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Winter Wedding Tips - The Perfect Colour For Bridesmaid Dresses


Winter Wedding

When it comes to choosing the colour for your bridesmaid's dresses, you want a colour that will compliment your wedding colour scheme and stand out and make a bold statement on its own. You would also consider which best fits the time of year, time of day, venue, and the list goes on. So to make it easier for you, here are ten perfect colours that might be right for your winter wedding.


Cabernet is a deep, rich red tone that can range from burgundy to violet. While it's associated with wine, you can find Cabernet in everything from dresses to shoes to makeup. It's a perfect choice for Christmas weddings, too!

Wearing Cabernet depends on whose style you're going for. If you want something vintage and retro, think about pairing a Cabernet dress with black pieces like gloves or a fascinator. If you want something more modern and edgy, look for metallic accessories like earrings and bracelets.

Cabernet looks great in an all-white room, so if you're thinking about decorating with winter whites, you can't go wrong with this colour. You can also pair it with other colours like grey or black if that suits your style.

You'll find Cabernet bridesmaid dresses at Cicinia. They have a range of beautiful Cabernet bridesmaid dresses that add a touch of class to your wedding day. And 100% real shots of models wearing their dresses, so you know exactly what you're getting when you order.

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Slate blue

Slate blue is a dark shade of blue that looks amazing on just about everyone. It's not too dark that it blends in with the snow, like navy or black, but it's not so light that it looks like a spring or summer dress, light blue or turquoise. Slate blue works well with other colours. Therefore, it can be used in various winter wedding themes.

Because slate blue is such a rich colour, it can also match white and silver. If you plan on having a snowflake theme wedding, consider having your bridesmaids wear slate blue gowns accented with silver jewellery and white flowers for their bouquets.

A popular theme for winter weddings is the "winter wonderland" theme. This theme essentially involves making your wedding look like it's taking place in the middle of a winter wonderland, with white lights and faux snow everywhere. If you'd choose this theme, having your bridesmaids wear slate blue gowns will perfectly complement the overall theme, especially if they're wearing fur shawls and wraps!


Ivory is a neutral colour that also goes well with any colour combination. It's ideal for bridesmaid dresses, especially if you don't want to draw attention away from the bride.

And with so many different shades of ivory to choose from, you can also opt to have your bridesmaids wear matching ivory dresses of the same shade as your wedding gown. This gives them a more elegant and classic look, making it easier to wear the dress again at other formal events.

You can also mix ivory with a contrasting colour such as black or charcoal grey for a more modern look. This is because darker colours bring out the softness of ivory, creating a unique contrast.

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Coco Chanel once said, "Dress shabbily, and they remember the dress; dress impeccably, and they remember the woman." And that sentiment is more true than ever for a winter wedding. Bridesmaids' dresses in a shade of chocolate brown will be an unforgettable sight at your wedding. This is because chocolate brown always looks rich and elegant. It never goes out of style, whether worn in a formal gown or an everyday ensemble. And the best thing is it looks wonderful on any complexion.

Another thing to keep in mind or a good rule of thumb when choosing colours for winter weddings is to stick with earth tones. Chocolate brown, navy blue, and burgundy are safe bets for a winter wedding colour scheme.

If you're still not sure about using chocolate for bridesmaid dresses, consider this: chances are there will be several shades of brown worn by guests at your wedding, including tans and creams. Therefore, by opting for this colour scheme, you'll avoid any awkward mixing and matching issues with your guests' clothes.


Black is just one of those colours that look superb any time of year and weather conditions. And black not only makes your bridesmaids look noble and stylish but also adds sparkle to the wedding theme. And if you are still having second thoughts, here are some helpful tips:

Keep it simple. It is advisable to keep the style of the dress simple enough in order not to draw undue attention away from the bride. This will also make your bridesmaids feel more comfortable in their outfits and enjoy the big day with fewer worries about how they look.

Add a dash of bright colours. You can also break up the monotony of an all-black outfit by adding bright colours such as red or pink in accessories like flowers, sashes, and jewellery. This will give your bridesmaids' outfits a bit of life without overpowering them or making them appear out of place at the occasion.

Choose luxe fabrics. While most people are apprehensive about choosing black bridesmaid dresses because they feel it will make them look all the same, there are many ways through which you can customize these outfits. One of the easiest ways to do this is by opting for different fabrics such as satin, chiffon, taffeta, charmeuse, etc., and choosing according to your bridesmaids' body types and preferences.

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Dark green

If you're looking for something more neutral than black, this might be what you need!

Dark green bridesmaid dresses are also perfect for winter weddings because they provide warmth without being too overpowering in colour saturation. This is especially true if you're planning on having an outdoor ceremony during those cold months.

Here are a few things to help you pull off green bridesmaid dresses in your way:

Choose Your Color Carefully - Don't forget that there are many shades of green out there. And if you want something subtle and understated, opt for pale shades like mint or seafoam. Or, if you want something bolder and brighter, choose something like emerald or deep forest green.

Mixing and Matching - Believe it or not, this is a great way to add visual interest while still keeping things cohesive. All of your bridesmaids don't need to be wearing the same dark green colour or style. You could achieve this by alternating dark green with a lighter shade of green in your bouquets. You could also use different shades of green in the tablecloths and centrepieces. This will draw the eye throughout the room, creating a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Dark Green Accessories - Accessories can help tie together any look, including dark green dresses for bridesmaids. Consider adding dark green accessories to your ensemble and those worn by your bridal party. This could include sashes on dresses or wraps, veils, or stoles in the same colour. Or add a gold necklace with an emerald pendant or a pair of gold earrings with emerald stones to complete the look.

Ink blue

When it comes to ink blue bridesmaid dresses, there are two options:

The first one is that dark colours such as dark midnight blue (navy), deep purples, and blacks tend to look better in natural light. However, the photos won't be as vibrant and colourful in the evening, so you might need to use extra lighting. This can be as simple as placing a few candles around each table.

The second option is to choose a lighter shade of blue, such as turquoise or cornflower blue, which will make your bridesmaids stand out more on your wedding day. You could also try periwinkle or aqua. These will look great no matter what time of day it is outside! If you want something less traditional but still want your bridesmaids to stand out, try out these great colour combinations: pink and coral; reds/oranges/yellows with greens or turquoise; blues/greens with orange accents like sunflowers or pumpkins; yellow gold combined with navy blue accents.

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If some of the colours on the list can be a little too dark, there's a lighter alternative: Tahiti purple.

And when selecting Tahiti purple, it's best to stick with the same shade for everyone at your wedding party. This gives your wedding a uniform look and feel. You can also add some variety by choosing different styles for your bridesmaids.

In addition, Tahiti purple comes in all types of shades, from light pastel hues to darker shades of purple. So, you can choose a lighter or darker shade depending on what suits the tastes and preferences of your bridesmaids.


Plum is another shade of purple that has a lightness to it without being too bright. This colour is also perfect for a romantic winter-themed wedding.

To give you an idea, you can have your bridesmaids wear this colour while your maid of honour can opt for a lavender dress.

Another option is to have all the bridesmaids and maid of honour wear the same colour dress, with silver beading on one of their dresses. Because, unlike Tahiti purple, it may look plain if all bridesmaids wear the same plum-coloured dresses since it doesn't have a pattern. So, consider adding some embellishments to the dresses.

Plum-coloured flowers are also beautiful for winter weddings as well. You can choose from daisies, alstroemeria, orchids, or even roses. It doesn't matter what type of flower you choose because this colour can go with almost every flower. If you want to add a splash of colour, you can use the baby's breath for filler flowers.

And if you want your bridesmaids to wear something different than just a plain long gown, you can look for dresses with ruffles or maybe even some rhinestones on them too!

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Steel grey

Last but not least is steel grey. Steel grey almost looks black with hints of blue. It is also one of the most versatile tones for today's bridesmaid dresses. It can be worn in any season but is especially popular at winter weddings because it matches colours like black, silver, and blue. It also works well with white or ivory gowns because it adds depth without being too dark.

If you're thinking about wearing steel grey bridesmaid dresses this winter, ensure that your entire wedding party agrees on their colour choice before ordering any. And since there are several shades of grey, it's important to get samples from different designers to see which one looks best on everyone and matches your other wedding details.

The darker shade works well with lighter-coloured flowers like snowdrops or ivory roses because it makes them stand out even more against a neutral background.

If you want something a little brighter, try choosing charcoal grey instead - this colour will add some warmth to your bridal party without being overly dramatic, like black.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! We hope that this extensive list of the best colour for bridesmaid's dresses has helped you find the perfect colour for your dresses.

There are certainly many options to choose from, and we recommend trying out all of the colours before deciding which one works best. After all, there are several factors to consider when choosing the proper colour for bridesmaid dresses, and it is just as important as all the other details. Check here for more inspirations for choosing bridesmaid dresses according to seasons.