Chic. Sometimes this is referred to as gypsy style.

A boho bridesmaid dress is an effortless dress for the free-spirited bridesmaid.

It is brought to life through lightweight fabrics, graphic or light as air lace, dramatic or delicate flutter sleeves, and simple loose-fitting silhouettes.

boho wedding

Since boho bridesmaid dresses do not have boning or wires, a bridesmaid can capture the carefree and free-spirited vibe as she gets to move comfortably.

Boho bridesmaid dresses can come in warm, earthy, and muted red, orange, pink, and yellow colours since boho-themed weddings are a mixture of tints and splashes of those.

You can wear a bridesmaid dress of any colour palette that reminds you of a rich summertime sunset. You can also experiment with earthy tones like green, brown, tan, and ivory.

There is another term confused with boho style. It is the term hippie. The main difference between the two is their origin. Hippie has a political history, while Boho comes from an aesthetic background.

boho bride

Why choose boho bridesmaid dresses

Due to their simplicity, boho bridesmaid dresses have become a favourite. With a few details like the off-the-shoulder neckline, you can already cop off the boho vibe.

Another reason a boho bridesmaid dress has become a go-to wedding entourage dress is because of its comfort. The long hours of the wedding day---- preparation, pre-nuptial photo shoot, ceremony, post-nuptial pictorial, reception, and after patty--- make it logical to wear something comfortable.

The A-line boho bridesmaid dress in chiffon fabric is a staple of most boho-themed weddings. This silhouette flatters almost any body type making it the first option for a boho bridesmaid dress. Some boho bridesmaid dresses also have embroidered laces in the neckline or sleeves.

As mentioned, boho bridesmaid dresses usually come in warm and earthy colours. Therefore, they are easy to match with any wedding theme. With the rise of more creative couples and the fact that some bridesmaids have the freedom to choose their dress, looking for that theme-apt bridesmaid dress can be a struggle.

Let's say you are a bridesmaid who doesn't like a boho-themed wedding. You can still bring out your personality and style. Boho bridesmaid dresses are flexible and versatile. Add your jewellery, sport your favourite hairstyle or wear your well-fitted shoes to feel confident even attending a wedding with a theme you do not like.

Another proof that boho bridesmaid dresses are flexible and versatile is the fact that these dresses are perfect for mixing and matching. Bridesmaids can now wear dresses of the same colour or complementary colours of different dress styles.

boho bridesmaid dress

Shopping Online for Boho Bridesmaid Dress Under £100

Here are some of the shops where you can score quality but affordable boho bridesmaid dresses.

David’s Bridal

Once a humble bridal salon in 1950 Florida, David’s Bridal has grown massively into an international hotspot for dresses for different life's celebrations, such as weddings, promenades, quinceañeras, and more.

Lace and Mesh Off-the-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress



Boast off your long neck, beautiful collar bones, and toned shoulders with this off-the-shoulder boho bridesmaid dress from David’s Bridal.

With a ribbon-defined natural waist, this boho bridesmaid dress will highlight the narrowest part of your body.

The slit skirt of this floor-length boho bridesmaid dress adds that combined detail of elegance and sultriness.

The slit allows comfortable walking and dancing as you enjoy the wedding ceremony, reception, and even the after party.

The zipper at the back makes it easier to take off the boho bridesmaid dress after all the merriment.

This biscotti-coloured lace and mesh boho bridesmaid dress, made from nylon and rayon, is lightweight and breathable, very fitting for the long hours of the wedding.


Established in 1984, Mango is now known as one of the leading fashion groups in the world.

Being one of the consistent massive frontrunners in promoting sustainable fashion, Mango uses different fibres to reduce their environmental impact.

Flowy Slit Dress

Flowy Slit Dress Flowy Slit Dress



Show off your daring inside with a combination of sophistication, grace, and style with this thin-strapped with draped neck boho bridesmaid dress from Mango.

This natural-waisted boho bridesmaid dress hugs the waist just right for easy movement and the humble bragging of your thin waist.

The flowy fabric made from sustainable fibres in line with Mango's Committed clothing line is an ankle to floor-length boho bridesmaid dress that makes you shine and exudes your bright personality with its pastel yellow colour.

The strapped and elastic gathered garter on the bust accentuates the beautiful shoulders, bustline, and bareback of any bridesmaid that will wear this for a boho-themed wedding. Surprisingly, this boho bridesmaid dress also has a zipper fastening for a secure fashion.

June Bridals

With more than 17 years of experience in the garment industry, June Bridals prides itself on serving nearby customers only to now serving brides and bridesmaids wherever they may be. Because of this, June Bridals is now one of the leading online fashion retailers in the world. Brides and bridesmaids can confidently order top-notch dresses that fit the body and are in for longevity for very affordable prices.

Short Dress with Pleats & Embroideries

Short Dress with Pleats & Embroideries Short Dress with Pleats & Embroideries



If you want to cop off a boho chic bridesmaid look, this piece from June Bridals is for you.

This mini boho bridesmaid dress appears to have an off-the-shoulder look which is ideal for people confident with their neck, collarbones, and shoulders.

Closely, this boho bridesmaid dress has an almost transparent tulle fabric that covers the neck and chest. The tulle fabric is lightweight and breathable, which ensures comfortable wear.

The tulle fabric extends to the arms to make long sleeves for added volume and shape to the body. It is also hooked at the back for an added detail.

The pleats and embroidery sweeping the neckline add character and design to this boho bridesmaid dress.

This full-lined boho bridesmaid dress helps you look slimmer and taller.

Adding a note to this mini dress is the chance to show off your beautiful toned legs and rock some pump shoes or stiletto heels.

JJ’s House

Fifteen years and counting in the online retail business, JJ's House is one of the global leaders for dresses, gowns, and accessories for many life milestones, such as weddings, birthdays, and parties.

JJ's House received awards from The Knot's Best of Weddings 2021 and Wedding Wire's Couple's Choice Awards 2022, marking their expertise in dress retail.

A-Line V-neck Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

A-Line V-neck Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress A-Line V-neck Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress



For that ultimate fairy and princess look, wear this long-sleeved burgundy boho bridesmaid dress that is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem.

This A-line boho bridesmaid dress flatters any body type. Also known as the fit and flare, A-line boho bridesmaid dresses save your time and money from choosing the perfect boho bridesmaid dress. 

If you have a larger hair volume, this V-neck boho bridesmaid dress will even accentuate it. This neckline will also elongate your neck.

The soft and elastic chiffon fabric makes this boho bridesmaid dress cool to wear even if you are in a summer boho-themed wedding. Also, it is resistant to abrasion. You won't see pilling and wrinkles.

The floor length and chiffon fabric make you look more feminine with this boho bridesmaid dress.

Hanging on the shoulders are the spaghetti straps, and closing the back is a zipper for that secure fit and wear.

Line Scoop Neck Asymmetrical Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Line Scoop Neck Asymmetrical Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress Line Scoop Neck Asymmetrical Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress



Here is another A-line boho bridesmaid dress from JJ's House.

Made from coral-coloured silky chiffon fabric, this boho bridesmaid dress is airy, flowy, and perfect for a boho-themed wedding and practically for any occasion.

The scoop neckline is a friend to almost all body types. It can elongate a short or thick neck and gives the illusion of longer and broader shoulders.

Giving an arty vibe and aura to this boho bridesmaid dress is its asymmetrical length. This length will help you stand out and give you an edge. The skirt flows to a short movement-ready hem in front before flowing to an elegant floor-length at the back.

The sleeves cover well the shoulders and arms. But again, since this boho bridesmaid dress is chiffon-made, you can still expect comfort while wearing it.

That small V-opening or peek-a-boo back zipped up gives a tinge of allure.

Kennedy Blue

Priding itself on its philosophies, Kennedy Blue is changing how a bridesmaid shop, one dress at a time. They removed the middleman, made sizing simple, and focused their services and designs around their clients.

Kennedy Blue believes in affordable, high-quality, and beautiful bridesmaid dresses.


Allison bridesmaid dress Allison bridesmaid dress



With its dreamy sweetheart neckline and floor-length flowing skirt, the slate blue Allison boho bridesmaid dress marries cute and romantic.

Expect convenience and more movement, even if this boho bridesmaid dress highlights the bust and the natural waist because of its high quality and comfortable chiffon fabric.

Its flowy A-line skirt gives more accommodation for the hip area for extra movement.

This timeless bestselling boho bridesmaid dress features a flirty double-layer ruffle top that sweeps the shoulders and bust.

This boho bridesmaid dress is a steal for budget-conscious bridesmaids as you can wear the fluttery sleeves off the shoulder and leave your arms out for a strapless look or use the detachable spaghetti straps for extra support.


Elena bridesmaid dress Elena bridesmaid dress



Because of its comfortable crisscross straps at the neckline and its universally flattering design, the mustard yellow Elena boho bridesmaid dress is a bridesmaid favourite. The straps give the illusion of a fuller bust line.

This boho bridesmaid dress is another steal for three reasons.

One, the relaxed and flowy A-line skirt provides a classy and dreamy vibe.

Two, it has a removable chiffon self-tie sash that defines the natural waistline.

And the best thing about this boho bridesmaid dress is the presence of pockets, which provide spaces for carrying wedding day essentials, especially that phone to snap that boho bridesmaid dress of the day--- your version of outfit of the day.

The high-quality & delicate chiffon fabric that goes all the way to the floor provides plenty of room for movement, especially for dancing during the wedding reception and after party.


Leaving her corporate job in 2018, Caitlyn launched Cicinia. Using her ten years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry, Caitlyn built Cicinia to provide quality classic and trendy bridesmaid dresses for every size, colour, and race for an affordable price.

Cicinia offers 150+ bridesmaid dress styles and customers also can request for customization or personalization for that everlasting look.

Myla Flowy Chiffon Sheath-Column Long Bridesmaid Dress

Myla Flowy Chiffon Sheath-Column Long Bridesmaid Dress Myla Flowy Chiffon Sheath-Column Long Bridesmaid Dress



The point feature of this rust-coloured boho bridesmaid dress is its peek-a-boo sleeves. It provides a sneak peek of your shoulders but also covers some areas.

Hugging your natural waist and cascading to the floor makes this boho bridesmaid dress a classic and trendy option.

The sheath-column silhouette offers a very distinctive style.

The ruffles running along the chest and back add detail, volume, and shape to the dress.

This boho bridesmaid dress exposes your bareback for a sweatproof day from the ceremony to the after party.

Lilly Dreamy Halter High-Low Bridesmaid Dress

Lilly Dreamy Halter High-Low Bridesmaid Dress Lilly Dreamy Halter High-Low Bridesmaid Dress



If you want wedding guests to focus on your upper parts, such as your bust, shoulder, and face, this halter boho bridesmaid dress is the answer.

A halter neckline drives away the attention from your legs or hips.

The back portion of this boho bridesmaid dress has a V-shaped opening that allows air to touch your skin. You know how weddings can get hot because of all the emotions and merriment.

If you are confused about whether to go for a short or a long dress, you need not worry since you can get both with this high-low boho bridesmaid dress.

This type of silhouette also is fitting for semi-formal boho-themed weddings.

The zipper at the back provides a secure fit. 

Rose Pretty Chiffon Asymmetrical Bridesmaid Dress

Rose Pretty Chiffon Asymmetrical Bridesmaid Dress Rose Pretty Chiffon Asymmetrical Bridesmaid Dress



If you are looking for an asymmetrical chiffon boho bridesmaid dress, this might be for you.

Featuring a high-low asymmetrical silhouette, this boho bridesmaid dress in mulberry features a ready-to-dance shorter hem at the front and a long train for that princess look at the back.

The one-shoulder neckline provides a unique shape for this boho bridesmaid dress. Showing a part of your bare collarbone gives a peek of a bridesmaid's allure. Most importantly, this type of neckline gives you more movement.

Ada Casual Chiffon A-line Short Sleeves Long Bridesmaid Dress

Ada Casual Chiffon A-line Short Sleeves Long Bridesmaid Dress Ada Casual Chiffon A-line Short Sleeves Long Bridesmaid Dress



Business at the front and party at the back--- this is how this floor-length boho bridesmaid dress is.

The front features an A-line silhouette making this boho bridesmaid dress fit for any size and shape.

It also has a V-neck neckline which helps elongate the neck and highlight the collarbones.

The back, on the other hand, features a V-shaped opening with strings at the nape.

The chiffon fabric of this boho bridesmaid dress sways with your every movement and completes the overall classic and timeless look,

Adalynn Cute Spaghetti Straps Pleats Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress



This mulberry-coloured boho bridesmaid dress features an A-line silhouette that emphasizes the bridesmaid's natural waist.

Despite being a sleeveless boho bridesmaid dress, the spaghetti strapped neckline provides a secure fit. Coincidentally, this sleeveless dress allows a bridesmaid to flaunt her neck, collarbones, and shoulders.

The crisscross back gives an element of surprise. Wedding guests will think of this as a regular spaghetti strapped dress but have the straps crossed at the back.

Looking into the details of this boho bridesmaid dress, you will notice the ruffles on the chest part, which add cuteness, volume, and body to the dress.

This floor-length boho bridesmaid dress provides that traditional classic or timeless look.

The chiffon fabric makes movement comfortable and breathable despite its length.


Attending a wedding is expensive. That is a fact we must acknowledge and accept.

As a bridesmaid, you book a flight, get a hotel room, have your hair and make-up done, secure a pair of shoes and pick yourself a bridesmaid dress.

But good thing, modern weddings gave birth to new wedding practices. All bridesmaids now are generally lucky because of the presence of boho bridesmaid dresses. With the comfort, flexibility, style, and affordability they can offer, boho bridesmaid dresses have proven their importance and role in modern weddings.