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Bridgerton Wedding: 15 Romantic Show-Inspired Wedding Ideas Lady Whistledown Will Love

Bridgerton Wedding

Image source: Bridgerton

One of the most popular shows on TV today is the period piece Bridgerton. It follows the life and relationships of the Bridgerton siblings and how they navigate society in fictional Regency-era England. The first season saw Daphne end up with the Duke of Hastings featuring the most passionate love confession in the rain, while season two highlighted the spicy love-and-hate push-and-pull relationship of Kate Sharma and Anthony, Viscount Bridgerton. The show has garnered a loyal following because of its solid yet steamy storyline and the romantic TV wonderland it created where the girl gets the most swoon-worthy happy endings.

Gorgeous ball gowns, dreamy pastel colour palettes, and relaxing instrumental music abound the show that’s why it’s no wonder more and more couples are getting in the Bridgerton wedding trend. If you’re a fan of the show, why not have a Bridgerton wedding theme yourself? If you’re overloaded with ideas, let us curate them for you. We have gathered the best Bridgerton wedding ideas so you don’t have to. Scroll down and find out which ones suit your fancy big day.

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 1: Roman-TEA Kick Off

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 1: Roman-TEA Kick Off

Image source: Bridgerton

What’s a wedding without a bridal shower? Kick off the most special day of your life with a gathering of your nearest and dearest Bridgerton style. Have your best girlfriends organize fun and fancy afternoon tea party-themed bachelorette. Here’s how they can pull this off:

Bridgerton Wedding Idea Bridgerton Wedding Idea

Image source:Perfete, Pinterest

1. Hold the party at a venue where they can transform it into an 1800s location. It could be a beautiful garden, a manor, or even a charming old cafe. Decorate it with Regency-style elements like pastel ribbons, fluffy pillows, flowy draperies, and antique furniture to complete the transformation.

2. It’s not Bridgerton-themed without a complementing dress code. Have the ladies dress up in their best sundresses. Outfits with puffed sleeves, flowy and tiered skirts, and dainty silhouettes are highly encouraged.

bridgerton bridal party table ware bridgerton bridal party table ware

Image source:Pinterest, Perfete

3. The tablescape should also follow the theme. Style the tables in Regency-inspired linen, wares, teapots, and teacups in blues and whites and pair them with silver cutlery and loads of fresh flowers.

bridgerton tea party bridal shower menu

Image source:Amominamoment

4. Lastly, the menu should also fit the whole vibe of the tea party. Serve tea cakes (which are a favourite of the characters in the show), finger sandwiches, cakes, and scones which go well with tea.

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 2: Cordial Invitation

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 2: Cordial Invitation Bridgerton Wedding Idea 2: Cordial Invitation

Image source:100layercake, Ashleystein

Set the mood for your guests from the get-go with a Bridgerton-inspired wedding invitation. That means a pastel-coloured stationery suite with hand-drawn watercolour visuals, cursive writing, and a Lady Whistledown icon. Tie the whole invitation suite with a ribbon to complete the whole concept.

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 3: Wow-worthy Venue

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 3: Wow-worthy Venue Bridgerton Wedding Idea 3: Wow-worthy Venue

Image source:Pinterest, Cocoweddingvenues

The show is known for its stunning views and venues that’s why your wedding should also boast a location fit for nobility. This could be a Georgian-era chateau out in the country, a mansion in the city, or a castle on the outskirts of town. Live your real-life fairytale with the perfect backdrop of polished antiques and classic architecture.

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 4: Enchanting Colour Palette

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 4: Enchanting Colour Palette

Image source:Modwedding

The show has a signature colour palette that you can utilize for your wedding. The shades include delicate blues, lovely lavenders, elegant lilac, pretty purples, and pure creams. You can apply this motif to various elements of your wedding including decors, floral centrepieces, bridesmaid dresses, and even your Bridgerton-inspired wedding dress.

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 5: Dreamy Wedding Attire

Dreamy Wedding Attire bridgerton wedding dress

Image source: 100layercake

Channel fancy nobility with your wedding wardrobe by wearing a suit and dress fit for a duke and princess. Achieve a Bridgerton-inspired wedding gown by going for a Regency-era silhouette complete with an empire waistline, square neckline, and embroidered bodice.

Exude a duchess air by taking inspiration in Daphne Bridgerton’s wedding dress – a white creation in silk fabric with an eye-catching skirt embroidery and dainty puff sleeves. Stay on point with the look by donning a pair of white gloves. As for the suit, steal Anthony’s Bridgerton season 2 wedding look with a period attire of a tailcoat, embroidered vest, silk or linen cravat, and a pair of gleaming dress shoes.

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 6: Sparkly Hairstyle

Image source:Sarahsurette, Weddingsparrow

Complement your Bridgerton wedding dress with the right accessories, starting with your hair. Like a real duchess or viscountess, wear a dazzling tiara on your wedding day hair. Choose from plenty of tiara designs and embellishments like beads, pearls, and crystals to add more glow to your bridal look.

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 7: Georgian Girl Gang

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 7: Georgian Girl Gang Bridgerton Wedding Idea 7: Georgian Girl Gang

Image source:Sarahsurette, Pinterest

Your ladies-in-waiting will surely look lovely in their Regency-era-inspired bridesmaid dresses. Flowy and whimsical numbers that are made with tulle, lace, silk, or chiffon in fantastic pastel colours. Mix and match their look by having them wear bridesmaid dresses in different silhouettes, textures and shades.

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 8: Dramatic Dress Code

ridgerton Wedding Idea 8: Dramatic Dress Code ridgerton Wedding Idea 8: Dramatic Dress Code

Image source:Splendid, Vogue

Include your guests in on the fun by setting a dress code where they can come in dressed in whimsical gowns and suits as Regency-era folks. Don’t forget to let them know about your desired colour palette to keep the whole aesthetic of the affair polished and cohesive.

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 9: Topnotch Transportation

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 9: Topnotch Transportation

Image source:Hillcitybride

Forget limousines and sleek cars, it’s time to go full Regency on your wedding by having a horse-drawn carriage as your wedding transportation. You may choose to go for an open carriage or an enclosed one for the element of surprise.

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 10: Whimsical Wisteria

Image source:Bethanymcneill, Pinterest

One element that is always present in the show is the Wisteria plant. Utilize the beauty of this purple-coloured flower by using it as one of your major wedding decorations. Instead of a wedding arch, have a portion of your outdoor wedding venue’s ceiling host a shower of cascading Wisteria. The visual impact will be stunning and translate perfectly into photos.

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 11: Flawless Florals

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 11: Flawless Florals Bridgerton Wedding Idea 11: Flawless Florals

Image source:Pinterest, Ruffledblog

Speaking of flowers, Bridgerton is also known for employing tons of flowers for its set design. Copy this in your wedding by making sure that both your ceremony and reception venues are bursting with floral decors in every corner. Stay loyal to the colour palette by going for perennial blooms in shades of blues and lavenders like hydrangeas, delphinium, thistle, lavender, and buddleias.

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 12: Timeless Table Setting

timeless table setting timeless table setting

Image source:Pinterest, 100layercake

A flawless table setting that is not just pretty but also on-theme will complete the Bridgerton experience for your guests. Make sure to use Regency-inspired tableware as well as accents reminiscent of the era like brass candle holders, antique vases, pristine and crisp linen, romantic floral centrepieces and greenery ornament.

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 13: Charming Cake

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 13: Charming Cake Bridgerton Wedding Idea 13: Charming Cake

Image source:Weddingsparrow, 100layercake

Let them eat wedding cake – a beautiful one at that! Just like any other element of your wedding, your cake should have that Bridgerton vibe, too. It’s all about opulence so a finely detailed gilded cake would create such a fantastic impact. Have the creation handpainted with gold and blue and decorated with fresh or edible flowers for an eye-catching and mouthwatering finish.

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 14: Noble Favour

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 14: Noble Favour Bridgerton Wedding Idea 14: Noble Favour

Image source:Splendid, Splendid

End your Bridgerton wedding by sending off your guests with an interesting and on-theme wedding favour. Something that would remind them of your unique motif like a lace parasol for the ladies which they can already use during the ceremony.

Bridgerton Wedding Idea 15: Momentous Music

If there’s one thing the show Bridgerton does best, it’s turning modern music into fantastic instrumental tunes fit for the Regency era. Complete the mood of your “I do” by creating a Bridgerton wedding song list that you can play (live via string quartet or recorded) throughout the whole affair. Take inspiration from Bridgerton for your wedding music which includes songs like Sign Of The Times by Harry Styles or Love Yourself by Sufjan Stevens.

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