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10 Ways on How To Include Horses in Your Wedding

Include Horses in Your Wedding

Horses have long been synonymous with magical, fairytale-like romance. Nowadays, many newly engaged couples dream of including this beautiful four-footed creature at their intimate wedding.

Entering the wedding venue on horseback is an unexpected and striking touch to the whole ceremony. Including the equine during wedding photos is a unique experience for both the couple and the guests; that’s why an equestrian-themed wedding is a popular trend in weddings today.

If you also believe that these pure animals can help you achieve a great marriage life, here are how you can include horses in your wedding.

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Eccentric Wedding Invitation

We bet you have an outdoor wedding to include equines on your entourage, you horse lover simply. On your wedding invitation, you can include images of beautiful horses in the background because we know you love them so much.

Don’t forget to include the information about having horses as additional guests at your wedding in your invites. You never know; maybe one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen has equinophobia. If one of your human guests fears horses, you can assign him to a seat far from the galloping beasts.

Eccentric Wedding Invitation

A Very Open Venue

Image source:Cindylottesphotography

Pets are not allowed in churches and synagogues, so even if you have a majestic horse, they won’t allow entrance. It’s highly suggested to have an outdoor venue for your wedding ceremony and reception because you don’t have to make many adjustments for the equines.

You can choose a barn, garden or open field to hold your romantic matrimony, as these places can accommodate any animal. Inform the venue owner beforehand of your plan to ensure nothing will go wrong during the wedding.

Do you know another venue that makes horseback riding romantic? Believe it or not, the beach is one of the best destinations to include horses at a wedding. Think about riding the horse to the sunset as a romantic view.

Adorable Horses in Your Wedding

Adorable Horses in Your Wedding

Besides the usual horse accessories, you can adore his reins with floral highlights. Give him a special saddle blanket that’s perfect for your wedding motif and even a new browband and noseband in white colour.

If you can create a flower crown for the horses, then by all means do it! It will look adorable on them, and they will surely fit on your posse. Another option is creating a large garland necklace endowed with leaves and flowers. Tying a handkerchief with the bride and groom's name and the wedding date on the garland is also a perfect way.

Scout for horses and carriage 12 months before as only a few horse stables operate in an area. This way, you're assured you'll have a horse on your wedding day.

Horsey Wedding Decors

Image source:Pinterest, Pinterest

Horse-themed weddings are typical these days; thus, looking for horse wedding decors is easy to find. Do a DIY with a few baby’s breath and long leaves for the decorations. Place the natural ornaments on a brown jute bag with drawstrings for a barn-type tone. You can add a horseshoe detail to complete the look and feel of your special day.

Grab the opportunity to show off how much you love horses through your wedding decor.

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Flowy Wedding Dress

Flowy Wedding Dress

Image source:Shutterstock

So the bride wants to do horseback riding as her grand entrance, huh? You should avoid mermaid wedding dresses or sheath bridal gowns if you're the bride. A horse at a wedding means the bride should also learn to be a little cowboy, and you can’t do that if your dress is too fitted.

Look for a dress made for country-themed weddings that’s flowy with lace and fringe details. Stay away from corsets because that’s too tight to be comfortable in horseback riding. Do you want more choices? Go for puff sleeves or A-line dresses. Remember that horseback riding means your clothing will wrinkle, so prepare for how it’ll look when you walk down the aisle.

Your shoes should also fit the occasion; riding a horse means no stiletto. Even when you’ll ride a carriage at the beginning of the ceremony, still opt for cowboy boots.

Role of Your Special Horse Guest

Horses are lovable creatures who are elegant, noble and calm. On your big day, give your charming special guest its own role. Here are some ideas:

Greets guests in the entrance

While the bride’s waiting for her grand entrance with the dashing equine, they can first assign him as the greeter at the gate.

Escort of the bride

Arrive at the ceremony in style with a horse-drawn carriage or simply in horseback riding style. If the bride is more of a Cinderella, rent a carriage for the occasion; meanwhile, if she’s more like Belle, who’s outgoing and carefree, then a horseback riding entrance is the best thrilling option.

Image source:Pinterest

Walking down the aisle

It’s normal to have the father’s bride accompanying her walking down the aisle, but a horse? Now that’s something to look forward to. Make the most of the elegant animal and include him on your list of escorts as you walk towards the altar.

After the ceremony horseback

Just like those fairytale story endings, the groom and bride can elope out of the venue after the ceremony by horseback riding. It’s sweet, unique and fun to see the couple riding a dashing horse unto their forever.

Cowboy and Cowgirl Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

Dress up your bridal party and groomsmen in brown hues with matching boots for a true barn atmosphere. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can have the whole entourage ride their own horses going to the ceremony and even have to be escorted while walking down the aisle. Oh, and keep in mind to save the white horse for the bride as we want the best horse only for the newlyweds.

Image source:Pinterest

Adorable Entertainer

Depending on what type of horses you like, you can make them take photos with your guests during cocktail hours and reception. Set up a photo booth or a small stable for them to walk about. You can have a small pony too so kids can experience the thrill of pony rides. Adults can ride a more prominently tall horse to give them the adventure they’re looking for.

Guest Card

Guest Card Guest Card

Image source:Pinterest, Pinterest

To accentuate the guest cards, tie them in a miniature horse figurine. It’s cute, stylish, elegant and creative.

A guest card informs and guides your guests about the upcoming nuptials. It creates anticipation and excitement, which makes everyone attend. Using a horse on your guests' cards, let them know what they should look forward to. Now, everyone will get excited about attending your wedding!

Equestrian Wedding Favors

Equestrian Wedding Favors Equestrian Wedding Favors

Image source:Amazon, Etsy

Since you love horses, why not add them to your wedding favours? You can use a brown jute bag with drawstrings that you have used for wedding decorations for your wedding favours horse figurines, horseshoes and even other materials like candles with horse logos.

Give something meaningful that when your guests look at their favour, they will think of the lovely couple. How about going for practical horse wedding favours like everyday household wooden items such as kitchenwares engraved with the noble animal on them? Now, that’s something the guests will appreciate.

Wedding Horse Trend

Wedding Horse Trend

Horse at weddings is the new trend among couples, and it looks like it’s not going away soon. This dashing animal is the perfect addition to your entourage because of its noble and calm aura. Truly unforgettable matrimony needs an equally extraordinary guest.

Speaking of extraordinary guests, here are some safety instructions when you have horses in your wedding:

- Take note of the horse’s sympathetic nervous system, which can activate heat and cold stress, so ensure they have their caretakers with them at all times.

- Always remind your guests to be kind to the horses and never pull, push, mock or stress them out for any reason.

- We know this is your big day and needs to be perfect, but you must be attentive to these calm creatures. If they seem restless, unmotivated, sweating or panting, give them a break from every human in the venue.

- Never forget that they are living and breathing animals who have needs which means they can turn aggressive if threatened and become uncooperative if they feel hungry, thirsty or stressed from the chaos of the event.

Horses at weddings make the matrimony more interesting. Nonetheless, you should remind everyone present how to behave themselves too when it comes to these majestic animals.

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