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Spring Wedding Tips - The Perfect Colour For Bridesmaid Dresses

Spring Weddings

Spring Wedding

Every season of the year has its charm, some people prefer to celebrate their weddings in winter, for the perfect Christmas and romantic atmosphere, but believe it or not, one of the perfect seasons to celebrate weddings is when spring arrives, it is one of the most special and one of our favourites and we will tell you why.

When we refer to spring, it is normal that we associate it with a season full of colour and vibrant greens and something very natural since it is the time when everything blooms, bears fruit and the entire natural environment is in full swing. Celebrating a wedding in spring is very nice since you can adapt different themes, either in terms of decoration or choice of colour palettes for each area of the long-awaited celebration.

Beyond all this, and speaking in general terms, one of the most complicated tasks is choosing the design and colour of the bridesmaids' dresses, it can even become more complicated than choosing the wedding dress if you don't know how to do it correctly and without a good guide to be able to solve this point on your to-do list.

Very well, as we all know, the bridesmaids are a very important element in this celebration (you can choose from your sisters, friends, cousins, special people for the couple, etc), and of course, we must remember that these people will be the perfect companions at your wedding. Without a doubt, you are looking for them to look beautiful on the big day and for everything to be perfect. Whether you want to implement the colours on-trend, or you want something more subtle and versatile, that is why here at Cicinia bridesmaid dresses, we show you a list of colours and some ideas to choose the perfect colour of the bridesmaid dress for your spring wedding, so read on:

Dusty Sage

We start with this beautiful green colour, it is a very nice colour from this colour palette, it is a colour that adapts to any type of theme, skin colour of the bridesmaid if it is day or night, and much more, In addition, we must recognize that this dusty sage transmits elegance, delicacy and a certain peace, and more if we choose a soft fabric, with a perfect fall to give more harmony to what you want to choose, so it is not bad that you have it as an option in your list of possible colours for bridesmaid dresses at your spring wedding.

CICINIA dusty sage bridemaid dresses
CICINIA dusty rose bridesmaid dresses

Dusty Rose

According to some magazines about weddings and these types of parties and many dress designers, they define this colour as one of the most empowered, light, and at the same time tender of the entire range of colours. This dusty rose tone is chic and delicate, it also transmits some warmth and sensitivity. You can find it in printed patterns, or plain fabrics, and it's a good colour to choose for midi-length bridesmaid dress designs and coordinated outfits. Thanks to its softness, this rose is perfect for combining designs with cuts with defined and highlighted lines.

Dusty Blue

Going back to the colours that transmit peace and calm, we have dusty blue bridesmaid dresses, in addition to transmitting peace, we cannot deny that it is a refreshing colour, that when combined well we define as serenity and stillness. It is an ideal colour for soft and volatile fabrics such as chiffon and organza, it also suits all types of skin colours. This is a very appropriate colour for a dreamy spring wedding bridesmaids' procession.

CICINIA dusty blue bridemaid dresses
CICINIA blushing pink bridesmaid dresses

Blushing Pink

This colour will never go out of style, and in addition to having an elegant touch and fulfilling the bridal vibes, fits any design. You will not want to stop wearing this pink colour also on your nails and lipstick, if the wedding is cocktail style, it is a perfect idea since it is dynamic and flirty. Due to its simplicity, it is also a shade that despite being simple does not pass unnoticed. You can use matte and semi-transparent fabrics, try not to saturate the image of your bridesmaids so as not to take away the romantic touch. It is appropriate for dresses that are worn at spring weddings and at the same time at night, or for daytime celebrations outdoors.


This colour is one of the most forgotten and marginalized, but if you think about it and are looking for something different from the rest of the weddings, this is the ideal colour. As same as the fruit, this colour has a sweet flavour and creamy texture. We should always choose a simple design, without many details, since the true protagonist is this passionate colour. On a dress with halter or ruffles, it seems that you’re on a tropical island having a sunbathing.

CICINIA papaya bridesmaid dresses
CICINIA mist bridesmaid dresses


From the same colour palette as dusty blue, we have this beautiful colour, a little lighter and more delicate but just as beautiful as the previous one. If you think about it, it's perfect if you want each bridesmaid to have a different shade of blue. But you can dress them all with the colour mist if you prefer. This is also perfect to combine with silver, shiny details, and more delicate touches, it is one of our favourites for the innocence and purity that it transmits when using it. So go ahead and add mist to your list of bridesmaid dress colours.


Another tone that transmits simplicity, peace, and elegance. Some brides are lovers of choosing neutral tones for their bridesmaids, and silver is the ideal option for them. Standing out a little, it adapts to any type of fabric, any skin tones of the bridesmaid, and any details or accessories that you want to fix. The only thing is that with tones like this, it is never a good idea to over-saturate it with details so that it does not lose its true natural essence. Many brides think that this colour is something strange to take as an option due to its simplicity, but what is not everyone knows is that if you know how to choose the design and accessories well, it can become a great option for you and your bridesmaids.

CICINIA sliver bridesmaid dresses
CICINIA metallic bridesmaid dresses


Another trend, something unique is to choose metallic shades. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, this type of tone and texture is perfect for you. You can choose from beautiful gold, tender rose gold or elegant silver. The only issue with these types of shades is that you need to choose a special dress design so that the shades will stand out and look perfect on the way down the aisle and at the time the keepsake photos are taken.


This colour, which comes from the yellow palette, was extracted from the hue of daffodils, perfect for spring weddings as it gives that touch that is revitalizing and exciting. It transmits enthusiasm and cheerfulness in the person who wears it and, visually, it creates very wide and enveloping movements depending on the fabric of the dress, so it will be perfect in voluminous party bridesmaid dresses and with layered skirts. You can combine daffodil with accessories in shades of blue or green, as well as with golden bracelets and earrings with geometric patterns, but you can also opt for simplicity in terms of accessories and let the dress be the centre of attention.

CICINIA daffofil bridesmaid dresses
CICICNIA wisteria bridesmaid dresses


Another floral and romantic colour, wisteria at first glance exudes calm and elegance. Wisteria is known as the colour of royalty, and the perfume of flowers is also considered tender and stimulating. Compositions with this colour should be subtle, but intense and full of creativity. It is a very photogenic colour at weddings, especially outdoor day celebrations. However, it is good to complement with bright accessories. It is a beautiful option for your spring wedding, this shade of wisteria does not go out of style and is the starshade among bridesmaids.

Wrapping up

As you can see, there are a lot of colours suit for spring weddings. What is the colour that you like the most for your bridesmaids’ dresses at a spring wedding? Take advantage of this list of shades to make them look beautiful at every moment of the wedding and create the best looks. The combinations you achieve with these shades will have a touch of elegance and originality that will become a trend at weddings, so get ready to have a perfect spring wedding with the ideal dresses for each member of the procession and let all the flashes illuminate the dresses. Check here for more inspirations for choosing bridesmaid dresses according to seasons.