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Bridesmaid Nail Ideas For All Wedding Themes

all hands of bridesmaid with nice nails

Manicured nails are a subtle way to add personality regardless of the wedding theme. You can still stick with the bride and groom’s official colour palettes without compromising the beauty of your wedding nail designs.

Nails are now part of the attire of bridesmaids unlike before. They are not an afterthought anymore which is amazing because they complete the whole look. Modern brides want their girls to match from head to toe, so it’s no surprise different types of nails have emerged along with artistic nail art designs.

Whether the bride or the bridesmaid will be the one to choose, we’ve made a simple guide that can help you with your decision.

Bridesmaid Nails Ideas: Fake Nails vs Nail Polish

nails in purple

Which one lasts longer? Which one doesn’t damage the real nails underneath? Like we said before, different nails are now mainstream. There are gel, acrylic, fake and polish nails. These types have different techniques and styles, but the two most popular are fake and polished nails.

Here’s a rundown of their features so you can decide if it fits the romantic wedding.

Changing Shapes

Some nails are too short and some nails are too long. You can customize the shape of fake nails which is one of its advantages. If you want edgy stiletto nails or classic square tips then fake nails can shape them. The fake acrylic nails will only be glued on top of your nails so changing their shape is a piece of cake.

Of course, you can also groom your real nails to be on square tips however that’ll take time. More so, not everyone in the bridesmaids has nails that can be groomed to how you want them. Nail polish only colours the nails but can’t change its shape that’s why fake nails win this round.

Natural Look

No one wants their nails to look fake. Nail polish looks more natural than fake acrylic nails due to the natural thickness of the latter. When fake nails are also applied incorrectly, they will be unpleasing and uncomfortable to look at.

Longer Lasting

Fake nails can last for a whole month if taken care of. Meanwhile, nail polish, no matter how you take good care of it, chips and looks old after a few days.

Price and Application

Nail-polished nails are cheaper than fake nails because it takes less than an hour to get done. On the other hand, fake nails take time, extra effort and high-level nail artists that’s why it is more expensive.

Now that you have chosen what you want to do, it’s time to decide on how will you make these romantic nails come to life.

Wedding Bridesmaid Nails: DIY vs Salon

diy nails

If there is a creative bridesmaid in the group who can do DIY nails then you can hire her to do everyone’s nails. However, do you really want to burden your friend if you can hire a nail salon expert? The dilemma between DIY vs salon should end with the three points below.


Yes, that's the first point we're going for first. It’s obvious DIY is cheaper than salons. Salons charge about £20 to £40 depending on the design and materials used. DIY tools win the budget category due to their reusability.


Sometimes a cheap DIY means a cheap result. Brides are mostly wed once in a lifetime so having picture-perfect matrimony is a must. Every part of the bridesmaid should match in elegance from head to toe. Hire a salon expert for one hundred per cent quality nails.


Nails take some time in salons whereas DIYs are made in less than an hour. Also, you need to do one big booking for the ladies so scheduling the time to do their nails together can be stressful. DIY is less hassle and you can ask your creative friend to squeeze the bridesmaids depending on their schedule two weeks before the wedding.

Salon or DIY depends on the budget, quality and time. If you want more help, you can check out more tips on bridesmaid nail art designs.

Classy Bridesmaid Nails

classy nails clean and classy nails simple nails with flower

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Traditional weddings don't mean bridesmaids can’t dress up their nails. Pure white coloured nails are perfect for the big day. It's clean and simple that conforms to everyone's elegant taste.

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Neat and Simple Bridesmaid Nails

neat and simple nails in white simple nails cut neat nails

Image source:Pinterest 1, Pinterest 2, Pinterest 3

Are you looking for a conservative nail design? The combination of colourless nail polish and white tips looks neat and simple. It's a great alternative if the bridesmaids don't like pure white nails. Another option is blending light pastel pink and white colour polish for an ombre effect that presents a subtle refinement from the bridesmaids.

Nude Bridesmaid Nails

nude nails nude and slide nails nude coloured nails

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Nude nails will never go wrong with any skin tone. Brides wear nude to make sure their rings stand out in pictures. Well, the bridesmaids can support the newlywed by wearing the same shade. The nude shade matches any season, theme or palette.

French Manicure

french Manicure french Manicure french Manicure

Image source:Pinterest 1, Pinterest 2, Pinterest 3

Although French manicures did not originate in France, this nail idea has the allure and beauty of a French woman. This type of nail design is best for brittle nails or chubby fingers. It creates an illusion of slim fingers because of the white square tips which are great also in preventing worn-out nails.

Popping Bright Colours

Popping Bright Colours nails in purple Popping Bright Colours nails in pink Popping Bright Colours nails in blue

Image source:Pinterest 1, Pinterest 2, Pinterest 3

Do you want an additional pop of colours for the wedding like blue nails? You can make use of the bridesmaids' nails to make a bold statement. Trust us, the girls will have fun colouring their nails in the neon version of your wedding hues.

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Moody Dark Colours

nails in brown nails in dark green nails in black

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Dark-coloured nails should be mandatory in a fall wedding. The season of Halloween that's full of thrilling horror stories and costumes is an excuse for moody dark nails. It's exactly what you need to make your wedding extraordinary.

Water Marble Manicure

Water Marble Manicure1 Water Marble Manicure2 Water Marble Manicure3

Image source:Pinterest1,Pinterest2,Pinterest3

The "water" technique looks gorgeous and can also be performed by a non-professional. Water in a tub is mixed with a few drops of nail polish of different colours, which are blended into the pattern with a fine needle. Fingers are dipped into the tank and the pattern is transferred to the nail. The coating is then secured with a finish. However, the patterns can vary greatly on each nail. On the one hand, this gives the water manicure its own twist - no one can replicate your design. But if you want it to be the same, you'll have to practice both drawing on the water and getting the nail pattern right.

Bridesmaid Nails for Any Theme

Nails are important like how dresses, make-ups and hairstyles are, so take time in choosing the best designs. After all, it'll be captured in a picture that will last a lifetime.


1. How many days before the wedding should you get your nails done?

If the bride-to-be will have a wedding nail party with her bridesmaids, it's ideal to book a schedule within the week of the big day. You can go for two to three days before the wedding so the nails still look fresh. We highly suggest you go for nail polishes that don't chip easily.

2. Are fake nails more suitable than nail polish on the wedding day?

Yes, fake nails are more suitable than nail polish because of their quality. It's your wedding day and you'll only tie the knot once so why not go all out in making sure everything is perfect (even if it's fake.) Besides, fake nails look beautiful in wedding photos and you can customize them to your heart's desire.