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1920s Inspired Peaky Blinders Wedding Theme

peaky blinders wedding

Image source:Bridesupnorth

Give the nod to Peaky Blinders on your wedding theme. The moody, mysterious, gipsy and edgy aura gives authentic back to the lawless slum neighbours of postwar Birmingham. This English series is one of the most underrated but one of the greatest TV shows of all time, so it's not a surprise if you want it for your wedding.

Do you want something old but gold? A Peaky Blinders wedding theme will leave everyone feeling they travelled back in time. It's like reliving the historical side of the northern heritage and patronizing a scene that unfolded based on a true story. Now, let's have a tea party with the gang.

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Mob Leader Look for Peaky Blinders Groom

peaky blinders groom suit style

beaky blinder wedding hat peaky blinders wedding pocket watch peaky blinder gloves

Image source:Bridesupnorth, Peakyhat

The English gangsters of the 1920s never die. Well, that is in terms of wedding attire. Nowadays, everyone is following the craze in men's fashion from the post-war drama is evident in a Peaky Blinders wedding suit. The grooms and groomsmen will have the time of their life choosing from brown tweed suits, grey tweed suits or even check tweed suits for this vintage wedding.

The men can borrow the cool, domineering, charming aura of the Shelby family with a look that matches a mobster. Add a red rose boutonniere and a gold pocket watch to the overall attire. Throw in a newspaper boy cap for an English local flair. Don't worry, though; you don't have to stitch razor blades into your cap to complete the Thomas Shelby-inspired look.

Bonus: Put on a long overcoat and black wool gloves if it's a winter wedding.

Gypsy Peaky Blinders Bride

peaky blinders wedding dress

peaky blinders fur shawl peaky blinders silver five strand pearl bracelet peaky blinders wedding headband

Image source:Lovemydress, Etsy, Tradesy, Affordableelegancebridal

A Peaky Blinder-inspired wedding dress captures a glam gipsy vibe which should be seen on the blushing bride. She can wear a 1920s wedding style dress highly reliant on laces, beads detailing, patterns and an epic trail on the wedding day. On the other hand, some brides don't want a long trail, so another option is a creamy white dress that's only floor-length.

Additionally, the beautiful bride can accessorize with a headband, pearl bracelet and fur wrap. These pieces emit a 1920s vintage allure that'll make him say "I Do" faster than a bullet.

Vintage Peaky Blinders Wedding Guests

peaky blinders wedding guest

peaky blinders satin pearls embellished short gloves peaky blinders wedding guest bowtie peaky blinders wedding earrings

Image source:Peaky Blinders, Vampal, Otaa, Notonthehighstreet

Your wedding won't be complete without the baddies who impacted the lives of both the bride and groom. Staying true to the concept of Peaky Blinders wedding guest dresses is not hard as you think. There are a lot of vintage dresses they can buy for cheap in thrift shops. They can wear anything that looks gipsy yet classic as long as it has a 1920s vibe.

Accessories also amp up the look, so throw in a bow tie, check suits, gloves, vintage earrings and feather hats or bands. Oh, by the way, the couple still needs to remind the guests about what they should wear as the latter might overshadow them. If you're the bride or groom, ask your partner to add the guests' suggested attire to the wedding invitation.

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Stunningly OId Venue

Well, this doesn't mean you need a venue where the roof is literally falling apart. Choosing a venue that nods to the epic crime gang drama is more accessible in industrial environments. It needs to have a wedding where brick walls, wood columns and high ceilings embody the scenes in the English 1920s era. It would be best to have a location similar to "Officine del Volo" in Milan.

The couple can hold the romantic event in a barn, church or old home as long as it has brick walls, sturdy wooden design and a lot of vintage furniture. Heck, you can even hold the wedding in a bar if it exhibits a Peaky Blinders atmosphere.


A barn is a special place for a wedding because of its versatile and spacious space. You can reflect on any theme with a vintage, rural or classic motif. You don’t need to set up and decorate multiple settings, which won’t add up to the travel and parking of guests.

peaky blinders wedding at barn

Image source:Whimsicalwonderlandweddings

peaky blinders wedding at church

Image source:Pinterest


For couples looking for a sacred place, the church is the best option for the ceremony. Even in postwar WW1, the church in England remains a foundation for many people. You can choose from gothic architecture, romanesque architecture, medieval architecture and baroque architecture. All of these embody the Peaky Blinders romance.

Vintage-looking bar

Are you feeling the wild side of a Peaky Blinders-themed wedding? Get all merry and celebrate the night with your legless crew. Turn a vintage-looking bar into an elegant place for the wedding reception. The gang can have unlimited alcohol and cigars if this is your chosen recipient.

peaky blinders wedding venue bar

Image source:Magpiewedding

Image source:pauline-franque

Old home

The old home venue is the last but not the least choice for a swagger wedding. This venue has the charisma of postwar drama. You can just imagine the Shelby family owning the venue of your wedding. Look for a home that looks like manor flourishes in detail like brick walls, old wood designs and antique furniture.

Rebel Peaky Blinders Wedding Decor

peaky blinder wedding buffet bar peaky blinders wedding decor and whiskey peaky blinders wedding decor

Image source:Lamarieeauxpiedsnus, pauline-franque

Bring out the 1920s Shelby family affair in your Peaky Blinders-themed wedding with designs that brings out vintage badass altitude. From your wedding invitations to your wedding favours, play with the hit British period crime TV series set up in the 1920s post WW1. A touch of gold, black, brown, white and blue hues on each element recreate the scenes from the show.

You set up a cigar and wine bar, an old-fashioned Peaky Blinders wedding cake with delicate flower toppers and a touch of wooden palettes for an old-world look. Don't go overboard with gold, though, as it may look too glam for a Peaky Blinder wedding.

Iconic Peaky Blinders Wedding Photos

Iconic peaky blinders wedding photos

Image source:Mrspandp

Let your wedding shoot test the odds of time with iconic images. Were you wed in the 1900s and became an immortal couple? Give off an English postwar vibe with your wedding snapshots that'll leave new acquaintances asking if you and your beau were really hitched in 1920.

peaky blinders

Image source:Bridesupnorth

The photoshoot props can include barn wood wheels, a wooden apple box, cottagecore aesthetic materials, black curtains and an old English gun prop for a rugged glimpse. Without these things in the background, you can’t have an authentic Peaky Blinders shoot. Moreover, the couple doesn’t need all these props in one picture alone.

peaky blinders

Image source:Peaky Blinders

They can mix and match the props not to overdo a photo. Remember you’re aiming for genuineness so the pictures can last a lifetime. Another idea is to utilize the outdoor garden if your venue has one. You don’t need a lot of props for this because the scenery can be your natural backdrop.

iconic peaky blinder wedding photo in front of a car

Image source:Mrspandp

You can have vintage cars, too, as a background and never skip any details that'll remind you of the postwar drama.

Antique Peaky Blinders Cars

antique peaky blinders pink car antique peaky blinders blue car antique peaky blinders black car

Image source:Lamarieeauxpiedsnus,, Peaky Blinders

You can use it as a photo background or deliver the bride to the wedding venue, antique cars are as old as 45 years old, but car rental companies maintain them pretty well. Tommy Shelby will give you his blessings when you use a similar Bentley 4.5 Liter built by British automobile, Bentley Motors. It's the perfect automobile for a Peaky Blinders matrimony as they produced that car model between 1927 and 1931.

Nevertheless, if a Blower Bentley, as it's popularly known, is over budget or hard to find, you can rent any other antique cars that were built in the early 1900s. Still, has no luck finding an antique one? Well, you can simply opt for vintage cars built on later dates.

Old Romantic Peaky Blinders Tunes

Get your guests high on Peaky Blinders wedding music soundtracks and take the occasion high up a notch. The nostalgic, sweet and emanating old English feels will make everyone dance, sing and party like the Shelby family. It's like taking a walk down the memory lane of the legendary mobsters minus the guns.

Here's a quick rundown of love songs played in the series:

    • Breathless by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
    • To Bring You, My Love, by PJ Harvey
    • This is Love by PJ Harvey (Letra en Ingles - Español)
    • Here Without You by 3 Doors Down
    • Wonderwall by Oasis
    • Love Is Blindness by Jack White
    • In This Heart by Sinead O'Connor

Peaky Blinders Full of Vintage Love

Peaky Blinders is one of the underrated, but one of the best British TV shows ever made. Undoubtedly, everyone wants to be part of the Shelby family as they give off an air of badass confidence and glamour. This is the perfect wedding theme for a couple who wants to feel the absolute swagger of a British mobster in a postwar setting.

Furthermore, if you want an extraordinary wedding that immortalizes an era of passion, morale and romance, choose the Peaky Blinders theme. It's not only a TV drama but a lifestyle as well where you're like Thomas Shelby, who never backs down on life's adversities. Marriage is not only made up of happy moments but challenging ones too, which will set a strong foundation for your life as a married couple.

Let us leave you a sweet quote from Tommy to Grace: "I Found You. And You Found Me. We'll Help Each Other."

We hope this inspires you in your wedding planning for the Peaky Blinders wedding theme.

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