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7 Bridesmaids Coverups for Cold Weather Weddings

Bridesmaids and Cold Weather Coverup Options

Bridesmaids and Cold Weather Coverup Options

Dressing as a gorgeous bridesmaid can be comfortable and fun during the warmest months of the year. It can sometimes be a bit unpleasant in times of lower temperatures, however. Thankfully, numerous top-notch coverup options can save the day for bridesmaids who don't want to have to shiver their way through wedding festivities.

bridesmaid Faux Fur Coverups in cold wedding

Faux Fur Coverups

Faux fur coverups can be ideal for bridesmaids who want to stay warm and look glamorous at the same time. They're the opposite of casual in vibe. Examples of popular kinds of faux fur coverups are faux chinchilla, fur hooded capes and even faux fur poncho.

Bridesmaid Jackets in cold wedding


A straightforward jacket can do so much for bridesmaids who want to avoid freezing on the big day. A custom leather jacket can provide a pleasing contrast to a feminine and formal bridesmaid gown. Other flattering options are sequin jackets, denim jackets adorned with pearls and cool, casual bomber jackets.

bridesmaid Cardigans in cold wedding


Cardigans don't only make people look studious and innocent. They also make bridesmaids look fun and easygoing. There are so many cardigan styles out there that can flatter bridesmaids' looks. Chiffon cardigans can introduce touches of class to bridesmaids' looks. Mesh cardigans can do the same thing. Crochet cardigans are the definition of cosy. If you're on the lookout for luxurious cardigan materials that can keep bridesmaids especially warm and toasty, you should look into beloved choices like alpaca silk.

Bridesmaid Wraps and Shawls

Wraps and Shawls

If you're keen on bridesmaids' coverup choices that can complement rather than take away from flawless looks, you should zero in on wraps and shawls. Although wraps and shawls appear delicate and feminine, they can offer significant warmth boosts. This can be especially helpful to bridesmaids who have to spend significant amounts of time outdoors. Soft faux fur, wool and fleece shawls can all pave the way for retro yet timeless vibes. The same thing goes for crochet wraps, satin wraps, cashmere wraps and chiffon wraps. Knitted bridesmaids wraps can be especially beneficial for colder temperatures.

What exactly makes wraps and shawls such terrific options for bridesmaids who want to stay warm? Although wraps and shawls can offer a lot of styles, they don't overwhelm looks overall. If you're searching for bridesmaids' coverup ideas that are rather muted and subtle, wraps and shawls may be the way to go.

Wraps and shawls also look like style statements in and of themselves. If a bridesmaid throws a gorgeous wrap or shawl on top of her gown, it won't look or feel like she's compromising her existing style in any way, shape or form.

bridesmaid coats in cold wedding


Fall weddings are one thing. Winter ones are a whole other story. Bridesmaids who are going to be dealing with frigid winter weather may want to put coats on top of their lovely dresses. Bridesmaids' coats don't have to be boring or drab at all, either. If you're on the lookout for bridesmaids' coats that can infuse looks with energy and vitality, you should go for colours like orange and pastel pink.

How can you guarantee that your bridesmaids' coats will be sufficiently warm? You can go for visually enticing and cosy faux fur choices that are on hand these days. Faux fur coats that have open fronts can make bridesmaids look and feel flirtatious, stylish and snug for hours and hours on end. 

You don't have to assume that all faux fur coats have to be made out of solid colours, either. If you want your bridesmaids to have a rather playful wintertime feel, then it may be exciting and interesting to go for faux fur coats that feature memorable and cool designs. It isn't hard to find checkered faux fur coats these days. It isn't hard to find faux fur coats that feature leopard prints, polka dots, stripes and everything else similar.

Don't be afraid to consider coat lengths, either. If you're searching for bridesmaids' coverups that are particularly dramatic for the winter season, full-length coats or "overcoats" may be best.

bridesmaid Scarves, Blankets and Pashminas in cold wedding

Scarves, Blankets and Pashminas

Scarves can make great coverup options for winter and fall bridesmaids who are just a little chilly. If you're on the lookout for rather innovative and warm bridesmaid scarf choices, you can go for ones that combine the best of both worlds. Plaid blanket scarves are a pretty big thing in this day and age.

Weddings that have personalized touches can be unforgettable, too. You may want to look into monogrammed scarves and shawls for bridesmaids. What can be more adorable than a customized shawl that prominently puts a proud bridesmaid's name on display for everyone to view, anyway?

Long-Sleeved Bridesmaid Dresses

Long-Sleeved Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids in the winter and fall seasons don't necessarily have to turn to "extra" pieces to stay warm. If you're interested in warm bridesmaids who do not have to deal with carrying around scarves, shawls and anything else like that, then you may want to look into longer-sleeved choices. Bridesmaid dresses that have elbow-length and 3/4 sleeves have been getting a lot of traction. These choices can be fitting for bridesmaids who want to feel warmer and more comfortable on windier and chillier days. If you're keen on bridesmaid dresses that can offer superior warmth, there are plenty of full long-sleeve gowns on the market as well.

You should look into long-sleeved jersey gowns, ruched long-sleeved gowns and similar designs. They've all been making waves in the bridesmaid fashion realm.


Do you have concerns about cold winter and fall bridesmaids? You don't have to fret. There are so many amazing and effective coverup choices available to bridesmaids who want to feel warm and happy for extended periods. You can look into compact scarves that are a cinch to carry around. You can even look into warm and luxurious coats that will make bridesmaids feel toasty regardless of the frigid temperature.