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All About Bridesmaids: Those Bridesmaid Superstitions You May Heard Before

All About Bridesmaids: Those Bridesmaid Superstitions You May Heard Before

Superstitions are a big part of many cultures. Some bridesmaid superstitions are plain silly, but others may have some truth. Many bridesmaid superstitions have been passed down over the years. Some bridesmaids may be familiar with these beliefs before they agree to be in a wedding party, while others may not be aware of the most common bridesmaid superstitions that may have been passed down through the years. Here are a few examples of those superstitions.

  • If a bridesmaid catches the bride's flower or a bouquet, she will be the next one to get married.
  • It's bad luck for the bridesmaids to see the bride in her dresses before the wedding day.
  • If a bridesmaid steps on the bride's dress, the bride will not have a happy marriage.
  • It's bad luck for a bridesmaid to wear white or anything colour-related to white at a wedding.
  • If a bridesmaid cries during the wedding, she will be next to marry.

What are bridesmaid superstitions?

Superstitions are beliefs that are not based on science or reason. They are usually passed down from generation to generation. Many people believe in superstitions because they hope to bring them good luck. There are many different superstitions related to weddings. Some of these superstitions involve the bridesmaids.

One common bridesmaid superstition is that the bridesmaids should not wear green dresses. This is because green is the colour of envy, and the last thing a bride wants is for her friends to be envious of her on her big day. Another common superstition is that the bridesmaids should not wear black dresses. Black is considered a bad luck colour, and it can overshadow the bride.

Some say that if the bride breaks a glass during the wedding, the bridesmaids must kiss each other to ward off bad luck. Moreover, others believe that it is bad luck for the bridesmaids to see the bride in her dress before the wedding day. And still, others think that it's bad luck for a bridesmaid to wear white. While most of these superstitions may seem like nonsense, many people still follow them out of tradition or fear of bad luck.

Dress: What to wear as a bridesmaid

When it comes to bridesmaids, a few superstitions tend to come up time and again. One is that it's bad luck for the bride's attendants to wear black. This may be because traditionally, bridesmaids were in charge of lighting the way for the bride on her wedding day, and black was said to be too sombre a colour for such a happy occasion. 

Another common superstition is that it's bad luck for anyone who isn't a bride to wear white. This may be because historically, white was worn by brides only and thus represented purity and innocence. 

So, what should you wear if you're a bridesmaid? Don't worry; we're here to help! Here are some general tips on choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress

All About Bridesmaids: Those Bridesmaid Superstitions You May Heard Before

Hair: How to style hair for a bridesmaid

Are you a bridesmaid? Or maybe you're in the process of becoming one? You may have heard some of those bridesmaid superstitions floating around. But do they hold any truth? Let's take a closer look.

One common bridesmaid superstition is that the bridesmaid will be married within a year if she cut her hair before the wedding. While there's no evidence to support this claim, it's still a widespread belief among many bridesmaids.

Another superstition says that if bridesmaids drop the hair essentials while getting ready for the wedding, the marriage will end in divorce. Again, there's no evidence to support this claim, but it's still considered bad luck by many people.

Besides superstitions, there are general rules in bridesmaid hairstyles; if it is a more formal affair, you may want to choose a more classic hairstyle, like an up-do or a French twist. If it is a more casual wedding, you can have more fun with your hair and try something more playful, like a messy bun or braids.

Bouquet: What kind of flowers to carry in a bridesmaid's bouquet

There are many bridesmaid superstitions that you may have heard of before. One of them is about the flowers that should be carried in a bridesmaid's bouquet. If you bring white flowers in your bouquet, you will not be married within the year. If you get red flowers, you will have a happy marriage. If you accept any other flower colour, your wedding will be average.

As a general rule, bridesmaid bouquets are typically smaller than the bride's bouquet and can hold various flowers. While there are no hard and fast rules, most bridesmaids prefer to carry flowers complementing the bride's bouquet. Popular choices include roses, lilies, orchids, and gardenias.

Shoes: What type of shoes to wear as a bridesmaid

You may have heard of many bridesmaid superstitions before, like not wearing shoes that are the same colour as the bride's dress. But what about the type of shoes to wear as a bridesmaid?

Many people believe that it is bad luck for bridesmaids to wear flats and that they should always wear heels instead. This is because it is said that if the bride falls during the wedding, it will be because her bridesmaids were wearing flats. However, plenty of bridesmaids choose to wear flats anyway, and there is no objective evidence to suggest that this will bring bad luck to the bride.

Jewellery: What type of jewellery to wear as a bridesmaid

Many bridesmaid superstitions circulate, but few are as pervasive as the belief that certain jewellery pieces can bring bad luck to the bride. While some superstitions recommend avoiding any jewellery, others focus on specific pieces. Here are some guidelines on what type of jewellery to wear as a bridesmaid to prevent any potential mishaps.

One of the most common pieces of jewellery to avoid is the wedding ring. Many believe that if the bride wears her wedding ring, she will be married forever. If a bridesmaid tries to wear it instead, the bride may have a shorter marriage. Another popular piece of jewellery to avoid is pearl earrings. Some believe that pearls symbolize tears, and wearing them at a wedding will bring sadness to the day. Some say it's bad luck to wear any type of jewellery other than what the bride is wearing. Others believe that it's bad luck to wear anything with a sharp edge,


There are a variety of bridesmaid superstitions that range from helpful to harmful. Many bridesmaids believe that following these superstitions will ensure the bride has a happy and successful wedding day. However, some superstitions can be detrimental to the bride and her wedding day plans. Bridesmaids need to know which superstitions they should follow and which ones they should avoid. 

Some helpful bridesmaid superstitions include avoiding conflict with other members of the wedding party, keeping any negative thoughts about the wedding to themselves, and not discussing any possible problems with the wedding plans. Bridesmaids who follow these guidelines are typically seen as supportive and helpful by the bride. 

In conclusion, many bridesmaid superstitions still exist. While some of them may be true, others are simply myths. If you're a bride-to-be, you must be aware of these superstitions and decide which ones you want to follow. And if you're a bridesmaid, it's necessary to respect the bride's wishes and follow any traditions she has in place. After all, it's her day!