Pretty and Pregnant: The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Maternity Bridesmaid Dress

Pretty and Pregnant: The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Maternity Bridesmaid Dress

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maternity bridesmaid dresses in dusty blue

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Shop the collection of Dusty blue bridesmaid dress as shown in the picture.

"Will you be my bridesmaid?" are heart-warming words to hear from your bride-to-be friend.

And faster than the speed of light, you say, "I Do".

You then both cry your hearts out while jumping for joy.

But little did your friend know that you also have headline-worthy news inside you.


What Should a Pregnant Bridesmaid Do?

pregnant bridesmaid wear a blue dress hold a picture

Whether you found out you're pregnant before or after your best friend invited you to be in her bridal party, the possibility of a rush of cluelessness will be there.

“Am I going to tell her I'm pregnant?”

“Should I just back out?”

“Can I come as a guest instead?”

There is no one-size rule to those questions.

You may or may not tell you're an expectant mother. Turn down the invitation or not, that's your choice. You can still celebrate with her as a guest.

Do whatever makes you and that person inside you comfortable. It is difficult to do something you are uncomfortable with or half-heartedly.

But, one piece of advice, though. Even if you have this freedom, you might want to change your perspective and consider the entire wedding planning instead.

Consider the time of the wedding, if your due date is close to the wedding date, you may want to decline the bridesmaid proposal.

It might be a hassle for you to labour in the middle of your best friend and her groom saying their I do's.

If your gynaecologist says you need to do bed rest the entire pregnancy, you are highly encouraged to speak the truth.

Also, if the wedding venue makes you do a long walk, and it's not advisable for you, either find a way to shorten the distance or decline.

Hesitation and worries about how to tell the truth are possible and welcomed. Ask for help from a mutual friend, her husband-to-be or her relatives to ease your stress.

Being honest in the forefront can save everyone, especially your time, resources, and possible drama.

How Big Should My Bridesmaid Dress Be If I Am Pregnant?

pregnant bridesmaid in lavender Maternity Bridesmaid Dress and bride

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It is easy to pinpoint the word maternity when a pregnant woman chooses a bridesmaid dress. But a pregnant bridesmaid still has the option to wear a usual bridesmaid dress style in a larger size and not a maternity gown.

Whatever pregnant bridesmaid dress style makes you comfortable and confident during dress shopping, here is your right dress size cheat sheet:

· Order 1 size up from your usual size if you’re going to be 2-3 months pregnant on the wedding day.

· Order 1 size up from your usual size if you’re going to be 3-4 months pregnant on the big day.

· Order 2 sizes up from your regular size if you would be 5-6 months pregnant at the wedding.

· Order at least 2 sizes up from your usual size if you’re going to be 7 months (or more) pregnant on the wedding day. You can also consider ordering a yard of extra fabric. It will come in handy for last-minute alterations.

What Fabrics Are Best for A Maternity Bridesmaid Dress?

Lightweight, stretchy, and flowy are the three characteristics of the perfect maternity bridesmaid wedding dress fabric.

Considering you have a growing bump, you can put your worries to rest with a maternity bridesmaid dress in either chiffon, stretch jersey, or stretch velvet fabric.

These fabrics provide a perfect combination of movement and comfort compared to rigid or woven fabrics like sequins and satins that don’t stretch.

What Can a Pregnant Bridesmaid Wear to A Wedding?

Aside from the fabric, choosing a maternity bridesmaid dress is about looking for a flattering silhouette.

If you want something comfortable and flattering to a fuller waistline, consider convertible dresses, A-line dresses, empire waist dresses, or wrap dresses. These are ideal maternity dress styles because they flow away from the body.

If you are a fan of column dresses, bias-cut dresses, or mermaid dresses, you might want to save them for another wedding (when you are not pregnant). We are not saying you cannot wear one, but since they are snug to the body, they can be a bit trickier to pull off, considering you have a growing ball of sunshine inside you.

Experiment with V-neck, cowl neck, off-the-shoulder, strapless, ruffle or halter neckline dresses if your bride-to-be is going for a mixed-and-matched ensemble.

If these still feel like a lot to take in, we got you covered. Here are our top maternity bridesmaid dress choices to let you show off your beauty and your adorable baby bump.

LEVKOFF Maternity Bridesmaid Dress Style

This frost rose or pink maternity bridesmaid dress from Bella Bridesmaids is a great piece to start your maternity bridesmaid dress search. Represent your sweetness as a future mother to your growing ball of sunshine with the colour pink. Expect to move freely, from marching the wedding aisle with the whole wedding party to dancing the night away during the reception with the help of its chiffon fabric.

pink maternity bridesmaid dress

Image source:Bellabridesmaids

Image source:Birdygrey

Lianna Dress

Look sleek and stylish with the Lianna dress from Birdy Grey. Highlight your romantic and loving side by wearing this mauve maternity-style bridesmaid dress. The high empire waist of this dress comfortably glides over your curves and gives you the freedom to let loose in style.

Maria Convertible Dress

The Maria convertible dress comes with convertible straps that let you creatively wear this dress in three distinct ways. Wear it with thick straps for a gorgeous portrait neckline, or bring the straps together for a thinner look. Lastly, for more coverage for your arms, bring the sleeves down for flouncy flutter sleeves. Don’t miss the raised empire waistline.

silver maria convertible dress

Image source:Birdygrey

dusty blue maternity bridesmaid dress

Image source:Azazie

Azazie Athena Maternity Bridesmaid Dress

A pregnant bridesmaid with a cool undertone will love this dusty blue maternity bridesmaid dress from Azazie. How can you not love the flattering V-neck that elongates your neck and lets you boast of your beautiful shoulders? And who would miss out on its back strap that creates a modern twist to this classic blue maternity bridesmaid dress? Another good news is that your baby bump gets to dress up too. This maternity bridesmaid dress comes with a chiffon sash.

Scarlett Cute Sweetheart Sweep-Brush Train Bridesmaid Dress

Evoke timeless elegance and happy feelings of romance with the help of the Scarlett bridesmaid dress. Boast off a soft mix of pink and purple hues with this dusty rose maternity bridesmaid dress. With a sweetheart neckline that balances femininity and sexiness and a sleeveless sleeve length that allows more movement, this pink maternity bridesmaid dress from Cicinia is a great piece for an expecting mother.

Sweetheart Sweep-Brush Train Bridesmaid Dresses

Image source:Cicinia

Elegant Sweep Train Plus Size navy blue maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

Image source:Cicinia

Mariah Elegant Sweep Train Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress

Look ethereally good and give off the Greek goddess vibe with the Mariah bridesmaid dress from Cicinia. This dark navy maternity bridesmaid dress is a perfect dress with its sweep train for a summer wedding. And newsflash! This chiffon piece comes with pockets, which are great for a pregnant bridesmaid who might want to bring a few things to keep her okay the entire wedding.

Amsale Autumn Maternity Dress

Here is another dark navy maternity bridesmaid dress you can consider. With the short sleeve off-the-shoulder neckline of the Autumn maternity dress from Amsale, expect a perfect combination of grace and comfort. Its artfully pleated skirt and elegant silhouette make room for any baby bump size.

dark blue maternity dress

Image source:Amsale

purple maternity dress

Image source:Amsale

Amsale Maternity Dress

Any expectant mother can expect a perfect combination of ease and beauty with the plum-coloured G942U maternity dress from Amsale. Its spaghetti strap halter bodice highlights your collar bones while its empire waist and delicate ruching on the bust give the right fit for you and your baby bump. The lined sheer tulle skirt adds volume and detail to its overall look.


A wedding is not only a celebration of love but also of body positivity and uniqueness. Feel confident about your baby bump and share with the world how proud you are as a mom-to-be.

Strengthen your maternal relationship by creating memories for you and your little ball of sunshine!

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