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Playful Palette: Why Mix and Match Different Coloured Bridesmaid Dresses on Your Wedding

via Clive Blair

Choosing the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses for the big day is no easy task. It’s either you go for a more traditional route of monotones and single hues or make some bold decisions and try mixing and matching tones. 

Choosing to go off-beat is an awesome way to celebrate every bridesmaid’s individuality. Aside from the freedom of being cool, creative, and trendy on your wedding day, the contrast of colours will translate wonderfully in photos. 

But how do you do this without going over the top and looking awkward? We got tips and suggestions on how to achieve a charming and classy aesthetic for your bridal gang.

Same Dress Style, Different Stunning Shades

If you still want uniformity in your female entourage’s look but want a pop of edginess, try going for a specific style of dress and then experiment with the colours. This way, you can pick a flattering style that will highlight your bridesmaid’s figures and will perfectly pair with the whole wedding visuals. Cicinia has lots of bridesmaid dresses for this. And when it comes to assigning the dress colours, you can try the following techniques:

Skin tones and swatches

The easiest way to find which dress to assign to a bridesmaid is by matching it with her skin tone. This is very important to avoid embarrassing fashion blunders like the story of this one girl who was assigned to wear a lime green frock and throughout the event was consistently asked by other guests if she was sick because she was literally reflecting the green from the dress. A big no, right? On the other hand, wearing a dress that complements the colour of the skin does wonders to the overall appearance and the wearer’s confidence.

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For girls with dark skin tones: wear pastels and light shades and avoid dark shades, blacks, greys, and browns.

For girls with medium skin tones: wear rich colours and deep shades and avoid creams and beiges.

For girls with light skin tones: wear earth colours and browns and avoid metallics and neon.

Dreamy dresses and details

One way to play the colour game right is to use your bridesmaids’ dresses as “part” of the whole wedding styling. Subtly add elements of the wedding like your bouquet, backdrops, floral arrangements, desserts, candles, draperies, and decors with the same hues as the bridesmaids’ attire. This delicately creates cohesiveness to the motif without being blunt. Plus, the colours help your white bridal gown to stand out.

via Clive Blair

Charming Colourway

If you’re feeling more adventurous and you believe your bridesmaids are up for it, try mixing and matching more than two colours. You can do this by establishing a vision and then starting from there. You can base the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses on your theme (colours of the rainbow), the venue (outdoors), a specific season (autumn), or even the type of wedding you’re having (high-end and luxurious). You can stick to one style and different colour schemes or you can do the different styles and different colour arrangements. 

So how do you mix and match more than two colours and make sure that they blend well? Through colour blocking! Colour blocking is a modern technique of putting together colours from the opposite sides of the colour wheel to make an interesting combination.

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Here are some colour-blocking ideas for your wedding:

Candy-coloured Romance

Light, fun, and cheerful – this colour combination is perfect for a laidback bride and her crew. This mix instantly uplifts the mood and spreads good vibes all around. You can never go wrong with this one as pastels and light colours are always easy on the eyes. Steal this look for your bridesmaids featuring Cicinia’s Charming Scoop Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress available in lemon, lilac, and mint green. 

via Clive Blair

Gorgeous Gems

If you want something sultry and seductive, go for rich jewel-coloured dresses. Deep greens, burgundies, and blues that are stunning and romantic when blended. You can also experiment with mixing and matching different dress styles, necklines, and fabric types for this one to add texture and personality to the overall look. You will surely fall in love with the end result. 

Earthy Elegance

Low-key, down-to-earth, and dreamy, earth-toned dresses are always a safe choice when it comes to mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses. Their quiet elegance and muted hues easily complement just about any wedding theme. They are great in printed, plain, and embellished styles and are also always easy to find. 

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Fell in love with mixing and matching and colour blocking after reading the article? This is your sign to go for it at your wedding! Decide on a colour scheme, gather your bridesmaids and start planning with them. Once you have the vision in mind, let Cicinia provide you with the prettiest dresses. So easy!