Fall Wedding Tips  - The Perfect Colour For Bridesmaid Dresses

Fall Wedding Tips - The Perfect Colour For Bridesmaid Dresses

Fall Wedding Tips  - The Perfect Color For Bridesmaid Dresses

Fall Weddings

The fall season brings in fresher, calmer tones. The sun has started to set sooner, and the days are shorter. And when it's fall, doesn't it seem like a new start? The summer is over, the leaves are changing colours, and it's time to put on your favourite sweater and hot beverage. It's also time to start wedding planning this fall if you're getting married! For that reason, you might want to consider a monochrome colour palette to go with lighter shades of the season.

So today, we're highlighting 10 of our favourite autumn colours for bridesmaid dresses and will be sharing wedding ideas that include these hues.


Burgundy bridesmaid dresses are among the most popular colour choices for fall weddings. It has been seen everywhere, from home decor to fashion runways and everything in between, so it's no wonder that more and more brides are choosing this as their wedding day colour palette.

While burgundy may not be an original choice, it is a classic one, and there are so many ways to incorporate it into every part of your wedding ceremony and reception. For example, when choosing dresses in this colour, look for a dress with an empire waist and a simple bodice with straps or no sleeves. Add sparkle with jewellery or pretty hairpieces, like flowers or beads woven into braids.

And the best thing about choosing burgundy as a colour option is that it looks good on everyone! It is a flattering shade that enhances all skin tones. It is also a great combination with other fall colours like gold, green, and orange for a warm and inviting fall ambience.

CICINIA Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses
CICINIA Rust Bridesmaid Dresses


If you're looking for an autumn wedding colour that's more earthy than orange, rust could be your choice. Its reddish-brown pairs beautifully with many other fall hues, like peach, olive green, and yellow. For instance, you could pair a dark rust dress with a bouquet of peach and yellow flowers.

And rust is a bolder pick than some of the more muted tones you'll find in fall weddings, but it's still neutral enough to be mixed and matched with various patterns and styles.

As for what to wear with rust dresses, you could go with gold or silver jewellery or even pearls to highlight the neutral colours in the dress. Or, if you'd like to make the colours pop more, try pairing it with colourful earrings or shoes.

Hunter Green

If you want more flexibility in your options, go with hunter green. This colour is a bit more versatile than the others, as it pairs well with more colours.

You can pair it with neutral tones like white and black and deep purples, golds, and brighter shades like yellow and orange. And if you're looking for a unique colour scheme that still has a traditional feel, pair hunter green with navy blue for an elegant look. However, the only shades it tends to clash with are pastels, so avoid pairing them with pink or baby blue.

Also, when it comes to accessories, the options are endless. You have the freedom to choose accessories that complement the bridesmaid dresses without worrying about clashing colours.

CICINIA Hunter Green Bridesmaid Dresses
CICINIA Stormy Bridesmaid Dresses


Speaking of a traditional wedding, stormy is a perfect shade for a rich and elegant but still fun and vibrant wedding. It comes in different shades of blue, purple, and black.

It's also incredibly versatile - you can pair it with many different colours, like navy, gold, or silver. You can also add jewel tones or pastels to make your bridesmaids stand out. And for flowers, you can pair it with deep purple orchids for an elegant touch.

Vintage Mauve

Mauve is another colour that can be easily overlooked, but it perfectly complements a fall wedding. Since there are so many shades of mauve, you can find the perfect hue for any bridesmaid's dress. And it's all about finding the right shade of mauve like a vintage mauve colour is ideal for a bohemian wedding. This shade looks great with a lace dress, and the colour pops against dark wood tones.

For accessories, mauve goes well with gold or silver jewellery and neutral shoe colours like nude or white. It also looks best when paired with muted tones like ivory or beige. It also works well with burnt orange and rust for a warm and romantic look.

Since mauve is such an understated colour, it's best to avoid pairing it with vibrant hues. While some brides may want to add an accent colour like red or yellow to their wedding palette, these bright tones can overpower the subtlety of mauve.

CICINIA Vintage Mauve Bridesmaid Dresses
CICINIA Dusk Bridesmaid Dresses


Dusk is a subtle pink with a touch of purple and grey. It's also known as portobello mushroom colour, which gives you flexibility when mixing in with other colours. Whether you're having a rustic barn wedding or an elegant church ceremony, dusk looks great in any setting.

If you're planning a rustic fall wedding, pair dusk with natural, earthy tones such as brown or olive green. And for an ultra-modern look, pair dusk with white and silver. This colour combination is super chic and simple, making it suitable for your minimalist bridesmaids. Or try pairing dusk with navy for a more traditional fall wedding look.


Grape is another colour that is subdued and fun at the same time. You can go with deep eggplant or light lavender. Both will look stunning in photos and are sure to please your bridesmaids. Grape-coloured dresses are also easy to match with other colours, mainly if your wedding includes many browns, reds, oranges, and yellows.

It can also work well with the gold or silver hues that are associated with the fall season. While these dresses are stunning on their own, you could include an additional layer of texture to them, like a crushed velvet material, which would give the dresses a more fall-like appearance. You could even match them with a pair of statement shoes to bring some extra excitement to the look.

CICINIA Grape Bridesmaid Dresses
CICINIA Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses


Champagne-coloured bridesmaid's dresses are also one of the most popular ones. It looks elegant and sophisticated, especially if combined with other colours like blush, gold, or deep burgundy. It has a warm shade that goes well with the changing season. Therefore, it is a colour perfect for a fall wedding held in the evening, especially when you want to create a romantic and glamorous atmosphere.

But that's not all. This timeless colour is also flexible enough to be paired with different styles of dresses and wedding venues like rustic barns or modern hotels. And you can go for simple long gowns or chic short dresses in champagne colour.


You can't go wrong with brown bridesmaid dresses for a fall wedding. Brown is a great option if you're trying to pick an earthy colour palette. From chestnut brown to chocolate brown, there are tons of shades and hues for you.

Likewise, you can match it with different colours like burgundy or green, just as neutrals like cream or ivory. For example, if you want to make it more formal, go with deeper shades of brown like chocolate brown. It's not too far from black but still different enough that you can tell these dresses aren't black.

And an excellent way to complement this colour is by adding gold jewellery or accessories like a gold clutch or shoes. If you want to add another colour, choose something close to white, like ivory or cream. You can even mix in other shades of brown like tan or beige for a neutral palette.

CICINIA Brown Bridesmaid Dresses
CICINIA Rose Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Rose Gold

Lastly, another popular colour during the fall season is rose gold. When you think of rose gold, think of sparkles and shimmer.

This elegant colour will look great on all skin tones because it exudes warmth and romance. The best part about rose gold is that it can be paired with almost every other metallic shade like silver or bronze for an extra pop of glamour and sophistication. For example, if your bridesmaids have cool undertones, pair the rose gold dress with some silver accessories for a stunning contrast.

Moreover, a rose gold-coloured dress can be a great alternative to traditional wedding colours, such as red and orange since the colour is more subtle but still fit a fall wedding theme.

Wrapping up

There are thousands of shades to choose from whether it's a soft and feminine tone or one that's bold and colourful. On top of that, there are also numerous ways to find a palette-from picking a single hue to choosing a combination of different shades. And, some colours may also take more work to match with.

The bottom line is: Don't be afraid to pick a stunning colour; just make sure your bridesmaids are on board with the idea. No matter which option you choose, though, a bridesmaid dress is always sure to impact the overall look and feel of your wedding day. Therefore, it's always important to keep that in mind beforehand. Check here for more inspirations for choosing bridesmaid dresses according to seasons.