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Fall Wedding Tips - The Perfect Fabric For Bridesmaid Dresses

Fall Wedding Tips  - The Perfect Fabric For Bridesmaid Dresses

Fall Wedding

While fall is widely known as the season of change, it also happens to be one of the most romantic times of the year for many people!

Fall is a time when leaves turn into bright gorgeous hues, and couples come together to celebrate love. With fall celebrations and holidays just around the corner, why not incorporate some autumnal inspiration into your wedding?

Whether you're tying the knot, attending a ceremony after your own, or just browsing bouquets and color pallets, here are five perfect fabrics for bridesmaid dresses we've handpicked that can be worn by your friends and wedding party this fall!

Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses


Velvet fabric is a luxurious, smooth fabric with a soft and luxurious feel. It has a unique, raised surface that provides depth and contrast to any garment.

Since the Middle Ages, velvet has been used in upholstery, clothing, and home decor. The word "velvet" was derived from the Latin word "vellus", meaning fleece or wool, which is what velvet fabric is made of.

It also comes in many different styles, including crushed velvet, devoré velvet, and cotton velvet. Each type of velvet accentuates different characteristics in your bridesmaid's dresses.

  • Crushed Velvet Fabric - This is a soft fabric with a unique texture created by applying pressure to the pile of the fabric, causing the fibers to curl or "crush." This makes crushed velvet look very similar to fake fur and suede leather. Crushed velvet can also be used to create elegant and romantic bridesmaid dresses when used in rich jewel tones like emerald green, amethyst purple, or sapphire blue.
  • Devoré Velvet Fabric - This is a form of burnout velvet that combines two layers of fabric: a sheer layer and an opaque layer. The term Devoré means "to remove" in French, which references the process of removing one layer of fiber from the other. It has an elegant, modern vibe that looks great in simple silhouettes and monochromatic color schemes like burnt orange or garnet red.
  • Cotton Velvet Fabric - This is a medium-weight fabric that drapes nicely and creates a flattering silhouette. It is sometimes called "Chinese silk," which refers to the fact that it was historically made from silk. This material is often used to create evening wear, such as cocktail dresses and gowns. It can also be blended with other fabrics like spandex to create stretchy garments for a form-fitting look and feel. Today, cotton velvet is produced using cotton fiber, which is less expensive than silk and more durable in the long term.

Choosing velvet as your bridesmaid's dress for fall may seem counter-intuitive because it's a medium-weight fabric, but it is very suitable for a fall wedding.

For example, if you're having an outdoor fall wedding, it can be tricky because you want to make sure the weather is right - not too hot and not too cold! And that's why velvet dresses are perfect because they're warm enough for colder days and breathable at the same time if it happens to be warm outside.

Additionally, velvet makes any color more vibrant and intense. This means your fall wedding color palette will stand out, even if you stick with traditional autumnal hues like pumpkin orange or rusty red. If you're looking for something different than these classic shades, try burgundy or blue for your bridesmaid dresses because both of these colors look particularly rich in velvet.

Satin Bridesmaid Dresses


The next fabric is satin with a smooth finish, a glossy front, and a dull back. It is made with natural fibers (silk), synthetic fibers (polyester), or both. Satin is also very durable and wrinkle-resistant.

To choose your satin bridesmaid dresses, read below:

  • Microfiber Satin - This is one of the most popular types of satin used for bridesmaids' dresses. It looks like pure silk, but it is much more affordable. It also offers a beautiful sheen and drape while being wrinkle-resistant.
  • Metallic Satin - This fabric has an iridescent shimmer which gives it an extra sparkle. This satin-type is ideal for fall weddings and prom dresses due to its elegant look. Metallic satin can also be used for DIY wedding crafts and decorating linens for your reception tables.
  • Peau de Soie - This fabric is similar to satin because it provides the same drape, luster, and shine as traditional satin. And Peau de soie is an excellent choice for evening gowns or bridesmaids because of its elegant appearance and soft hand feel.
  • Charmeuse - Aside from microfiber satin, charmeuse is also one of the most popular types of satin. It offers a fluid-like drape, which is a favorite for dresses, evening gowns, and lingerie items. Charmeuse is also best suited for making lined jackets, unlined skirts, and blouses with simple silhouettes. For that reason, it is often mistaken for silk, especially when made from silk fibers.

Jersey Bridesmaid Dresses


On the other hand, jersey fabric has also become a relevant option for brides because of its many advantages:

The first reason is that it is comfortable. It is also known for being very soft and stretchy. If your bridesmaids are not used to wearing formal clothing, they might feel uncomfortable if they have to wear a tight or restrictive dress. This can cause them to fidget throughout the ceremony and reception.

Another reason is it comes in many colors, patterns, and designs. You could even have custom-made bridesmaids' dresses made out of jersey material if you wanted something truly unique and special for your bridesmaids.

For example, go with colors like red, blue, yellow, and green if you want something different than your traditional pastels or jewel tones.

Plus, these colors are easy to match with your fall wedding theme. If you are having a beach-themed wedding, the blue and green jersey would be the ideal choice. While if it's a barn wedding with rustic elements like hay bales, burlap, and mason jars, consider oranges or browns for your bridesmaids' dresses.

Silk Bridesmaid Dresses


Silk is also one of the highly preferred fabrics for wedding dresses.

Silk is seen as one of the more luxurious fabrics on the market and is available in various colors, patterns, and textures that can be used to create an endless array of fashionable gowns.

It is made from silkworms, which are caterpillar larvae. This fabric has a natural shine that enhances its luster and sheen. However, it isn't just silk's beauty that makes it so popular among designers and consumers alike. The material is durable, flexible, and versatile, making it a great option without worrying about rips and tears.

Brides who are looking to choose silk fabric for their bridesmaids' dresses have several options from which to choose:

  • Dupioni Silk - This is textured silk, and it almost looks like a "little bit of sparkle" has been woven into the fabric. It's made from the same threads that create chiffon, but these threads are twisted together instead of woven. This silk fabric also comes in multiple colors and can be dyed to match the color scheme chosen for your wedding.
  • Shantung Silk - This silk has a unique texture; it appears as if small slubs have been woven into the fabric. These slubs are actually unevenly spun fibers, which gives this fabric its unique texture.
  • Satin Silk - This silk is perhaps the most well-known type of silk. It has a lustrous sheen and drapes beautifully on the body, making it one of the most popular choices for bridesmaid's dresses. However, it is also one of the most expensive types of silk. So if you're on a tight budget, you may want to consider other types of silk, like dupion.

Tulle Bridesmaid Dresses


Lastly, Tulle. Tulle is a light, airy, and elegant fabric that has been a staple for years for bridesmaid dresses. And here's why:

  • Trendy - Tulle is everywhere right now. This fabric is also highly versatile and is used in many different ways and styles. Whether you want to give your girls big ball gowns or small tutus, tulle will help you achieve the look you envision for your bridesmaids.
  • Affordable - Tulle is an incredibly cheap fabric perfect for any budget. Tulle also comes in different types of materials, so it's important to research to find out which best suits your needs. And take note, the higher the quality, the more expensive tulle will be.
  • Easy-to-Work-With - Tulle also comes in various colors and patterns that can help enhance any dress style! If you want to use two different tulle colors, it's easy to layer them on top of each other on a single skirt to create a unique look that cannot be achieved with most fabrics. Some even like to add sequins or rhinestones for an added touch of sparkle on their special day!
  • Softer Than It Looks - While tulle may seem like an abrasive fabric, it's actually quite soft - similar in feel to silk and chiffon. So don't worry about your bridesmaids feeling uncomfortable or itchy at your wedding - they'll be just as comfortable as if they were wearing cotton.


So with these points in mind, take the time to look at these fabrics and decide which one best fits the overall theme of your wedding, the venue, and most importantly, the bridesmaids themselves. However, if you're looking for flattering and elegant options, velvet and satin should be at the top of your list of fabrics to try. Of course, there's no actual limit to the kinds of fabric you could use for bridesmaid dresses that are perfect for a fall wedding. The sky is the limit. But these are a few fabrics that we believe would be flattering on your bridesmaids-and would also fit nicely with the theme of a fall wedding. Check here for more inspirations for choosing bridesmaid dresses according to seasons.