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7 Fun and Fashionable Ways to Accessorize Modest Bridesmaid Dresses

Accessorize Modest Bridesmaid Dresses

Weddings with modest bridesmaid dresses can be due to different factors. One could be the couple’s religion and culture which requires the attire of the entourage and guests to be more conservative. Another reason could be the season of the wedding. If the big day happens to land during the colder parts of the year, something with more skin coverage is definitely more ideal and comfortable. Lastly, it could be the plain old preference — the bride just wants something more pure and simple for her girl gang.

You might be on the fence about modest bridesmaid dresses as they are usually linked to something boring, out of fashion, and ill-fitting. But the truth is, most modest bridesmaid dresses these days are sleek, fashionable, and very trendy. They come with tailored sleeves and elegant necklines and are available in a wide range of colours like the classic blues and blacks.

If you're still worried that you’ll look drab in a modest bridesmaid dress, you should know that you can still add some style and spunk to your outfit simply by knowing how to pick the right accessories that will complement the outfit. There are a number of ways how you can pull this off – jewellery, shoes, wraps, belts, and even hair pieces.

Here are some wonderful ways how to glam up and elevate modest bridesmaid dresses:

Charming Crowning Glory

One of the most important elements of your aesthetic as a bridesmaid is your hairstyle. A beautifully-styled hair can already make a big difference to your overall look. Adding just the right glitter and sparkle to your hair can easily transform your look from simple to suave. There are several hair pieces that you can incorporate into your outfit including beautiful pearl pins, crystal clips, and even flower crowns.

One hair accessory that pairs perfectly with modest navy-blue bridesmaid dresses is this dreamy headband while this chic hair comb goes incredibly well with modest dusty blue bridesmaid dresses.

Charming Crowning Glory with modest bridesmaid dresses

Elegant Ear Candies

Earrings are a definite staple when it comes to bridesmaid fashion. They are probably one of the most versatile accessories out there. Earrings are easily accessible and can be reused for both day-to-day affairs and other special occasions. With earrings, you can play with sizes – go from super big hoops or stick to romantic and dainty studs. You can also choose the length of your earrings that will fit best with your modest bridesmaid dress – bobs, chandeliers, drops, and crawlers. Lastly, you can choose the materials from which your earrings are made -- gold, silver, pearls, crystals, and even tassels.

Pair stunning modest black bridesmaid dresses with sparkly hoops or add some flair to modest dusty blue bridesmaid dress with sleeves with unique dangling ear jewellery. You can also complement modest navy-blue bridesmaid gowns with some statement ear cuffs.

Elegant Ear Candies with modest bridesmaid dress

Image source:Pandora

Nice and Nifty Neckwear

Another must-have in your accessory stash to vamp up a modest bridesmaid dress is a statement necklace. Just like earrings, necklaces are versatile and can be paired with any kind of dress style or colour. You can also match your necklace to your earrings for a more cohesive look. Necklaces come in different forms, sizes, and materials.

For modest dusty blue bridesmaid attires with V-necks, use necklaces with V-shaped pendants. For modest navy-blue bridesmaid outfits with a high neckline, go for long chains with a simple pendant. Spaghetti Straps modest black bridesmaid gowns pair best with choker necklaces.

Another fun thing you can do with necklaces is you can layer them to create a beautiful contrast of colours and textures. Layered necklaces also add a stylish flair to modest bridesmaid dresses.

Nice and Nifty Neckwear

Image source:Tiffany, Cultgaia


Wraps and shawls are wonderful additions to a wedding outfit especially when the look calls for something extra conservative or the weather calls for something extra warm – hitting two birds with one stone. From a style perspective, wraps should come in a similar or complementing colour to the modest bridesmaid dresses they will be paired with. It is also ideal that they are made of light and comfortable material.

Wraps are not just strips of boring fabric, they can also be stylishly embellished with beads and crystals, charmingly crocheted, printed silk with fun colours, and even trimmed with faux fur. Aside from wraps, you can also go for bridesmaid jackets and capelets.

Beauty and the Belt

Belts are like icing on the cake when it comes to modest bridesmaid dresses. They provide a refined and romantic finishing touch to an outfit and fabulously highlight the shape and silhouette of the wearer. Belts come in different lengths, widths, and materials. There are belts embellished with beads, pearls, and crystals as well as belts made of lace and ribbons. You can also incorporate bows to your bridesmaid belt.

Add some shimmer to modest navy-blue dresses with a sash of floral rhinestones or sleek up modest bridesmaid wedding dresses with sleeves with a timeless piece of thin embellished belt. Lastly, turn plain and modest black bridal party dresses into something fun and pretty with a belt with bold bling.

Beauty and the Belt

Brilliant Bracelet

Another piece of jewellery you can wear to enhance modest bridesmaid dresses is bracelets. Bracelets come in different shapes, sizes, and materials – all of them add brilliance to any attire. The wonderful thing about bracelets is that you can wear as many as you like – you can go for a single chain or layer different pieces together – you can even wear an arm cuff! You can also create one knockout look by pairing your bracelets with your earrings and necklace. Bracelets can be made of precious metals like gold and silver but also other materials like beads, crystals, and lace. If you want something more natural and organic, you can even make floral wristlets.

Bracelets are ideal accessories for modest dresses with short sleeves or modest black bridesmaid dresses with long sleeves. Bracelets also look pretty when worn with dusty blue dresses with halter necklines.


Image source:The Pearl Source, Kay

Footwear Fit for a Fairytale

Simple and modest don't need to be bland – that also applies to the shoes that you should wear with your bridesmaid’s dress. Show your personality through your footwear and shine from head to toe even when you’re wearing a more conservative outfit. Go with a pair of silver shoes or base your sandals on the colour of your dress. Just remember that there are some factors to consider when picking the right pair of shoes – they should be something that you a comfortable wearing and should match the length of your dress. Choose one with the right height and type of heels – something that will provide ample support and comfort that will help you move around and will let you enjoy the celebration from start to finish.

There are lots of bridesmaid shoes to choose from – stilettos, block heels, flats, low heels, strappy sandals, gladiators, and even boots! All of these can be worn with modest bridesmaid dresses. For knee-length modest dusty sage bridesmaid dresses, go for medium heel shoes. For floor-length modest black dresses, go for either flats or high heels. For tea-length modest dusty blue bridesmaid gowns, wear a pair of wedge shoes or medium-heel sandals. Lastly, for modest tangerin wedding dresses with asymmetrical style, go for a strappy pair of sandals or a sexy pair of high heels.

Footwear Fit for a Fairytale

Image source:David’s Bridal

Final Thoughts

Bridesmaids get a special chance to improve their already stunning look by accessorizing with their gowns. Allowing your bridesmaids to choose their accessories can give them alternatives that fit both their personalities and their budget. Have fun with your accessories, whether they are earrings, shoes, or wraps!