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10 Bridesmaid Dresses Perfect for Garden Wedding

10 Bridesmaid Dresses Perfect for Garden Wedding

Garden wedding

When he gives you the long-awaited engagement ring, it is the best moment in your and your partner’s life. Then one of the main choices you must make is to look for ideas and designs to choose the right theme and the right place for the ceremony and where the reception party will be for a long time.

It is a trend for couples to celebrate this special moment in gardens. The reason is clear, it is because they are beautiful places, full of nature, in addition to being very versatile. And you can choose any theme and decoration for it will not stop looking beautiful and romantic as if taken from a fairy tale. That is why today we want to start with a topic that concerns everyone, and yes, we are referring to the process of choosing the design and colour of the bridesmaid dresses at your perfect wedding in a garden.

10 Bridesmaid Dresses Suitable For A Garden Wedding

That is why, at CICINIA, we have prepared for you this guide that will be useful to you at all times, so that you can get inspiration from the tedious task of choosing bridesmaid dresses, and even more so if you decide to have your wedding in a beautiful garden. Since you will need dresses, comfortable, elegant, that go according to the place and with colors that stand out and go according to the plan, so read on and let us help you on this path to the altar with this difficult homework:

Sophia Stunning Chiffon Off The Shoulder Mini in Dusk

We start this list with this mini dress, in addition to being a piece with peculiar and original details, it will look great on your bridesmaids. Plus we have chosen a beautiful color from the pastel color palette if we refer to the tone dusk, which is somewhat similar to lavender, but they are completely different shades. What we can say about this dress is that it is the perfect option if you are looking for short dresses for your bridesmaids, which will transmit innocence and purity with this beautiful piece.

CICINIA Sophia Stunning Chiffon Off The Shoulder Mini in Dusk
CICINIA Mckenzie Spaghetti Straps Short Chiffon in Gold

Mckenzie Spaghetti Straps Short Chiffon in Gold

Although it is a simple design, it is one of our favorites, especially in this beautiful gold tone. This dress is made with the best quality chiffon, it is one of those dresses that adapts to any type of body and height, and it will make your bridesmaids look beautiful and fresh, as long as you also pair with the right shoes and accessories to make them look elegant and beautiful on the way to the altar.

Jordyn Elegant V-neck Lace in Plum

It is not a secret that when choosing colors of dresses, the palette of shades of purple comes to mind. That is why in this opportunity, we bring this powerful tone. With a special dress design, despite being a short dress, it does not fail to fulfill its task, which is to make the bridesmaids look great and elegant at all times. If we go into details, we can see that the protagonist of this piece is the floral lace details on the top, which is ideal because it goes perfectly with the theme of the wedding in the garden. In addition to the fact that the dress ends with a delicate fall, making it an elegant and perfect piece for the occasion.

CICINIA Jordyn Elegant V-neck Lace in Plum
CICINIA Mya Affordable Straps Short Chiffon in Orchid

Mya Affordable Straps Short Chiffon in Orchid

When a wedding is celebrated in a garden, one idea is to choose colors that resemble the flowers that we find in the gardens. That is why we bring this delicate orchid color, which reminds us of the beautiful petals and tones of the flower. On this occasion, accompanied by a beautiful piece, with draping at the top, which will undoubtedly highlight the shoulders of the bridesmaids. We must also highlight the detail of the ribbons at the back, with a fluid fall and an ideal length to be the ideal bridesmaid dress.

Callie Knee-length V-neck Chiffon in Dusty Sage

The special thing about this design is, without a doubt, the neckline on the back, in addition to the fact that on the whole part it only enhances and shows what is necessary. We must also say that it comes with an A-Line silhouette, which will adapt to any type of bridesmaids’ body, so it might be the perfect choice for them. Plus we have this beautiful shade of dusty sage, from the green palette, making it the perfect shade for a garden wedding.

CICINIA Callie Knee-length V-neck Chiffon in Dusty sage
CICINIA Trinity Gorgeous Off The Shoulder Long Chiffon in Dusty Blue

Trinity Gorgeous Off The Shoulder Long Chiffon in Dusty Blue

Without a doubt, this design with this tone is one of our favorite choices, ideal to start this part of the guide where we will show the most beautiful long dresses for bridesmaids. This time this romantic and delicate design is perfect for your bridesmaids. In addition to giving a feeling of being taken from a fairy tale, you can not say no. We are sure that with it, you will have all your bridesmaids happy with this magical choice.

Hannah Gorgeous Chiffon Off The Shoulder Long in Clover

Continuing with the theme of nature, we bring this special citrus tone for you. Along with this beautiful off-the-shoulder dress that will undoubtedly make all your bridesmaids look fascinating on their way down the aisle. Plus we can't help but see the beautiful detail at the top, that beautiful draping will make the moment special for them with you, just remember to always choose the right accessories for this type of dress, believe me, it will be a perfect choice.

CICINIA Hannah Gorgeous Chiffon Off The Shoulder Long in Clover
CICINIA Poppy Simple Spaghetti Straps Pleating Long in Peacock

Poppy Simple Spaghetti Straps Pleating Long in Peacock

We cannot deny that the most outstanding part of this beautiful piece is the detail and the neckline on the back, that is why it is on this list. It is an elegant dress with beautiful and unique details. If you combine them with the peacock tone, it will become the ideal piece that your bridesmaids need. It is a tone that will look good with the decoration of the place and with the environment. Being made in chiffon, which is a light and comfortable dress, ideal for this occasion.

Teagan Asymmetrical Chiffon in Wisteria

For no one, it is a secret that brides always choose the lilac tone for their bridesmaids, and even more so if their special day is celebrated in a garden. It is for this reason that we bring you the beautiful wisteria tone, which goes hand in hand with this beautiful dress, which will make your bridesmaids comfortable throughout the ceremony and reception. What makes this design special are the details in the fall of the skirt, the opening to the side and as if that were not enough, a fascinating neckline in the back right in the back.

CICINIA Teagan Asymmetrical Chiffon in Wisteria
CICINIA Ellie Flowy Chiffon Key Hole Long in Dusty Rose

Ellie Flowy Chiffon Key Hole Long in Dusty Rose

This dress, in addition to transmitting delicacy, is one of the most romantic designs that we can offer you on this list. Thanks to its simplicity, it will make your ladies look delicate, pure, just like some garden princesses. What makes this dress special, without a doubt, are the details at the top, with a beautiful drape, and with some straps to decorate the shoulders delicately and specially. We believe that if you choose the right hairstyle, accessories, and makeup, your bridesmaids will feel like never before. In addition to that they will look very pretty in the photos of the wedding memories, do you agree with us?

Final Thoughts

In closing mode, the main objective of this list is to open your mind and give you ideas about dresses, especially for those brides who are confused in the difficult task of choosing the dress and the tone that will go well with all their bridesmaids. This choice becomes complicated because each girl is different, with different tastes, bodies, and many other things. And what is sought from this is to find the dress that makes them all happy, also that suits them and provides them with enough comfort, confidence, and security that they need to walk down the aisle with their dresses next to you. The idea is to choose them with care and thinking about each one of them.

It should be noted that weddings held in gardens are romantic, they have a special essence and magic for the couple and all the guests, as well as being a perfect place to create beautiful celebrations and romantic and unforgettable memories for all guests. In addition, we cannot deny that the photos will be beautifully surrounded by the green of nature and with all the good energy that these types of places transmit, so we always hope that your wedding is everything you have wanted and dreamed of.