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Top 38 Wedding Party Photos: The Best Ideas For You And Your Loved Ones

wedding party photos

Your wedding isn’t complete without fun wedding party photos. These shots include the family and friends of the bride and groom injecting their personalities and authentic reactions with each click. It’s an exciting opportunity to capture your entourage's natural smiles, laughter, and goofy faces that’ll make the big day extra special.

It takes ten to twenty minutes to shoot somewhat sober adults at a wedding for these snapshots before or after the ceremony. Don’t forget to plan this portion ahead of time, and if you need some inspiration, we have wedding party photo ideas below.

Take notes of the shots you want to recreate and send them to your official photographer a week before you tie the knot.

Creative Wedding Party Photos With Bridesmaids and Groomsmen


Take a “stolen shot” with you sitting with a glass of champagne in your hand and a make-up artist doing your make-up while your bridesmaids are at the door smiling at each other and looking at the camera. It let’s out a fun vibe you should capture before the ceremony.

Bridesmaid Toast

This shot is aesthetically pleasing and deserves a spot on your wedding party photos. Have the bridesmaids make their toast and ask your photographer for a “from below” shot. It captures the friendship you have as a bride to your girlfriends.


Go for a classic route and have the bridesmaids and groomsmen stand side-by-side with the groom sitting and the bride standing behind the groom at the centre. It’s a formal group photo that must be on any wedding party photo set.

Playful Group Hug

Boys will be boys even on the day they tie the knot, so recreate this photo with the groom and groomsmen. Ask them to do a group hug like those of their favourite football team. Trust us, and this is an easy but memorable shot.

Behind The Bouquet

Do you want to have an artistic picture with the girls? It’s as simple as turning around from the camera and putting the bouquets behind your back.

Admiring The Wedding Dress

Since the bride is the show's star, a picture where the bridesmaids surround her with the beautiful wedding dress in perfect view is an excellent idea for your wedding album. It’s fit for bridal party wedding photos.

The V Formation

Symmetry is a style of photography that’s best to be taken with a group. The photographer will have the groom at the centre front while the groomsmen are behind him in V-shape. It’s perfect because everyone can be seen clearly through the lens.

Hilarious Proposal

There will always be a goofball among the groomsmen, and this humorous photo inspo will make everyone laugh out loud. Have the group's jokester "propose" to the groom and capture the hilarious reaction from the people around them.

Sweet Wedding Party Photos With Bride and Groom

Fun Kiss

Make use of your whole entourage for this snapshot! Share a sweet kiss with your new spouse at the forefront, and let your family and friends celebrate in the background.

Classy Black and White Photo

Capture an old Hollywood movie couple vibe with a black and white photo. A back hug and a kiss on the cheek of the bride make a classy photo sweeter.

Love in The Middle of a Crowd

Let the love of the newlywed radiate in the middle of a crowd with this type of stolen shot. The lensman will have the couple in the middle of the dance floor while their friends are having fun around them doing their own thing.

Deep Kiss

What's sweeter than an altar kiss? It's the deep kiss the couple shares after the ceremony. The newlyweds should plan a deep kiss photo with the photographer knowing that this will take place during the wedding.

Hands And Bouquet in The Air

Add this to your list of wedding party photos to say, "Just got married!" loud and proud. The couple is in the middle with lips almost touching and the heartfelt joy of the bridesmaids and groomsmen circling the newlyweds as they put their hands and bouquet in the air.

Colourful Wedding

A secret weapon to make your picture look amazing is coloured smoke bombs and grenades. These party tools are a great way to upgrade your photo from ordinary to stunning. If you want this concept, do the photoshoot after the wedding in case the group makes a mess.

Emotional Moment

It's a powerful emotional shot as the groom holds back tears. He'll look dashing in the suit yet vulnerable as the love for his bride amplifies through a black and white photo like this one.

Looking Through The Window

As a bride, you need to have a photoshoot dedicated to you. The looking-through-the-window pose is a classic for brides, and adding a bouquet gives the photo an ethereal glow.

Lovey Dovey From Behind

Show off your beautiful sexy bride's back and the broad shoulders of your groom in a beautiful picture. Intertwine your hands and let the world know how much you love each other.

Here Come The Newlyweds

After the ceremony, the newlyweds will stop at the centre of the aisle while the guests clap at their seats. It would be nice if there were petals softly falling while you share a kiss in the middle.

Minimalist Rustic Shot

A great view helps to create a lovely wedding photo. Have your groom look to the great horizon while you twist a little to your side, highlighting your pure white dress and side profile.

Radiating Happiness

Your wedding would feel dull without the presence of your guests, so why not include all of them in a wedding party photo? You and your spouse can share a mesmerizing kiss at the centre bottom of a staircase while the rest of your smiling guests are on the steps.

Lovely Wedding Party Photos With Flower Girls and Ring Bearer


The bride can twirl her flower girls creating a fun photo op. It will be a fun photoshoot not only for you but for the flower girls too.

Mini Me


It's heartwarming to see the bride and a flower girl taking pictures together. Find a spot in the church where the light hits the right spot creating a wonderful twinkle between the two.

Little Angels

Flower girls are the little angels of the bride and groom. They are cute and innocent, and a picture like this proves it. You can ask the girls to turn around and look at an angelic picture if they're shy.

Ring Bearer Cuddle

A photo with your ring bearer looks charming. Gather up the boys and snap away to add to your wedding album.

Supportive Wedding Party Photos With Family

The In-laws

A heartfelt picture with both parents of the bride and groom should be a staple of all wedding party photos. It will make both parties feel warm and connected with one picture.

Father And Son Moment

Capture a gorgeous father and son moment in black and white. When your groom reminisces, he'll be glad they took this picture on your wedding day; trust us.

Bride With Parents

A wedding is a fun time, so a photo with a bride and her parents is a must. It's a beautiful picture full of love.

Black And White Veil

A silhouette picture of the bride's beautiful veil is ideal for wedding party photos. It looks dainty in the picture.

Memorable Mother and Bride Moment

Have the mother of the bride adjust her daughter's wedding dress for the camera. This picture will remind you how your mom has helped you to tie the knot with your groom throughout the year.

Handing Over The Bride

It's a tradition for the father of the bride to walk down the aisle and hand over his daughter to the groom. This moment happens once in a lifetime, so capture it while it happens.

Three Kisses

It's sweet to have two generations of love in one picture. Ask permission from your parents and in-laws for a three-kiss photo where they also kiss their spouse for the camera. It reflects the love that's shared by two families who'll be combined into one.

Paw-fect Photo

Do you want an adorable picture with your dog? You can have him in the front while you and your beau kiss in the back so he doesn't get curious and nudge you both.

Charming Wedding Party Photos With Guests

Outdoorsy Shot

Book an outdoor venue with a scenic view for your cocktail hour, so you don't need to stress out on a photo shoot background. It's good for the photo and your pocket as well.

Happy Group-y

Nothing beats an extraordinary photo with the people you love. For this tight-knit picture, you can check if your church or synagogue has a beautiful staircase.

Toast of Best Wishes

It's a majestic photo where you can see everyone supporting your new life as a married couple. Make sure everyone has a wine glass for a toast of best wishes in your reception.

Sparkling Wedding

Give your guests a sparkler for a sparkling wedding night. It's a simple way to make a photo unforgettable too.

Heart Shape

Have your guests form heart shapes in a field while you and your groom are in the middle. It's sweet, fun, and will make everyone feel they are part of your big day.

First Dance

While dancing with your beau, ask your photographer to capture the moment with all the guests in the background. With this shot, you'll definitely feel the love on your big night!