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45 Awesome Bridesmaid Hairstyles Ideas in 2022

Awesome Bridesmaid Hairstyles

The hair is the crowning glory of every individual. On special occasions like weddings, bridesmaid hairstyles are part of the ensemble. If you have lengthy tresses, there are many bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair. You tie, braid, curl, or let it loose. Of course, there are ideas for both medium hair and short hair too. Check out the list of bridesmaid hairstyles below and match it with your dress to look superb and divine.

Eye-Catching and Elegant Long Hairdos:

1. Braid Crown with Big Curls

Braid Crown with Big Curls

A braid crown with big curls is one of the most classic bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair. You will look amazing in the photos at the wedding.

2. Neat Braided Updo

Neat Braided Updo

Would you like a bridesmaid hairstyle updo? Then neatly pull up your hair in a french twist, braids, or bun. It will give a elegant vibe for you and will perfectly compliment bride's look.

3. Flower Crown Hair

Flower Crown Hair

Being an advocate of going green? This Nature-inspired flower crown hairstyle can show your support for nature. It's also more meaningful to use real flowers to adorn your crown.

4. Half Up and Half Down Tresses

Half Up and Half Down Tresses

This half up and half down hairstyle can help you add more youthful sense to your look. It will look better when your best friend's wedding theme is causal and semi-formal.

5. High Ponytail

High Ponytail

It's a fabulous way to wear your hair up to show your beautiful neck and shoulders. A lovely high ponytail can showcase your confidence and outgoing nature.

6. High Updo

High Updo

A sophisticated high updo is like a basket of fun on your head. This sophisticated hairstyle will need you to curl your long hair first and then put it up with some fashion or elegant accessories.

7. Loose Waves

Carefree Loose Waves

If your bridesmaid dress is colourful and stunning, you can choose this simple but feminine charming hairstyle. Curly hair can be sweet, elegant or cool. It's a hairstyle that can fit all types of bridesmaid dresses.

8. Loose Low Bun

No Frills Loose Low Bun

Loose low bun can bring you the vibe of being causal but still elegant in the wedding day. You can find it match well with backless bridesmaid dress and tone skin. It will look better with curly hair.

9. Demure Low Knot

Demure Low Knot

This low bun is more elegant and formal for wedding days. Curl your hair first and put it up with some pins. The key part for this hairstyle is the two locks beside your check, which can help you frame your face.

10. Sparkly Headband

Sparkly Headband

A dazzling and sparkly headband can add much glam to your hairstyle! Whatever your hairstyle is, straight hair or curly hair, short hair or long hair, headband cannot go wrong, and it easy for you to DIY if the hairstylist cannot spare time for bridesmaids at the wedding day.

11. Lustrous and Long Straight Hair

straight hair

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining lustrous long straight hair is difficult. It is not surprising if someone wants to show it off. Straight hair can be a good match for bright colour or black coloured bridesmaid dress.

12. Creative Weave Braids

Creative Weave Braids

It's a sophisticated braided hairstyle. You will need a hairstylist to help you. But it's also the best compliment for the bride's wedding hairstyle.

13. Braided Ribbons and Pearls

A low ponytail gives a relaxed and demure vibe. Pairing it with some side braids makes it look youthful and feminine. This style goes well with off-shoulder dresses since the low ponytail can rest on the shoulder.

14. High Ponytail with Braids

A high ponytail is easy to put on and never goes out of style. It is a very carefree and youthful look. Pairing up some braids on the side gives a demure and feminine look.

15. Textured Ponytail with Flower Accents

A textured ponytail is a style where you let some strands hang loose. It is a relaxed look that matches well will natural elements like flowers. Jeweled floral accents go well with this sophisticated hairstyle.

16. Sleek Braided Updo

If you want your hair tucked and steady, this sleek braided updo is for you. The twist and turns of this style look soft and delicate. It suits the solemn atmosphere of weddings.

17. Hollywood beachy Waves

Do you want to wear your hair loose with some flair? The Hollywood waves hairstyle is for you. This concept gives your tresses volume. It is easy to do, have your hair curler ready with your favorite hairspray. It will work like magic.

18. Side Braid

The side braid is a creative tweak to the traditional braids. Having it neatly on one side gives drama to the overall look. It is elegant and eye-catching. You can pair a big and small braid or match it however you want.

19. Low Ponytail with Side Braids

A low ponytail gives a relaxed and demure vibe. Pairing it with some side braids makes it look youthful and feminine. This style goes well with off-shoulder dresses since the low ponytail can rest on the shoulder.

Simple and Creative Medium Hairstyles:

20. Braided Headband

The usual hairstyles are often on the back of the head. Break the stereotypes by having a braided headband hairdo. To create this style, gather the hair near the forehead and face. Braid in small size and seal with an elastic. It will keep your face clear from loose strands.

21. Bridal Hair Vine

This bridal hair vine is a simple knot in the middle, as the other strands hang loose. Decorating it with a vine and floral hair accessory gives a calm vibe. It is an updo suited for outdoor weddings. You will feel like a muse of the spring in this style idea.

22. Half-Up and half-down Crown Braid

Do you want to bring a change to your straight hair? Or do you want to add glam to your loose waves? Well, this medium-length hairstyle can definitely be the right choice for you to wear at the big day. You can also use some pins to make your gorgeous waves flawlessly.

23. Dainty Waves with Side braid

As the maid of honor, you will have to help make the day more meaningful and your look also need to compliment the bride, too. This dainty waves with a side braid is worth a try! It's easy to get lost with this chic arrangement of tousled waves with a side braid. Messy waves are always a good choice for medium hair length.

24. Half Updo With Dimension

This boho half-updo wavy hairstyle can add dimension to your hair! It's a classic half up half down hairstyle but more sophisticated because of its two twists half up. So, if you have medium length hair, it will be a right option for you to pick this boho hairstyle.

25. Waterfall Braid With Floral Elements

Waves make you look stunning, but this two sophisticated braids with a floral hair accessories will make you look even more appealing. You can also change the braids into fishtail braid, which will also make you look like a princess.

26. Old Hollywood

If the wedding theme is luxury and elegant, you can try this hairstyle like a movie star. These retro loose waves look simple and easy to make, but it needs curling iron to make these flawless waves and gel to fix the perfect curly hair. It may not be the most classic bridesmaid hairstyle, but you will definitely have an unforgettable experience as a bridesmaid.

27. Twisted Chignon

Do you still think it's not easy for medium length hair to have a twisted bridesmaid hairstyle? Well, refer to some hairstylists' tutorial and find the one you prefer to. This twisted bun looks even more better for medium length hair than long hair.

28. Chignon for Medium Length

If you don't know what kind of bridesmaid hairstyle you want to choose, try this classic braided chignon. You need someone or a stylist to help you and it matches all kinds of bridesmaid dress.

29. A Messy Low Bun

If you want to have some change for your curly hair, bun hairstyle is always a classic choice for bridesmaid. Do remember to leave some curly locks beside your check. You will look causal and elegant at the same time with this simple messy bun.

30. French Braid Updo

Please look at the hairstyle tutorial! This lovely hairdo will give you a princess look at the bridal party. This braided bun can be the best compliment to the bridal hair. If you want to do it yourself, start with a french braid and end it with a simple tight bun.

31. Natural Straight Hair

If you're bored of waves and curls, just straighten up your hair and make a statement with a black bridesmaid dress. This look will bring you a cool girl vibe and you will look unqiue at the wedding but will not overshadow the bride.

32. Side Swept Waves

This natural curls with simple floral hair accessory is perfect for a summer beach wedding. You can choose tulle or chiffon bridesmaid dresses to match this causal hairstyle. The side swept locks behind your ears and swinging on your face will bring a unique charm to your personality.

33. Sophisticated Knot

If you have no bridesmaid hairstyle ideas, please try this sophisticated knot! Straighten your hair and put it up. You can add some bling bling hair accessories to it and you will look simple but amazingly elegant and stylish.

34. Rustic Roll

Updos are classic and they are always in trend for summer weddings when it comes to wedding hairstyles. This updo is not very messy, but it has neat waves sticking out that give a slight messy look. It's a updated version of french twist. You can fix it with hair pins.

Short and Sassy Hair Inspirations

35. One-sided Pixie Cut

For ladies who want frills and less downtime to get ready, a one-sided pixie cut is a way to go. It is low maintenance and not hard to style. It is the perfect hairdo for people on the go.

36. Waterfall Braids

Medium hair still has a lot of room for style ideas. A waterfall braid is like the traditional way with some exclusions on the knot. It will give the effect of a freely flowing waterfall. It is a youthful and unique design that does not take long to do. It is a hairstyle that only needs a few bobby pins and elastic bands.

37. Loose and Messy Knots

Who would have thought that something messy can look beautiful? The loose and messy knots combo proves that. It is a style in which the hair is tied in various knots. The directions and twists may vary, but it goes altogether in harmony.

38. Short Wavy Curls

Short Wavy Curls

Are you tired of bobble short hair? Well, try this wavy hair for your best friend's wedding day. You can go to a hairstylist for help and once the hairdo is done, it's done. That's the advantage of short hair. You will look both stylish and sophisticated.

39. Curly Short Hair with Floral Accessories

Curly Short Hair with Floral Accessories

Do you have natural wavy hair? Try to put on a floral hair accessory. You will look stunning but low-key when with the bride.

Use some bobby pins to help your curls look more flawless. This lovely bridesmaid hairstyle can match every types of bridesmaid dresses, especially slate blue bridesmaid dress and burgundy bridesmaid dress.

40. Elegant Short Hairstyle

Elegant Short Hairstyle

This messy freestyle will need you to ask a hairstylist for help and use some hairspray to hold it this flawless way. You can also do it yourself by roughly combing your hair and make a sideways or middle partition. You can show your cool and sassy vibe by wearing this hairstyle and some unique short dress.

41. Cool and Elegant Bob Style

Cool and Elegant Bob Style

If you don't get used to sweet or princess style, try this simple short hairstyle paired with short black bridesmaid dress. It's not a classic bob cut, you can make a side partition and give it a little volume, or you can always blow dry your bob cut.

42. Short Permed

Short Permed

Whatever the bridal hairstyle is, bridesmaids' short permed can always be the good compliment on this big day. Short permed is beautiful on its own and even don't need any accessories.

43. Sleek Short hair with Headband

Sleek Short hair with Headband

If you are thinking of having a simple and elegant look as a bridesmaid then we would say go for headband. It can be fixed by pins and you don't need to worry about it when you are busy as a bridesmaid.

44. Natural, Go with Flow

Natural, Go with Flow

If you are not willing to do any hairstyle for the event, then directly go with the natural flow of your hair. Yes, you heard it right. Having a natural hairstyle is also very trendy these days. Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, or even permed short hair: leave them as it is and enjoy your evening.

45. Front Braids

Front Braids

Braids have not been long in fashion; however, we have various of them. Front braids are perfect for a bridesmaid. It gives a classic and sophisticated look. They do require some extra effort, but the results are worth it. It can add glamour and elegance to your colourful hair.

Final Thoughts

Your sense of style shows off your identity to the world. It is noticeable with the type of clothes and hairdo you choose. Regardless of hair length, there is a suitable bridesmaid hairstyle for everyone. It will make you look gorgeous and confident.