Charming Chapters: Elements Fit for Every Book Lover’s Dream Wedding

Charming Chapters: Elements Fit for Every Book Lover’s Dream Wedding

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wedding in a bookstore

Themed weddings will never go out of style. Their versatility lets a couple be at their most creative for the greatest chapter of their life. A themed wedding also gives engaged couples the freedom to retrofit the wedding planning on how they dreamt and visualized it -- however unique, interactive, and out of this world it could be -- from the outfit and decor down to the program and favours. You book lover friends can wear elegant dark green bridesmaid dresses to pair the vintage wedding vibe.

If there are couples in the world filled with magnificent ideas about fun adventures, out-of-the-ordinary festivities, and happy endings, they would be book lovers. They are the dreamers and visionaries who are not afraid to bring their adored stories into reality and integrate those book-themed wedding ideas into their own happy ever after. There are so many wedding inspirations one can draw from books – whether it be fantasy, romance, historical, fairy tales, or even sci-fi.

What’s great about a book-themed wedding is that you can do it low-key and simple or elegant and extravagant. There are virtually no rules on what elements you wish to include while still keeping everything classy, romantic, and sleek – which in turn makes styling and planning extra fun.

If you and your bookworm partner are looking for insights on how to elevate your book-themed wedding, try incorporating these brilliant wedding ideas we’ve gathered up for your wedding ceremony. Read on!

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It’s written in the stars...

One of the details in your wedding you can add a touch of your love for books and literature is through your wedding invitation – something that your guests will read. You can design the artwork based on the cover of the book your wedding is inspired from. Play with the art by adding your icons, symbols, and logo to make it uniquely your own. You can also add a title for your wedding and put it in the invite in big and bold letters. After all, it is your love story that will unfold.

If you’re having a historical book themed-wedding, use parchment paper. If you’re having something based on sci-fi, use silver-embossed cards. Another idea? Include a page of your favourite book excerpt, passage, or romantic poem in the invitation to remind your guest to save the date.


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Finding the perfect setting...

wedding in library

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Instead of holding your wedding at the usual garden or hall, why not celebrate it at the most book-themed wedding venue? A library! Not only you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of books, but the affair will also be exquisite and truly magical.

Book store

Instead of holding your wedding in a big library, you can opt to make it more intimate by holding it at your best-loved bookstore. It’s something more nostalgic, familiar, and close to you and your partner’s hearts. Soft lights, earth tones, and a warm and cosy ambience– the perfect place to say your “I dos”!

wedding in a book store

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wedding arch made by books

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Welcome to our happy ever after...

The best way to welcome your guests on your big day? A wedding arch made of old books! It will instantly be a conversation piece in the event and makes a great backdrop for photos. Beautify the arch with dreamy drapes, fresh flowers, and sparkly embellishment to finish the look. You can also leave the books as they are to keep everything raw and simple.

Aside from arches, you can also do other magnificent book-related wedding decors like backdrops and hanging adornments to make it a book wonderland.

Note-worthy table cards

Table cards are sometimes treated as an afterthought when it comes to wedding details. They are usually just a number printed on a blank piece of paper. But if you’re having a book-themed wedding, it’s an opportunity to make it a part of the overall aesthetic. Use book pages (make sure you’re willing to rip the pages of the book you’re using) as your table cards and write the table number on them. Stack more books on the table and use them as your card stand. Quite a little effort but makes a big difference in table decorations.

wedding table set

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books on the table in a wedding

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If you don’t want to rip pages off a book, another thing you could do is print the number on a piece of paper and add your most cherished quote under it. You can also print a book title recommendation to the card for the guests on your wedding day.

Styling with a story...

Table centrepieces are one of the major decors to consider in a wedding. They are the main visuals on the table where your guests will sit. They look great in wedding photos and add “life” to the overall look of the venue. For a book-themed wedding, create a dreamy ambience by blending floral and on-theme materials such as vintage books, candle holders, ink bottles, stamps, and vintage lamps.

put a book on the wedding table

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book make into a flower

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Try other techniques by using books with creatively folded pages, origami, or just stacks of hardcovers with stunning artwork.

A favour to remember...

Aside from witnessing couples exchange vows and seal the deal with a kiss, guests always look forward to receiving a keepsake from the wedding. Align your wedding favours with the theme by going for some book-inspired goodies. You can give away personalized stationeries and pens, literary-themed cookies, dainty bookmarks, and even actual books as wedding gifts to your guests.

book on the plate

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ring hide in the book

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Lord of the rings

Make your ring bearer the literal lord of the rings by using a book as the vessel of your wedding bands instead of the usual plain black box. Design the “book” cover with artwork based on your theme. It’s fun, creative, and unexpected.

Written well-wishes

Skip the boring and plain notepads or the typical framed photo for guest books and use pages of your treasured book as sheets where your guests can write their well-wishes. You then can bind the pages again after the wedding so you can read their messages whenever you feel like taking a walk down memory lane. It’s like having your book made up of the sweetest messages from your nearest and dearest.

book lover guest book

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wedding phone and guest check list

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Another unique idea is to set up a vintage typewriter where guests can type their congratulations for you and your partner.

A table worth talking about

Table runners are usually made of drab fabrics that are forgettable and more often than not just blend into the background. Make a statement in your book-themed wedding by using book pages as your table runner. This will blend perfectly well with the centrepiece and will complete the whimsical feel that you are after. This is something that surely wow the guests.

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A lovely tale worth telling

An interactive way to attune your love for literature at your wedding is by requesting your loved ones to read a passage, poetry, or excerpt from their adored story or book, such as Harry Potter. Instead of the typical message, they can give out lessons on love, friendship, and happy endings from the things they have read. Something worth sharing not only with the couple but with everyone.

A floral fairytale

Your book-themed wedding shouldn’t end with just the decors. You can also get innovative with your DIY paper bouquet by using pages of your most beloved romance story and folding them into paper flowers you can use for your bouquet. Just like your love, this bunch of “blooms” have a story to tell and will last a lifetime.

book lover wedding book bouquet

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Aside from versatility, one reason why a book lovers-themed wedding is well-loved is for the novelty it brings. It presents something new and wonderful to the eyes of the guests, a refreshing take on a celebration, something they have surely never seen from other events they have previously attended. A moment that will stick to their memories for quite a long time. Definitely (pun indented!) one for the books!

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