Best 10 Bridesmaid Dress Colors for Your Barn Wedding

Best 10 Bridesmaid Dress Colors for Your Barn Wedding

Most barn weddings have an outdoor atmosphere, and you want your bridesmaids to add to the fun of this special day without overshadowing it with their dresses. As such, you'll want to choose a bridesmaid dress colour that brings out the look of the barn wedding and complement each other nicely. Colour options can vary depending on your location and the season you choose to tie the knot in. Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there that would work beautifully at any barn wedding and would allow your maids to enjoy themselves just as much as the bride. Here are 10 of our favorite bridesmaid dress colors that we think would look great at your upcoming barn wedding.

1. Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dress

Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dress

If you want your bridesmaid dresses to feel timeless, then you can choose a dusty blue colour. This color works perfectly on all skin tones and it is flattering year-round. The best part about choosing a dusty blue dress is that it will match any other colours in your wedding theme. For example, if you have chosen a red barn wedding theme then these dresses will look great with red accent pieces such as flower bouquets or even place cards. Dusty blue dresses are also a very popular choice among many brides today because they make women look slender while keeping them comfortable at the same time. Another great thing about dusty blue is that they work well with a variety of different hairstyles and hair colors. You can be assured that your ladies will be getting compliments all night long.

2. Emerald Bridesmaid Dress

If you want your bridesmaids to stand out from other guests at your barn wedding, emerald is a good choice. This stylish color is universally flattering. It is one of the best bridesmaid dress colors for winter and fall weddings. Emerald dresses also look great with a variety of skin tones, hair colors, and eye colors. The rich green hue looks beautiful and if you're planning to have an outdoor wedding, emerald will match your natural surroundings beautifully. Emerald green is a universal color and we are certain that all your bridesmaid will not have any problems when wearing this shade on your big day. They can easily carry it off with their sense of style and elegance. And no matter what accessories they choose to wear, they will always complement each other in terms of overall outfit theme. They will make a bold statement in emerald gowns but never look tacky or overdone.

3. Plum Bridesmaid Dress

There's a reason why so many brides opt for plum as a bridesmaid dress color: It flatters nearly every skin tone, making it one of our favorite colors to wear on formal occasions. This color of royalty will look great for everyone and it is also a perfect choice for all seasons. Plum dresses are very elegant and they can give you an extra edge over others who are in plain or simple clothes. The softness of the plum color makes it perfect for your barn wedding. The deep hue will offset the natural wood tones of most barns. They'll also make your girls look slimmer by providing them with a darker backdrop on which to stand out. Therefore, if you want your wedding to have a rustic and/or vintage feel, then plum dresses are an excellent choice.

4. Chocolate Bridesmaid Dress

Chocolate Bridesmaid Dress

If you want unique and dark shade bridesmaid dresses, then choose a Chocolate colour. It looks elegant for an evening wedding and it will bring understated elegance to your barn wedding. The best part is that chocolate color is also in trend these days so it will be easy to find matching accessories as well. Wear gold accessories and jewelry with your chocolate dress to complement the look. These colors will make your bridesmaids stand out from the rest of the crowd. Choose a chocolate color if you want to add some fun elements to your wedding theme. This colour is great for dark skin tone bridesmaids as well. A dark chocolate dress will look good on any complexion and all hair colors. Try not to go too dark with your bridesmaid dresses if they have light-colored hair or fair skin. They may end up looking washed out. One way to make sure that doesn't happen is by choosing a darker shade of brown rather than going with black or charcoal grey.

5. Pearl Pink Bridesmaid Dress

If you're looking to host an elegant barn wedding, you can choose a pastel bridesmaid dress that will match perfectly with your fairytale wedding theme. This color will always flatter all skin tones and it works well with your wedding theme of the farmhouse. The pearl pink bridesmaid dresses are light, bright, and soft making them comfortable to wear in both warm and cool weather. The softness of pearl pink can complement your other wedding colors well. These shades will still let you stand out on your big day while still keeping with tradition.

6. Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dress

Royal blue is often associated with royalty, and it looks beautiful in any wedding setting. The color can add an air of sophistication to your barn wedding theme. Try pairing royal blue bridesmaid dresses with white accents like flowers or ribbons to create a classic look. This warm color works well with any skin tone and hair color. This will make your bridesmaids look amazing and beautiful on your wedding day. The royal color also goes great with flowers like hydrangeas and roses, which will be in abundance at any wedding held in a field or garden.

7. Dusty Sage Bridesmaid Dress

Dusty Sage Bridesmaid Dress

Dusty sage is one of those colors that are well worth exploring if you want to add some sass to your bridal party. This color isn't quite as popular as other shades of green, but it's still a great choice if you want something different. It looks great on any skin tone and is perfect for spring and summer weddings. Remember, with an open-air venue such as a barn wedding, anything goes. Whether you opt to incorporate it into your bridesmaid dress color scheme or use it as an accent shade against a darker background, you can't go wrong with dusty sage. Pair it with apple green, burgundy, or aquamarine to create a flawless spring color palette. It's also a great color to wear at an autumn wedding in cooler climates, or even a spring wedding in warmer parts of the country. Finally, it's light enough to accentuate your bridesmaids' natural skin tones but still deep enough to compliment any other dress colors you choose.

8. Sky blue Bridesmaid Dress

Sky blue Bridesmaid Dress

The most common bridesmaid dress color, Sky blue is also one of the easiest colors to accessorize. You can pair Sky blue dresses with several colours. It is a classic and timeless color and it's flattering on almost every skin tone. This color works well in both formal and casual weddings. If you want your wedding to be elegant, choose a light or pastel shade of blues like powder or baby blue. Sky blue dresses can be worn with a variety of shoes and accessories that range from silver and gold jewelry to black or brown heels. If you want your wedding party's attire to be cohesive, sky blue is a great choice. You can even get creative with patterns; some designers offer floral or geometric prints in light blues and whites that are sure to look stunning on any body type. If you're going for a more traditional wedding, consider adding some silver accents and white flowers to offset it. If you're looking for something more modern, try pairing it with an orange flower bouquet and burgundy accents! You can also wear blue shoes, which will really make your bridesmaids pop in photos.

9. Champagne Bridesmaid Dress

Champagne Bridesmaid Dress

If you're having a casual barn wedding, champagne-colored bridesmaid dresses will be perfect. Champagne is a light color that won't clash with your venue and can help complement your rustic theme. It's also a great choice if you have any other colors in mind for your wedding; champagne pairs well with pretty much every other hue out there. Champagne is not only an elegant color that goes well with most skin tones, but it also complements just about any shade of flowers and decor. Your florist may even have champagne in stock if you choose to have flowers in that hue at your wedding. The best part about wearing a champagne dress is that there are many different styles available to fit all body types and tastes. Plus, many different styles of dress are available in champagne-you can choose anything from short cocktail dresses to long formal gowns to find something that works perfectly for your friends and family members.

10. Lavender Bridesmaid Dress

 Lavender Bridesmaid Dress

Lavender is a beautiful color that can enhance any type of wedding. The best part about lavender bridesmaid dresses is that they are flattering on every skin tone and hair color, so you don't have to worry about matching your bridal party perfectly. This hue also works well with both neutral and bold wedding colors. If you want something a little more unique than traditional white or ivory bridesmaid's dresses, but still want to stick with something classic, lavender is an excellent choice. It will work great in photos and give off an elegant vibe. This hue also has an airy feel to it, which makes it perfect for a barn wedding. If you want your bridesmaids to stand out from all of your other guests, try lavender dresses. This shade will make them look beautiful as you walk down the aisle and receive your vows. It's worth considering this hue if you're planning an outdoor ceremony.


Weddings at farms are gaining in popularity every year, so if you have a rustic barn venue in mind, consider using one of these top ten bridesmaid dress colors to suit it perfectly. They're stunning enough to make any woman feel gorgeous on her special day-but they're also ideal for almost any kind of wedding theme. You can find a beautiful and stylish bridesmaid dress at cicinia stores, as well as gorgeous, elegant, and stunningly designed bridesmaid dresses in different colours, styles, and patterns. We believe that you will find something that suits your taste and style perfectly. Happy shopping!